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Best Flight Sim that features the PNW climate and geography money can buy? Tips? Recommendations? Favorites?

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I have several hundred saved for getting something good at the end of this  year or next year if perhaps something better comes for the next gen stuff or MS Flight comes out with a very good add on.etc..  What do you recommend as far as flight sims go for geography but most of all good weather/climate modeling?  I can sacrifice graphics for a good one that will work on modern computers like mine?   


Serious replies only.  Does the new one fit the bill or does P3D4 be better?  I already have Xplain 11 and FSX on Steam and have an old Satiek flight yoke thingy from back when Microsoft's Century of Flight was good which I think that was their best one as far as I know due to their historical aircraft from different time periods. ALL feature Real Time Weather even the Century of Flight did which is how I discovered the real time weather method.

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Chewbacca Defense as been keeping me posted on the new flight sim as I’m interested in getting it.  Weather engine still needs some work according to the forums but I’m sure over time they will iron out the bugs.  As far as geography it sounds spot on!!!  Never tried X-Plane as I’m a Microsoft flight sim guy. 
For me I’m waiting on the new X-Box/ flight sim addition! Never done the Game console before so this will be all new to me.   I may wait to let folks work out the bugs before I dive in again and start spending $$$.  Of course this will be difficult as Chewbacca keeps sending these outstanding pics inside the game....lol.  We shall see

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