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Down load this or check out the current loop before it's gets dark. UNREAL that one can "SEE" flames from 22,000 miles up.

The link is current and will not work at night, but infrared will be fun in a few hours if the clouds stay away.



The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.

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Looks like our rain will come through tomorrow. 60% chance. Temps will drop to low 90’s for a week.  
We’ll take it!
Heat indexes have been in the 105*-108* this week. 😣 Heat returns week after this coming week. 

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Before You Diagnose Yourself With Depression or Low Self-Esteem,...First Make Sure You Are Not In Fact, Just Surrounded By A$$holes.


2018 Rainfall - 62.65" High Temp. - 110.03* Low Temp. - 8.4*

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This is a pretty neat wx page for the GL's region which forecast and tally up water spouts...


This photo was taken on July 16 by Dauphin Island...



Yesterday, was such a beautiful day along with hazy sunshine.  Made it up to the low 80's but with comfy DP's.  I've had the windows open all day and towards the end of the day, I thought my neighbors were burning wood but nope, it was the wild fire smoke that made it down to ground level!  It's crazy that we can smell the forest fires all the way from Canada and even the west coast.

A little bit cooler wx expected today along with winds off the lake and highs in the low 70's.  Might be heading up to Kenosha for a day trip a bit later this morning.

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0.58" is officially my July rain total, with 0.00" falling since July 14th.

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season snowfall: 27.1"


'20-21: 52.5"      '19-20: 36.2"      '18-19: 50.2"      '17-18: 39.5"      '16-17: 17.9"      '15-16: 20.0"      '14-15: 30.4"      '13-14: 48.3"      '12-13: 34.1"


Average snowfall: ~30"

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ORD ended up with a mean temp of 74.4F (1.0F BN) with 1.90" of precip (1.81" BN).  The hottest temp was 94 and lowest 57F.  Overall, it was an active month towards the later half and quite volatile.  Not a bad month overall.  The drought in NE IL has subsided some but still has some more to go to get back to normal.


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>1" snowfalls at KFAR in 2021-22: 11/11-12 (1.0"), 11/13 (1.8"), 12/2 (1.0"), 12/4-5 (4.8"), 12/21 (3.1"), 12/25 (3.2"), 12/26-27 (8.6"), 12/28 (2.9"), 1/4-5 (3.2"), 1/14 (2.7"), 1/22 (2.8"),


Total 2021-22 snowfall at KFAR: 51.7"                                                  Coldest Minimum: -28*F (1/1, 1/7)

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Stats from my backyard for July

Avg low: 66.6 (-1.4)

Avg hi: 87.7 (-.4)

Precip: 6.20" (+2.65")

Coldest low: 56.3 (12th)

Warmest hi: 96.4 (28th)

2 severe tstorm watches, 5 days with heat advisories, 2 days with Flash Flood watches.

Had powerful storms move thru just after midnight the night of the 9th with a wind gust of 96 mph at the airport and over 190k people without power at one point. Power took 8 days to fully restore.

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