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Here are two more California weather blogs, one about Mammoth weather and the other about Tahoe weather. The Tahoe blog is geared more for skiers as it contains forecasts for snow amounts for various regions and elevations of the Tahoe area. They are both updated frequently during the rainy season, but the Tahoe blog is not updated very often during the dry season when the ski resorts are closed, whereas the Mammoth blog is updated more or less year-round.





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Where perusing the "Weather Wiki" sub-section, overing in the "Sciences" larger section, I ran across a thread similar to this one generally, Fred. Entitled "Weather and Climate Blogs". Started by "50ShadesofVan, back in January of the year. 
I've copied and tacked in his main list of blogs generated there, together along with a link to that thread, here below.
Brett Anderson:  Canadian Accuweather Blog
Capital Weather Gang:  Washington D.C.
Cliff Mass:  Seattle and the Pacific Northwest
Jeff Masters:  Weather Underground
Mark Nelsen:  Portland Weather
Scott Sistek:  Komo 4
Wolf Reid:  Professor at UBC

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