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Late September heatwave vs 1988?

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What was the setup of the 1988 heatwave and is it any different then the current one which seems very similar?   Both had hot starts and ends to the month though 88 didn't have the thunderstorms associated with it.

Here is Salem's version where the heat on the west was most intense.  The first link above also has a summary of September of that year.  It seems pretty similar minus the thunderstorms that brought all the rain this year.  

This feels more El Nino then a La Nina. I wonder if the oceans may be 'venting' out a lot of heat in addition to whatever outside forces may be controlling our weather?


Oh and here is the only GFS chart I can find for this and it was hard to find as I had to remember the exact place. https://www.wetterzentrale.de/reanalysis.php?jaar=1988&maand=9&dag=29&uur=1800&var=2&map=2&model=noaa  It feels very similar in a creepy way.


PS: Is it something I said or is something on my face?

Statesman_Journal_Sat__Oct_1__1988_.pdf Statesman_Journal_Sun__Oct_2__1988_(1).pdf

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We had a heat wave at the very beginning of September 1988 here in Southern California. Short but potent, 110F in Downtown L.A. on the 1st.

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