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And they aren't exaggerating.


Sorry about the silly music on the video. Don't know why they do that but, ...they do.

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Before You Diagnose Yourself With Depression or Low Self-Esteem,...First Make Sure You Are Not In Fact, Just Surrounded By A$$holes.


2018 Rainfall - 62.65" High Temp. - 110.03* Low Temp. - 8.4*

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The latest technologies and tools have provided the ability to scientists to observe the sun and other planets. With the latest tools, scientist were able to found holes on the sun but accordion to the report the holes are the dark spots and they are just gaps in the sun's magnetic field, spots where it is weaker than normal, and they form on the outermost layer of the sun.

Because the areas are cooler than their surroundings, they appear black on X-ray telescopes.This coronal hole might send streams of particles in the direction of Earth but the earth is safe because our magnetic field protects us but on occasion, it can disrupt satellite and communications systems.

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Claire Anderson


San Francisco, CA, USA


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