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BBC drops the Met Office for forecasting.

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Sounds like the BBC will be dropping the Met Office in favor of a foreign 3rd party for day-to-day forecasts. The BBC hasn't used a different provider of meteorological services in 93 years. This would be akin to ABC dropping NOAA as a provider of news forecasts.



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Well, they're stating it was due to a contractual requirement to put it out for bid. And they make a valid point when they question a foreign services ability to predict the very changeable British weather. Having lived there briefly it can indeed change on a dime and reminds me of Texas weather. No one here trusts anyone but a local expert on our weather as few know how a massive cold front can suddenly turn north just south of Wichita Falls at certain times of the year. I know exactly where the rain will turn to snow to the Highway exit in the county just west of me. A weather service on the east or west coast won't get it.

So, it remains to be seen if a different service can dig into the weeds and provide accurate local forecasts.

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