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I saw him a bit ago when he only had a couple random videos up in no particular order then recently rediscovered him thru City Data Weather section's thread here. https://www.city-data.com/forum/weather/3155595-geodiodes-climate-casebook-other-series.html

Here is his playlist in case you don't like the thread.

 even if you already know this kind of stuff it's still worth taking a look just for the background videos AND it's very relaxing.  I didn't know the cause of the insane total rainfalls of Asia in his special  Asia Monsoon one nor where the word came from. It means "Change in wind direction" as it starts in the Arabic region providing little to no rainfall there before dumping copious amounts that makes Olympia WA look like Medford in comparison.   I wish to go to the wettest places now just to experience one good monsoon but knowing my luck I'll have our drought follow me and they won't get a drop in the ole bucket! :) :( 

(Picks up a rock and drops it on the head of a cute Korok to make it rain after he gives me  his seed)  Ofph! Now we have endless rain!

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