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Hurricane Matthew


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12Z ECMWF shows Matthew getting right up to SE GA on Saturday morning before turning back around and weakening over the weekend east of Florida.  


Strange path.   


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I copied these over from the PNW October topic.



Looks like it's already weakened by the time it gets to GA, having hit the east coast of Florida.



On the 12Z ECMWF it literally skirts the entire east coast of Florida and then follows the SE GA and SC coastline without weakening too much... then turns away and heads to the SE and out to sea.


An absolute worst case scenario track as far as damage area and number of people directly affected.



No kidding.  It hits the same spot in Florida twice.





90% chance someone turns that into a conspiracy theory... :P



Unusual, but such crazy tracks have happened before.


Regardless, looks like anywhere from FL to NC could be under the gun. Really surprised to hear this was the first major hurricane to strike Haiti in 50 years.



This article has a bunch of examples of meandering, looping hurricanes: https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/bizarre-hurricane-paths-20130807



Lol GFS w/ Matthew. Makes landfall as a major, loops back out, then tries to make another landfall as a major in the same region.



Amazingly some hurricanes in the past have had tracks like that.  I imagine some people in Florida and the Bahamas are feeling a bit queasy after seeing that run.



00z Euro also shows a Matthew loop. Getting weird.



At least it does not show the second landfall... and in fact curves away from the coast sooner which would be good news for GA and SC.

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Nice. Juno Beach cam is a good one too: http://www.beachcamsusa.com/fl/juno-beach/juno-beach-pier-surf-cam


Jacksonville is the one I'm watching since it's a good proxy for Saint Simons GA:




There's some other ones on Surfline.com that provide live wave heights and wind speeds + local forecasts:





Sunny Isle Beach cam should be a good one to watch for a little while:





12Z ECMWF track is the worst possible solution for the coastline between Jacksonville and Charleston.  



Here are some live streaming hurricane Matthew beachside cameras. Will get very interesting at many of these locations:



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