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And we wonder what maybe melting the greenland ice

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The melting Greenland ice cap is caused by warming air over the arctic. The weight of the thick 10,000 ft ice pushes down on the interior of Greenland such that the mantle rock is depressed below sea level. Long term, as the ice melts sea level will increase as a result of the added water to the oceans, the mantle will rebound to some level above sea level adding to sea level rise. If a volcano is erupting in the interior, the melted ice water would be trapped in the interior depression created by the  massive weight of ice. Any volcanic eruption on the coast or interior would create enormous blasts of steam through cracks in the ice and would be readily detected by satellite. Even if hot rocks of the mantle were melting ice, that doesn't explain the lakes of melted ice on the surface thousands of feet above the earth's mantle. Ice is a good insulator.  

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