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2020 - 2021 California and Southwest Weather Discussion Thread


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The brunt of it will miss us, sadly. AR2 is said to be ideal for busting drought without too much flooding risk; AR3 is even better at it but also riskier. at AR4 and up the hazards nominally begin to outweigh the benefits, but when we’re in this deep of drought, we need a real drenching.

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Nice that the models were right in that NorCal gets more rainfall out of these AR's than us!

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Ashland, KY Weather

'21-'22 Cold Season

Snowfall - 16.1"
December: 0.1"
January: 9.9"
February: 1.3"
March: 4.8"

Snow days: 10 - 4.8" - 3/12
Cold Highs (32 or below): 7
Coolest: 21 (Jan 7th)
Extreme Lows (below 10): 4 
Minimum: 5 (Jan 22nd)
Max wind: 40mph (Feb 18th)

Thunders: 10
3/6, 3/23, 4/7, 4/11, 4/30, 5/1, 5/3, 5/6, 5/14, 5/16

[Klamath Falls, OR 2010 to 2021]

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This LA Times article describes the Atmospheric River Atmospheric River


I have copied the article illustration and annotated the Cumulo-Nimbus clouds CN A and CN B for both the coastal mountain case and the Sierra Mountain case where aquariusradar can be used to alleviate flooding if the Atmospheric River does indeed turn out to be a class 4-5. For coastal flooding of a river drainage basin or from burn scar flooding, the microwave energy is focused on CN A which slows the development of CN A and allows CN B to take up the added moisture. More rain falls from CN B on the summit or valley side of the mountain(s). Less falls from CN A on the burn scar or flooded coastal side.  In the Sierra case, again CN A is targeted and less rain falls on the burn scar western slope. CN B takes up the added moisture and more moisture falls as snow above the snow line and on the mountain crest. Because CN cells are always in competition for moisture, the inhibited CN cell yields moisture to the neighboring uphill or downwind CN cell. Overall rainfall is unchanged. Water is transported to storage. Snow in the Sierra case. Maybe a reservoir in the coastal case or maybe snow on Shasta or Lassen if in far Northern California.


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1 hour ago, Rainstorm420 said:

I think it's safe to say I won't see anymore 90's for the rest of the year. So means I will most likley see only 1 day of +90F weather this year. Really mild this year for sure.

Still could. Last few years we had some 90s in early November. San Diego reached 100 in early November 2010 after their gloomiest summer ever.

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