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What comes first a Tropical Disturbance and an Invest?

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I'm trying to put the formation of a tropical cyclone in order, but I'm a bit confused on these two terms. In the formation of a tropical cyclone, which would come first a disturbance or a invest?

I define a tropical disturbance as a weather system with organized convection originating from the tropics that has a non-frontal migratory characteristic and maintains its identity for at least 24 hours.

Then I define invest as an investigative area of weather (that has the potential to form into a tropical cyclone) that a forecast center collects data on and is labeled 90-99, with a corresponding letter for each ocean basin.

The order I have currently is:

Tropical Wave (Easterly Wave)

Tropical Disturbance

Tropical Depression

Tropical Storm

         Subtropical Storm

         Extratropical Storm (Mid-Latitude Cyclones or Wave Cyclones)

Hurricane Category 1 (Minimal)

Hurricane Category 2 (Moderate)

Hurricane Category 3 (Extensive)

Major Hurricane Category 4 (Extreme)

Major Hurricane Category 5 (Catastrophic)

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I think you could use them interchangeably as an invest is more of a "mets are putting focus into this area" which could be anything from a wave to just some consolidated convective action. For the sake of your hierarchy I would just kick off with disturbance and then invest.

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