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The main page has turned into a model circle jerk as if it were a Reddit R/Weather Models sub (No such place exist) and nobody does new or interesting topics anymore. I tried but get ignored and downvoted: There's a lot more to our climate then just Model A vs Model B shat. 

 There's a lot of potential not being used here and no mega links for resources.etc.  It's like this forum decided to not expand and new comers not welcomed so nobody wants to be 'it' and get ridiculed.  Social Media is all there is now and it's equal to toothpaste being squeezed in a narrow tube.  It almost feels  as if some sort of mind control is being used here and/or this site got sold to a Chinese firm so they have to obey the rules of Xing which means no lengthily/detailed discussions that require critical analyzing skills allowed. Too hard. 😕  

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