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Did you know there were this many international weather forums?

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And are there any others I didn't list? I posted this on another weather forum which I copied over.

What are your favorite and least favorite "besides this one* weather forums? For the PNW the best places (though not very active) are Cliff Mass (he seems to have an axe to grind with certain people and viewpoints) but otherwise is very good with his knowledge and has meetings in a lot of places though I don't know much about him except his big long blog about being censored then fired from the University of Washington.

Anyways there's also The Weather Forums.com

Blogs there is KPTV Weather blog for Portland Oregon not very active but worth seeing when Mark makes an update but it seems to require him to kick the ball down the road to get anything started.

For Seattle it's mostly weird blogs I don't really go to for no reason other then it's hard to remember and infrequent updates. https://komonews.com/weather/scotts-weather-blog



For national weather there is this forum we are on and Accuweather Forums which were dying years ago with most threads from before 2015 when the internet changed a lot and went against private forums and except for the UK ones I didn't realize down under had any until last year.

For the UK there are quite a few options actually!!!https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=...4dUDCAw&uact=5


UK Weatherworld - UK weather forecasts, warnings and Discussion forums



New Zealand even has these! https://www.weatherforum.nz/phpBB3/ with archives back to 03! Here is the very first index ever! https://www.weatherforum.nz/phpBB3/v...7e7be4cb190870 with a VERY strong emphasis in climate study.

New Zealand Local Weather Forum (Is this even a forum?) I can't figure out it's style and it has the least amount of content.

And Australia down under has a bunch of these to chew on!

BSCH - Australian Weather Chat
Weatherzone though it seems to have closed whatever this place was?
http://forum.weatherzone.com.au/logo-weatherzone.png The Weatherzone forum has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who contributed over the past 18 years.
You can still find us at weatherzone.com.au or if you would like to continue the discussion you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or participate in discussions at AusWeather or Ski.com.au forums.
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