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At the end of the day, Nature will always have the final say...I learned a lot of valuable lessons as I'm sure many professional mets did this season.  While you only came on here touting how bad the

Up here in Canada we woke up to a temperature just below the freezing point and 4" of super fluffy snow sprinkled straight down.

New York State homes are coping with inches to feet of ice after storm. Now, aren't you glad you aren't chiseling out of your home? _________________   https://www.wthr.com/article/houses-frozen-

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Yup sunny and low 60s today! Awesomeness


Another o'cast morning in the 30's  :(  Need you to send some of that this way, thx

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Winter 2020-21 Snow Total = 35.1"  Largest Storm: 10.2" (2/15-16)        Oct: 0.0 Nov: 1.5 Dec: 3.6 Jan: 10.0 Feb: 20.0 Mar: 0.0 Apr: 0.0


Annual avg for mby = 49.7"  Avg for last 10 seasons = 58.4" (118% of normal)

2019-20 = 48.0"  2018-19 = 56.1"  2017-18 = 68.3"   2016-17 = 52"   2015-16 = 57.4"   2014-15 = 55.3"   2013-14 = 100.6" (coldest & snowiest in the modern record!)  2012-13 = 47.2"   2011-12 = 43.7"


Legit Blizzards (high winds and dbl digit snows): Feb 2011, Dec 2009, Jan 2005, Dec 2000, Jan 1999, Mar 1998, Nov 1989, Jan 1982, Jan 1978, Jan 1977, Apr 1975, Mar 1973, Jan 1967, Feb 1965, Jan 1918


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The month of March here at Grand Rapids will end up being warmer and wetter than average with less than average snow fall. The high for the month will be 63 (that is in the middle of the pack) and the low for the month will be 17 that will be tied with several other years for the 7th warmest minimum for the month of March. Will have more on this tomorrow. At this time it is 39 here with cloudy skies.

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In contrast to everything else going on, March weather was pretty quiet here. Near normal precip at 2.68" and a bit warm at +4.4F avg temp. No measurable snow was recorded. We only have had 67% of normal snowfall this winter (11.7"/17.5"). Yuck.

  • 20-21 snowfalls >=3": (Jan 1 - 4.5"); Season total (12.4")
  • 20-21 monthly: Oct (0.6"); Nov (Trace); Dec (Trace); Jan (7.6"); Feb (4.2"); Mar (Trace)
  • 20-21 temps: Oct(-3.2); Nov (+4.8); Dec (+4.5); Jan (+5.1); Feb (-11.3); Mar (+5.0)
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