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21 hours ago, FV-Mike said:

2.4 official at O'hare. 2.9 at midway. Multiple reports of 50+ wind gusts

Same for towns around here though my wx station showed only 39 mph. probably from to much wet snow frozen onto the anemometer.



‘20 - ‘21 season snowfall = 39.3”

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Snow mounds are growing!!!

I finished with 5.8".  I really wanted to be able to mark down another 6-incher. There was a lot of drifting toward the end and all the blowing snow collected on the driveways and sidewalks.  My

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Another 1/2" overnight has brought my storm total to 4.3" (biggest yet!) and I see it lines up nicely with the map from the NWS for here. Wasn't completely whiffed on the backside LES, but the wind did remain enough S of W to keep the better stuff 1/2 a county north as was my expectation after interrogating the SR models Thursday pm.

All in all, not the Watch/Warn storm I'm still hunting for, but way better than the rainer we thought was heading this way. And the LES belt counties did well. It also was my kind of storm in that we had the dense WAA snows first followed by the LES frosting on the layer cake. Solid white out there attm. Can't complain, especially with another 2+ in the forecast.

Cheers to all the NFL fans following their hopefuls!


20210206 7 am GRR Snowfall map.PNG

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Winter 2020-21 Snow Total = 35.1"  Largest Storm: 10.2" (2/15-16)        Oct: 0.0 Nov: 1.5 Dec: 3.6 Jan: 10.0 Feb: 20.0 Mar: 0.0 Apr: 0.0


Annual avg for mby = 49.7"  Avg for last 10 seasons = 58.4" (118% of normal)

2019-20 = 48.0"  2018-19 = 56.1"  2017-18 = 68.3"   2016-17 = 52"   2015-16 = 57.4"   2014-15 = 55.3"   2013-14 = 100.6" (coldest & snowiest in the modern record!)  2012-13 = 47.2"   2011-12 = 43.7"


Legit Blizzards (high winds and dbl digit snows): Feb 2011, Dec 2009, Jan 2005, Dec 2000, Jan 1999, Mar 1998, Nov 1989, Jan 1982, Jan 1978, Jan 1977, Apr 1975, Mar 1973, Jan 1967, Feb 1965, Jan 1918


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