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He's 7 and he's been obsessed with the Hawks for years. We have videos of him at 2 years old jumping excitedly while watching the game. He probably knows more about them then I do. 😆

Spotted Towhees have made nests in my area. Beautiful bird with an intrinsic color style.

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5 minutes ago, TheNewCulverJosh said:

Trump supporter as well.  I though they were all evil????  Is Tom Brady evil???

You’re reaching a bit there. Don’t worry buddy, the StormTM is coming.

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This game shows that Russell’s struggles in the second half of the season was more on bad play calling, a less than stellar O Lind, and defenses figuring them out. Mahomes had the same struggles that Wilson had rbe second half of the season. 

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For those who haven't heard Rush Limbaugh died today.  No doubt things have been an absolute nightmare for conservatives since the whole COVID fiasco began (not that it's been a cake walk for anybody).  It's really sad we couldn't deliver a victory for Rush to savor before passing on.  He died feeling like he failed judging by what he said on his show from time to time.  His fans know that is furthest thing from the truth, but it's sad he felt that way.

Death To Warm Anomalies!


Winter 2020-21 stats


Total Snowfall = 7.0"

Day with 1" or more snow depth = 5

Total Hail = 0.0"

Coldest Low = 23

Lows 32 or below = 35

Highs 32 or below = 2

Lows 20 or below = 0

Highs 40 or below = 5



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