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Strong thermal inversion recorded with a weather measurements on the move

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Hallo cold pools fans! Look at this extreme thermal  inversion recorded during a MeteoTracker session in the Fairbanks area (Alaska) on January 26 2021!
A difference of as much as 19.2° C (34.5° F) over a distance of approximately 5 km (3.1 miles), with an unbelievable temperature variation from -33.3° C (-27.9° F) to -14.1° C (6.6° F), was detected  at around 9 A.M. Alaska time.
The analysis performed on the MeteoTracker web platform (vertical profile graph and other tools) shows very well how strong the positive vertical temperature gradient was.

(By the way MeteoTracker is a low cost but accurate mini weather station for measurements on the go).








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On 2/2/2021 at 2:26 PM, Link said:

Interesting. How does the tracker work? Threads like these is how this forum used to be. Not just Reddit circlejerking.

Hallo, sorry for missing your comment. 

You may know more on the device at this link:


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