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PNW climate question for you all

Black Hole

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I may be moving back up to the PNW in a few months. I am trying to balance my wishes for a climate with my wife's wishes, while finding a reasonable affordable place to live that isn't too remote.

With that in mind, where do you all think is the best place to live that:
1.) Has as few clouds as possible (particularly low clouds), especially during the cloudier months. 
2.) Isn't completely bone dry. At least 10" annually would be ideal, but the more the better if it balances with point 1.
3.) Has at least minor snow and thunderstorm activity most years. 
4.) Isn't more than about 4 hours from Tualatin. Closer to the Portland area is better if it meets the above. 

The Redmond area meets most of the above but averages less than 10" of rain. Bend is too expensive. The Dalles meets most of the above, but seems to be cloudier in the winter months than areas further south. Any ideas? 

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I think some places in WA would be more likely to check all of the boxes.  Obviously Leavenworth or Cle Elum would.  That might be pushing the time limit from Portland though.  Maybe somewhere a bit west of Goldendale or SSW of Yakima would meet the precip requirement.

EDIT:  Peshastin would be the perfect place if it wasn't as far north as it is.  Perfect transition zone between heavy forest and steppe with probably about 15 inches of precip a year and plenty of snow, but not a ridiculous amount like Leavenworth.

Death To Warm Anomalies!


Winter 2021-22 stats


Total Snowfall = 14.1"

Day with 1" or more snow depth = 12

Total Hail = T

Coldest Low = 15

Lows 32 or below = 53

Highs 32 or below = 5

Lows 20 or below = 4

Highs 40 or below = 23



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