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This article outlines Canada's plea for help in the Western provinces Western Canada Fires.



There are 3 ways to put out a forest fire; (1)remove the flammable material (trees), (2)reduce the temperature below the combustion point, (3)remove the oxygen. Firefighters use water and flame retardant foam air drops for all 3. But it's expensive. Ground crews use water and dirt again effective for all 3. But that to is expensive and slow. One of the best tools for fire fighting is smoke which only impacts 3- the removal of oxygen.

If you have ever burned leaves in the yard or field, you've probably noted that burning into the wind is much more effective than burning downwind. The smoke of the downwind fire smothers the fire by displacing good air- oxygen making the fire very slow to burn downwind-in very light winds. Strong winds provide so much fresh air as to make the smoke ineffective.

For ground crews at the active flame front, smoke generators can work where there is no available water. And there is a continuous supply of leaves. twigs, etc. to charge the smoke generators. The action of smoke is very fast in eliminating the flame. When water is available, the twin attacks of smoke and water together can knock down the flames. Operators of course would have to wear breathing apparatus. The smoke generators would be powered by battery.

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