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Personal Weather Stations - 2021 Edition

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Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2, owned and operated since 2012

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My personal weather station: Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2

2021-2022 Season Total: 1.38" (as of 12/1/21)

2020-2021 Season Total: 5.40"

2019-2020 Season Total: 15.82"

2018-2019 Season Total: 15.84"

2017-2018 Season Total: 4.63"

2016-2017 Season Total: 15.18"

2015-2016 Season Total: 8.12"

2014-2015 Season Total: 10.09"

2013-2014 Season Total: 7.35"

2012-2013 Season Total: 7.11"

2011-2012 Season Total: 7.02"

2010-2011 Season Total: 17.09"

2009-2010 Season Total: 11.59"

Average Seasonal Precipitation: 10.89" (11 years)

California Water Year/Rainy Season measuring period runs from July 1 to June 30.



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Davis vantage pro 2 plus with fan aspirated radiation shield and ultrasonic anemometer.

Advantage with this is you can detach/relocate individual sensors (IE, put anemometer on roof, temp sensor in the shade on the ground, rain gauge in the open, etc). Just be sure to purchase extra wiring if you do so.

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On 9/10/2021 at 10:55 AM, iFred said:

Just curious what kind of PWS setups you folks have. I just had my AcuRite Atlas die on my and am thinking of getting something that I can build a Prometheus exporter for.

Not sure if it's too late but we had a scare with our AcuRite today or yesterday actually and it turns out a bunch of spiders made a home in it clogging up the sensors.  I almost bought a new one but Dad suggested we look into it and turns out it was FILTHY! 🤮 Saved me about a 100$. 

 Skulltula | Zeldapedia | Fandom Think these babies but not so big. It was covered in spiders and no I didn't receive any tokens. 

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On 9/15/2021 at 11:53 PM, Black Hole said:

One of the biggest problems with Davis has been the ancient data logger and software. I recently upgraded to their weatherlink IP. It's overpriced, but makes it very easy to get your data online. 

I greatly prefer meteobridge to WxLink IP. Such an easy setup and access to multiple hosting sites (or if u prefer to build your own).

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Hey All!!!

Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would do a shout out for a project I have setup. Basically I have a Davis weather station and I was fed up running back and forth checking the rain levels during exciting storms. Anyway, all the cloud services are good at collecting data but not always for viewing real time. Anyway, I set up a cloud service to hook up weather stations and push real time weather data to a private or public weather dashboard. I have a few old tablets around the house so now I have my weather data displayed in every room. 😊 and I figured others might like it too.

It’s free for anyone to use or you can become a patron to support the project and get customizable dashboards and extra goodies. Just be kind as I have only recently finished setting it up, would love to get some feedback!


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