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Just stumbled across this video...

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I could honestly see something like the late 1870s to 1910s and 1920s happening. Guy makes a pretty good case for what he represents and we do know that warm in Alaska is usually cold for the lower 48. You can't really ignore the trees either. Cool video.

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I think this could be related to the solar cycle.  It has been pretty much proven very low solar activity equates to increased blocking over the NE Pacific.  That makes Alaska warmer and the lower 48 colder.

Death To Warm Anomalies!


Winter 2020-21 stats


Total Snowfall = 7.0"

Day with 1" or more snow depth = 5

Total Hail = 0.0"

Coldest Low = 23

Lows 32 or below = 52

Highs 32 or below = 2

Lows 20 or below = 0

Highs 40 or below = 5



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The guy who made this video, YouTube handle "ADAPT 2030" is a liar and he falsifies info in his videos. I just watched another video he uploaded showing "record breaking" snow on Lolo Pass, several of the images he used in the video were screen shots from webcams that had time stamps from LAST DECEMBER. I posted a comment calling that out and it was deleted and flagged as spam to google......


Here's that video



Pay close attention to the time stamp on the image at 5:10

Well dang, what a crock. It was interesting while it lasted.

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