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Siberian Snow Cover

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I guess this is "Arctic Enough".


Apparently the snow cover extent over northern Siberia is significantly higher than last year for this time of year. It looks like with the September snowfalls across the Northern Hemisphere and Siberia, we may have a stronger pool of cold air to work with.


More over at iceagenow.info.

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Some basic and if more general, correlation per my view, with whatever might be otherwise derived from this advent, ...
.. Early snow in the Sierras, a week-plus ago more Western region focused, a very good "barometer" looked at more generally, of cold and even "snow" potential "there", ... 
.. And my own view, working more off of a more "ENSO" focused perspective, if more generally, .... that main and more primary cold "stores" are building through the higher latitudes both North, and South (i.e. relative to a more "multi-decal" type scope and timeframe, more cyclical. Not, with emphasis, some type of more over-all "global cooling".), .... at this point, while the "equator" warms.

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