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2020 - 2021 California and Southwest Weather Discussion Thread

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Update through yesterday.



My personal weather station: Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2

2021-2022 Season Total: 6.17" (as of 1/11/22)

2020-2021 Season Total: 5.40"

2019-2020 Season Total: 15.82"

2018-2019 Season Total: 15.84"

2017-2018 Season Total: 4.63"

2016-2017 Season Total: 15.18"

2015-2016 Season Total: 8.12"

2014-2015 Season Total: 10.09"

2013-2014 Season Total: 7.35"

2012-2013 Season Total: 7.11"

2011-2012 Season Total: 7.02"

2010-2011 Season Total: 17.09"

2009-2010 Season Total: 11.59"

Average Seasonal Precipitation: 10.43" (12 years)

California Water Year/Rainy Season measuring period runs from July 1 to June 30.



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Looks like that was just a stray fog bank. It’s cooler now but still mild and the humidity has gone up.

Tomorrow looking toasty for the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair. They’ll sell a lot of beer! Of course the marine layer could change its mind at any time and come roaring in.

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>1" snowfalls at KFAR in 2021-22: 11/11-12 (1.0"), 11/13 (1.8"), 12/2 (1.0"), 12/4-5 (4.8"), 12/21 (3.1"), 12/25 (3.2"), 12/26-27 (8.6"), 12/28 (2.9"), 1/4-5 (3.2"),


Total 2021-22 snowfall at KFAR: 31.7"                                                  Coldest Minimum: -28*F (1/1, 1/7)

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2 minutes ago, Mr Marine Layer said:

When did that happen? I was in Laguna Beach today.

O.C. Register (@ocregister) Tweeted: A 126,000-gallon oil spill from an offshore rig led to major ecological damage in Huntington Beach over the weekend, prompting officials to close beaches that could remain off-limits for weeks or months.

THE LATEST: https://t.co/7CszXwW1PI https://t.co/T3yFEBuPxJ

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12 minutes ago, Pn1ct0g3n said:

There’s something coming from the south bringing the high clouds in. 

The hot weekend also appears to have helped the ocean warm up some. The dark blue is gone from VC and southern SBC coasts.


The Ocean will coolback down this weekend due to the much cooler temps and rain potential. 

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