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Was NW Flow colder in 1900s thru 1920s then today and if so what do you think changed?

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It seems that NW flow now fails to produce snow below 1,000 feet unless very specific circumstances happen but in the 1900s thru 1920s it was quite common for quick hitting snow to be generally widespread which Portland used to get 10 to 20 inches most years and minor/moderate ice events thrown in the mix that would f'k up trolly cars and street lines putting them out of commission.   People used to commonly own sleds and sleighs were somewhat common up to the 1930s when winters got more mild..  During the Jan 1950 big snows/blizzards people dusted old sleds/sleighs that were brought out from being out of service due to the mild 40s and stores quickly sold out from high demand.   

In fact due you think the 1950s saw a resurgence of owning sleds or sleighs? I wonder how youngers from the more mild 30s/40s felt whom like playing in the snow vs 50s and 60s return to a colder regime? 

For example in one of the odd mild winters of 1918 here was a super mild December which is surprising given the cold regime we were under. It seems when mild winters happened THEY WERE REALLY MILD!!!😲  


Sample Quote: Nearest Approach Was Dec. 1875: In Matter of Rainfall Month Stands Second. December, 1917, waa the mildest record for this section of the country. Records at the weather bureau show that, the mean temperature during the month was 48.4 degrees. The nearest ap proach to this record waa December, 1875, when the mean temperature was 47.7. The normal is 41 J degrees. . Weather bureau records have only been kept since November, 1871, and the December just passed stands out alone aa being the mildest since that time up to the present time. In matter of rainfall, the month stands second. - A total of 13.96 inches fell during the month. The greatest amount of . rainfall . during December was In 1882 when over 22 inches rell. The normal rainfall for the month is 7.34 inches. - The weather has been so much like spring that flowers are blooming and trees are budding. In some districts yesterday lawns were actually mowed. Every Sunday for several weeks has en large crowds of people in brush patches cutting- - ***** willows and other budding tree limbs.  End sample quote: 

First file is that one and here is one from Prineville newspaper just a bit down on the search results of 1918:  What made that year so mild compared to most? El Nino? Yet that spring had many cold nights that prevented growth for a long time. 

Last December was Mildest on Record of Local Weather Bureau.pdf

Weather Warm Here People Freezing in East.pdf State Crop Reports Show Rain Needed.pdf

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