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1/17 - 1/19 CO Low Winter Storm


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8 minutes ago, Hawkeye said:

What was Flowers' final pre-storm prediction for Omaha?

He was going with 4-5", and then at the last minute bumped it up to 8" of sleet and snow (not counting compaction)... before the dry air and mixing issues presented themselves. We finished with just under 2" with 0.58" liquid equivalent (we were predicted to get 1.00-1.25" in liquid equivalent).

The attached image shows that many areas that were predicted to get 10"+ of snow in NE Nebraska also got the shaft... hindsight is 20/20 though - after stepping off the ledge from this storm I am grateful that we got more much needed moisture around here. The only way to break a drought is to keep getting moisture (no matter how it comes). We remain very OVERDUE for a big snowstorm, hoping we can get something the next few months however I won't commit to model watching outside of within 48-hours for a while after this debacle. 

Big miss.png

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1 hour ago, james1976 said:

Measured another 0.6" from overnight that puts me at 7.8". Snow is caked to everything. 

You stole our snow... again! 🤣

Enjoy it for us "recently shafted" snow lovers in Nebraska LOL, I mean we will get a big snowstorm again in OMA/LNK... someday.

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Just getting ready to go out and re-remove snow. Since I cleared everything about 4 pm yesterday until now at 10 am, I am measuring an additional 3.5-4”. There is as much snow on the ground from  one snow event as we’ve had since Feb 1st of 2016. My deepest snow depth that I’ve seen here was the combination of multiple snow events from late January of 2021 through the middle of February 2021.  This included some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded here. 

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Well; I don't want to be selfish and say I'm jealous of what happened in Central Nebraska. Congrats out there; I got 6.5" of snow in pretty much 6 hours. I was worried that dry air/sleet was gong to cut into my chance at snow. Once it started it came down in buckets. I feel bad for those of you who missed out and that sucks about JIm. Forecasting snow is the hardest thing in the world and I can't believe how many mets are taking heat. They don't need that! 

LASTLY, SHOUT OUT TO THE NAM! It was pretty darn spot on with the storm within 48 hours; it was really the only one showing the dry air/dry slot showing up in Southeast Neb. It pretty much nailed my forecast. The GFS/Euro/Canadian all had me getting 12+. 

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13 hours ago, winterfreak said:

Brutal miss for the eastern NE crew. Yikes. I’d rather be down here and know I have no chance than get fringed by a storm dumping snow 50 miles away. I know it sucks. Condolences…

happens to me every time so I am totally sympathetic with my fellow OMA Peeps. Brotherhood of the screwed unite!!

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Winter 2022-23 Snow Total = 27.5"    Largest Storm: 7.5" (1/25)        Oct: 0.0 Nov: 1.5 Dec: 5.2 Jan: 11.1 Feb: 2.0 Mar: 8.2 Apr: 0.0

Annual avg for mby = 45.0"  (KDTW): 2021-22 = 35.6"  

Avg = 49.7"  (KRMY): 2020-21 = 36.2"  2019-20 = 48.0"  2018-19 = 56.1"  2017-18 = 68.3"   2016-17 = 52"   2015-16 = 57.4"   2014-15 = 55.3"   2013-14 = 100.6" (coldest & snowiest in the modern record!)  2012-13 = 47.2"   2011-12 = 43.7"

Legit Blizzards (high winds and dbl digit snows): Feb 2011, Dec 2009, Jan 2005, Dec 2000, Jan 1999, Mar 1998, Nov 1989, Jan 1982, Jan 1978, Jan 1977, Apr 1975, Mar 1973, Jan 1967, Feb 1965, Jan 1918

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Final snow at KDSM was 4.9".  15.5" for the season. only a .5" or so below normal through today seasonal.  It either snows here for 10 days or goes doldrums for weeks on end.

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The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.

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Quite a few schools are either closed tomorrow or are going with a late start. We are going back tomorrow at our normal start time. We have a huge basketball game at home tomorrow night vs. our rival Minden. Should be great energy in the building after having 2 days off and looking forward to the big game. 

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