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Is this a low down chem trail?

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On 9/22/2020 at 1:02 AM, Nevets said:

What on earth is this? This cloud was huge then shrank into a double line starting here and shot past my house into the next town. The next day I get this glow where it was.




Where do you live? Here in Oregon every time rain showed up in the medium range  they'd spray the heck out of the skies as soon as it gets in believable forecasting then suddenly the rain 'magically' vanishes from the forecast and the few times we did get rain it was greatly reduced. The tiniest sunbreaks you could see thick white jets in areas jets do not go then the clouds bust apart.  Water droplets CANNOT form in those conditions if you know anything about how water does molecular bonding.  The chemicals used act as the 'LA Smog' effect that prevents droplets from forming by getting them 'excited' and stay apart.   

1Pacific Redwood has more extensive knowledge of these operations and water vapor imagery shows the streaks since he started recording things during 2013 onwards. 2013 is when I discovered him anyways.  I wish I knew where he gets all those cool vapor imagery from but he doesn't respond to questions sadly.

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