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Air masses High/Low pressure areas

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[1]How do Fronts, air masses and High/Low pressure areas interact? 


[2]Why aren't these air mass boundaries clearly marked as highs and lows are.? Can high/low pressure areas be contained in or cross over air masses? This all seems confusing to me and I can't find explanations anywhere.


[3]I read somewhere that Cold air masses are areas of High pressure. If this true are Low pressure areas Warm air masses? 



Many thanks,


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The topic is WAY more complex than you're trying to make it by boiling it down to those three questions.  Comprehensive answers to those questions would fill a textbook -- in fact, that might be your next step: purchase and read a book on basic meteorology.

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probably, but I found a senior Meteorology student On the WXForum who is answering my questions very patiently. I find most people in these weather forums have no patience with beginners. But that's OK with what I have learned from him and the conclusions I can draw for myself, along with websites like cod.edu and others I am beginning to piece it together. A lot of you have nice shiny expensive weather station but what can they tell you that the NWS can't?

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You know what, you're right about one thing:  I made an impatient answer and I apologize for that. 


It's just that the acquisition of knowledge about the weather -- or anything else of a complex nature -- is likewise a patient and methodical process, and it seems like you yourself are being impatient and trying to take short-cuts by asking specific questions that require an advanced knowledge in order to understand the answers, rather than starting with the fundamentals of meteorology and working towards an advanced understanding from there.


Take the time to learn it comprehensively rather than piecing together conclusions from random sources of information, and you'll be happier in the long run, I think.

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