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Found 7 results

  1. Yeah, another question thread. I get it. This one's less of a downer, so there's that. Which weather event stood out as the most impressive that you have personally experienced here in the West? For me it's a tie between the 1/10/17 snowstorm (15-20 inches in a 10 hour period, we get it...), and the December 2008 snow event series.
  2. What is your favorite winter of all? Mine would no doubt be 2016-2017. Snow events for everyone down the I-5 corridor, that snowstorm on 1/10/17 for my area. A windstorm in April and October, one of the strongest east wind years I've experienced. Heavy rain in February, and several snow/ice events in December and January. A rundown of that year (most are estimations): December 7th-10th: 1 inch of ice, 1.5 inches of snow December 14th: 2.5 inches of snow January 6th-8th: 0.75-1 inch of ice, 1 inch of snow January 10th-11th: 15-20 inches of snow, occasional thunder and lightning February 5th: 2 inches of rain April 7th: 55-65 gusts, 78 gust pretty close by ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2006-2007 would be on there too, as well as 2011-2012 (March storm dropped 11 inches IMBY, heavy rain in January, etc.)
  3. What is your least favorite winter? I would say 2012-2013. I don’t remember a single event in that year that was actually noteworthy. This latest winter is also up there with how annoying and bait-and-switching it was, imagine getting screwed over twice to areas just north and south. So yeah, 2012-2013 for being boring, and 2018-2019 for being the unluckiest winter.
  4. There is a real threat to the East Coast for this upcoming storm. The GFS has been fairly consistent with the general precipitation totals. Additionally, the 13km GFS output (18Z) shows 40+ mph 10 m winds well inland in New Jersey. 50+ mph along the coast!
  5. Hopefully we can score something during the second half of the month.
  6. Very details wind and weather summaries around the world. They claim to daily process 2.5 Billion weather measurements to provide the best weather forecasts. http://www.marine.travel/forecast/
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