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(.. originally posted in the main "General Discussion" thread of the "Pacific Northwest" section. @ )
More climatologically speaking (multi-decadal timeframe.) broader scope, fuller U.S. and beyond looked at more longitudinally, … With main and more primary cold's increasingly better consolidation (i.e. stores.) north through higher latitudes poleward over the years more recent, the more impressive temperatures registering [at this point post main storm, here in the PNW], should logically continue to be the case. 
 Slightly less "stable", and steered differently last year, the "polar vortex", ect. more through the East. This year, our getting more of a share of this more dense cold, perhaps. My thinking leastwise.

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(.. generally related, in line with my initial post to this thread just above also posted today.)

.. Broader timeframe, I'm expecting a better consolidation of cold stores both north and south, with a general warming of the broader equatorial Pacific looked at as a whole more over-all.


.... while there's certainly some amount of value (more academic.) in and where looking at the idea of reviewing how past conditions have played out where looking at different main and greater regions, either whether or both main land masses or sea-surface areas, where looking at different main MDOs (or "Multi-decadal Oscillations"), ...

.. still in my view, much of this "Analog Forecasting" research (review.) is wasted, with the idea that main and broader "cold", i.e. more primary--which is to say main cold stores looked at more annually and through the both higher and more extreme higher latitudes North and South--goes through an extended cycle of greater and lesser buildup, increase and decrease, each more gradual, also near to multi-decadal (every 20 years or so.).

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