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EDIT: Sorry about the typo in the title... I changed before hitting submit, but forgot to remove the second "is".


NB: This is NOT a refutation of man made climate change.


All I'm asking for a someone to show me a single weather station anywhere on earth that shows accelerated warming. I ask because the radio mentioned yesterday how warming is accelerating. I've had friends tell me it is. I've read articles about it, but when I graph the data myself, I cannot see any evidence whatsoever that shows this.


Let's start with the premise that climate change is real, or least that it's immaterial to this topic. I don't care about that. I just don't like it when the news media lies about easily falsifiable facts. If climate change is real, then the facts should stand for themselves, and lying should not be a valid method for convincing the skeptics, so surely, there is accelerated warming somewhere.


Here are 4 stations in Canada that I've graphed for the fun of it to get us started. I will do more in the future until I find this elusive accelerated warming.










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