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Weather modification vs weather moderation

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The latest AR put down almost 8 inches of rain at some areas- Bonney Doon fire station- above Santa Cruz in the San Lorenzo river valley. Many areas receiving 3 to 4 inches. A large part of the rainfall was lost to flooding to the Pacific via San Lorenzo river and nearby steep mountain streams- Lauguna Creek- direct to the ocean. A similar flooding AR in the 1980s destroyed the nearby town of Ben Lomond on Boulder Creek.This exact scenario is what I discussed years ago on my California Test page http://aquariusradar.com/californiatestproposal.html. This is a good example of how the Aquariusradar could be used to transport flooding rains inland. The microwave heating action, tiny as it is, can slow the rate of rainfall from CN rain storms. Powerful DoD radars are just up the coast at Pillar Point AFS- where I once worked- that can be used to act as the aquariusradar- quelling the downpour at the coast and allowing the moisture to remain aloft to move inland for more rain in the hills and valleys beyond and possibly snow in the distant Sierra. The Sierra doesn't allow moisture to move eastward. The high peaks create a rain shadow on the Nevada side. So if flooding coastal rain can be slowed and moisture kept aloft- almost for sure the rain or snow will come down in California. I have had no response from anyone who thinks this idea is of value for study.

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Aquariusradar does weather moderation. Weather modification doesn't imply for the bettor or for worse. Weather moderation implies a change for bettor- if it is too dry, aquariusradar can moderate the weather to make it not so dry. If it is too wet, aquariusradar can moderate the weather to make it not so wet. Overall it cannot change or modify regional weather. The aquariusradar simply acts to transport rain from a too much condition to storage. In doing so, aquariusradar provides stored water to moderate the too dry condition.

Unlike weather modification, aquariusradar does not use some longer lasting element that is no longer under immediate control upon release. For example, silver iodine crystals can remain in the atmosphere and fall to the surface. The jury is still out on the impact of putting stuff in the air to modify the weather. The action of aquariusradar is under immediate control at all times. Immediately upon turning off the microwave energy, the tiny heating effect upon cloud water particles is removed. The aquariusradar action is stopped.

This week's AR flooding in the central of the state is a good example of how aquariusradar could be used. By targeting CN storms in the region creating the flood- the lower half of the Consumes river basin for example, those storms produce less rainfall. More moisture is held aloft and come down as snowpack at the higher elevation of the Sierra. If the AR has so much water that the snowpack advances to an dangerous avalanche condition, then another aquariusradar targets those CN storms to loft the moisture over the higher peaks into Nevada and later the Colorado plateau. The flooding moisture of the AR is transported and spread out over a much larger area.

Aquariusradar is not terribly hi-tech- except the repair-done by companies expert in radar. Operation and maintenance by the local fire departments, emergency management, etc. For operation, the fireman takes off the fireman's hat and puts on the radar operators hat. The actual radar location could be atop the local fire station or  a vantage point that provides wide coverage. Pointing data provided by the NWS data that we are all familiar with. A regional emergency management station could direct several radars during flood times.

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Well, here again the cloud seeding folks get the grants to "increase precipitation 5-15 percent". Sure enough the Colorado river basin needs more rain, but silver iodine hasn't really work over the last 70 years of use. 2.4 million dollars is not much in terms of government spending for a good purpose; if it would work. It won't.

silver iodide rain maker


Even if it did, the cloud seeding technique can be said to steal rain from downwind areas that normally would receive some of that precipitation.

On the other hand, Aquariusradar would have done a world of good during this extraordinary winter in California. By targeting CN cells as they approached the Sierra summit, the massive rainfall/snow is lessened and more moisture lofts over the Sierra barrier to be intercepted later by the Basin Range and Rockies. Most of that extra snow and rain would flow into the Colorado. In addition to distributing the moisture, water is saved as a large part of California snowpack/rain is lost to flood back to the Pacific ocean. Aquariusradar provides a win-win; water is transported from flood (to sea)to the Colorado river basin.

The aquariusradar idea is based on the work of Dr. Edward Lorenz, my own observation and experience as a high power radar operator, and a 10 year study of rainfall pattern around a powerful DoD surveillance radar in the Florida panhandle.

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Aquariusradar can quell (temper) the giant thunderstorms that create tornadoes. The terrible F4 funnel cloud that struck Rolling Fork Mississippi 26 March could have been lessened to a F2 or F1 or possibly eliminated altogether. In tornado country of the eastern half of the nation, the NWS radar stations could add a standby transmitter and antenna to perform the aquariusradar function; radiating on the menacing CN thunderstorms as they approach the rotation necessary to produce a tornado. The microwave radiation slows the development of the monster storm and nearby smaller CN clouds take up the moisture made available.

The Rolling Fork fire station could also do the job. At the direction of the local NWS and Emergency Management, the fire crew points the radar, located on the roof of the fire house, at the oncoming storm and radiates to lessen the storms intensity.

Aquariusradar works by slowing the growth of thunderstorms.

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Another video article featuring Ginger Zee- meteorologist- at ABC news about using weather modification (silver iodide dispersion) to help Colorado River basin drought. Colorado river drought     ABC News Weather Modification

The article does admit that a "wet" season is required to get the 3 to 15 % increase the industry boasts about. And the 2022-23 atmospheric rivers certainly provided that very wet season. And further  that some operations were terminated after the western snowpack grew too large. The article says no one is damaged by the activity and no downwind precipitation is affected. I disagree and point to the extended drought in Kansas, northern Oklahoma and Texas all of whom are downwind of the Colorado plateau. If water is removed from the atmosphere, someone downwind is going to lose that moisture. Call it weather modification? but it's really stealing someones water.

Aquariusradar does not do that. It does not take any additional water from the atmosphere. Aquariusradar redistributes excessive precipitation in a positive way. Aquariusradar makes no claim about increasing regional precipitation.

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Posted (edited)

Mexico continues a weather modification effort with silver iodide to fight the ongoing drought. Mexico drought  If this modification works- there is not a lot of evidence that it does- maybe our desert Southwest is receiving less than its natural share off monsoon moisture. Rain that is forced to come down by artificial means- weather modification -means someone else doesn't receive their natural amount of moisture.

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