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What Pat Sajak needs to know

1. It's stupid for the minimum amount for solving a puzzle to be the same as the minimum amount you get for not solving any puzzles.

2. It's even stupider to have cars that cost less than the minimum monetary prize in the Bonus Round. 

3. Clapping contestants are annoying. 

What contestants need to know. 

1. It is really dumb to buy vowels when you already know what the solution to the puzzle is.

2. Clapping too loud is annoying especially if you clap into the microphone with your palms curved or clap really loud on purpose. 

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Behind the scenes at todays Mariners brawl! 


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Elevation 580’ Location a few miles east of I-5 on the Snohomish Co side of the Snohomish/Skagit border. I love snow/cold AND sun/warmth! 

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