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Found 20 results

  1. As we enter the new year and new decade, time to make a new thread. Happy New Year!
  2. Ha, it's my turn to start the monthly discussion! May there be more thunderstorms, heat waves, marine pushes, and stoicism than we've ever seen before!
  3. Meteorological spring starts a day late this year. Astronomical spring never does. Welcome to March. Roller coaster weather is not too far off.
  4. Happy New Years everyone! 2020 will be here in just a few short hours... Looks like 2019 is ending on a rather warm note locally. Average high this December is 41.5 (+3.1) and low is 27.1 (+6.5) with a monthly Mean at 34.3 (+4.8) degrees. A contrast to the cool anomaly in late summer and early fall.
  5. Wow! 2018 just flew by just like that and only 6 days until 2019. Hopefully we see a wetter January-April period with plenty of rain and snow up in the mountains.
  6. What is the one weather event that angered you the most? Whether (weather?) it be from lack of verification compared to expectation, or even damage to property, or perhaps one of those special “so close yet so far” events. For me it would either be the huge October 2016 windstorm bust (that one really stung) or the February 24th snowstorm this year trending so far south (after one earlier in the month had been to far north). Special kind of bad cards given to the PDX area this year.
  7. A new month is upon us, and maybe the beginning of winter for the cascades. Happy Halloween!
  8. Olympia averages 50.00" of precipitation a year while Seattle averages 37.49" a year. What causes the differences in precipitation amounts between Olympia and Seattle?
  9. Go and watch my video and subscribe when I get 50 subscribers I will have a contest plus if you comment that you found me on here I will mention you in a video. https://youtu.be/sY_SUQ1LYgs
  10. October is always a very fun month weather wise. We finally start getting some cool crisp fall air and less humidity. October is also important for setting up the winter pattern. It seems to be the case that you can learn a great deal of what to expect during the upcoming winter from looking at October. Halloween is also exciting, atleast for me! What can we expect from one on my favorite months of the year? Personally I wouldn't mind seeing some accumulating snow like back in 2009. Let's find out if mother nature has tricks or treats in store! Discuss!!
  11. What are your thoughts for the great decision of 2016?
  12. Hi Everyone. Here is a place where we can discuss the latest weather blogs from our favourite Pacific Northwest meteorologists. We can also create a big aggregate list of our favourite blog sources, so chime in if you find a worthy, undiscovered weather blogger. Cliff Mass' Latest post showed a beautiful NAEFS Diagram for a prediction of the Super Bowl. Great informative post about ensemble forecasting highlighting just how far we can accurately predict weather. EDIT: The Master Blog List: Brett Anderson: Canadian Accuweather Blog Capital Weather Gang: Washington D.C. Cliff Mass: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Jeff Masters: Weather Underground Mark Nelsen: Portland Weather Scott Sistek: Komo 4 Wolf Reid: Professor at UBC
  13. Tropical Cyclone Fantala with maximum sustained winds of 281.6 mph near Madagascar‬! It is Likely to reduce in intensity in the coming 24 hours!
  14. Hi there! I came across your information while researching for a new weather competition show I’m working on from the Emmy winning Producer of “The Voice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” We are seeking weather enthusiasts, meteorologists (freelance, not under contract), weather geeks, storm chasers, weather photographers, etc for a FUN, new competition show for a major network. Do you have what it takes to be “America’s Next Weather Caster?” The show will include a series of challenges centered around the tagline: 'Can you report the weather under any climate?!’ and we are looking for big personalities and people who love the weather and some fun competition! The winner of the competition will win a cash prize of $100,000 and a one day platform to report the weather for a MAJOR network, along with a per-episode stipend. This is a nationwide casting. Applicants must be 18+. Please note that interested individuals must be available March 3rd- through April 6th (1- 4 week commitment pending on how long you last in the competition) for filming. Chad Wilson Casting Producer castingweather@gmail.com
  15. 16-day GFS ensemble maps for Africa, South and North America, Australia, Asia and Europe: Africa http://www.weather24x7.eu/africa_maps_gfs_ensemble.php Oceania http://www.weather24x7.eu/oceania_maps_gfs_ensemble.php Asia http://www.weather24x7.eu/asia_maps_gfs_ensemble.php South America http://www.weather24x7.eu/south_america_maps_gfs_ensemble.php North America http://www.weather24x7.eu/north_america_maps_gfs_ensemble.php Europe http://www.weather24x7.eu/europe_maps_gfs_ensemble.php
  16. Very details wind and weather summaries around the world. They claim to daily process 2.5 Billion weather measurements to provide the best weather forecasts. http://www.marine.travel/forecast/
  17. Hey! I am new here so I thought I would introduce myself I am Remy Mermelstein, in 10th grade at Irvington High School in NY just north of NYC. I have always been interested in weather, and did many reports on different weather topics back in elementary school. Back at the end of 8th grade I made my own Facebook Blog where I post forecasts almost every day, and other weather discussions, homemade maps and model data, the FB page is called Weather Or Not in the Rivertowns with Remy Mermelstein, it can be found at this link: https://www.facebook.com/remyweatherchannel Halfway through freshman year (last year) my good friend joined me on the FB page, and we then started an identical blog WeatherInTheHud with Remy & Dillon which can be found at weatherinthehud.blogspot.com We post the same things as on the FB page here, but for people who do not have FB. You can sign up with an email to get the updates by email as well This year we are both doing the Science Research program at my school, and consequently are working together on research regarding Teleconnections and Oscillations/Ocean Circulations and other major patterns and how they influence smaller local patterns and ultimately the everyday sensible weather. Our theory is that if we can foresee and predict the major and biggest patterns and know as many effects/causes they have on other smaller patterns then we can be in a much better place to forecast everyday weather. We are also using this to study climate change from both sides of the argument (AGW..etc). We have been lucky enough to be working with Joe D'Aleo as our mentor and much of the amazing team at Weatherbell Analytics since November, which has been absolutely amazing. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, this forum looks mighty fine Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum
  18. Does anybody know of a weather website/app that has precipitation type radar extrapolated into the future? I know that there are The Ultimate Weather App ($0.99), DarkSky ($3.99), and Radar Scope ($9.99), but these do not seem to have what I am looking for.
  19. Will the active pattern of late April carry into May? How will May shape up for Severe Weather in the plains? I'm thinking late May will become pretty active. I think the pattern of late April will cycle back through at the end of May, and look out. Thoughts?
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