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PNW January 2022, Contact Info for Phil

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10 hours ago, ShawniganLake said:

Mid to Late February. It’s coming this time.  Feels right to me. 

Yep, I'm a little later on it.  Late Feb/early March ish.  Large storm to blizzard conditions in some areas.  Region wide event.  The last hurrah

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5 hours ago, Phil said:

Oh, yeah when I arrived there was live music playing, everyone was drinking and having a great time without a care in the world. It’s an awesome place.

But next time I blizzard chase, I’m staying several miles inland. I underestimated the extent to which the wind would limit accumulations (and trigger a storm surge + coat everything with a thick layer of ice from spray..including my car). Major headache.

Foxboro would have been a nice setup

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6 hours ago, Phil said:

Also want to say, this is an exceptionally sturdy building. Very well-built. The amount of abuse it can take is mind blowing. Mother Nature consistently hammers away at it, and it requires heavy maintenance, but it’s rock solid. 

In my conversation with the staff/maintenance crew, this kind of thing is actually relatively common in the cold season. Apparently this wasn’t even the worst storm they’ve seen this winter. :lol: A storm in November shattered all those ocean facing windows, this one didn’t. These storms are just a part of life for them.

I thought nor’easters could be violent down here in Maryland, and they can, but now I understand why they’re so hyped up there in New England. These things are f**king vicious. The combo of heavy snow, hurricane force winds, and frigid temperatures right at sea level is more analogous to what you’d experience in the Bering Sea or Anchorage, Alaska. If anything the snow is heavier with these storms given frontogenic dynamics associated with them.

New England.  The Best.  Already planning my move back.  Will probably go more coastal this time.  Maine maybe.  still love NH though, and Portsmouth is a nice town too.

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  • Longtimer

New thread for February folkx.

  • scream 1

Snowfall                                  Precip

2022-23: 11.2"                      2022-23: 17.39"

2021-22: 52.6"                    2021-22: 91.46" 

2020-21: 12.0"                    2020-21: 71.59"

2019-20: 23.5"                   2019-20: 58.54"

2018-19: 63.5"                   2018-19: 66.33"

2017-18: 30.3"                   2017-18: 59.83"

2016-17: 49.2"                   2016-17: 97.58"

2015-16: 11.75"                 2015-16: 68.67"

2014-15: 3.5"
2013-14: 11.75"                  2013-14: 62.30
2012-13: 16.75"                 2012-13: 78.45  

2011-12: 98.5"                   2011-12: 92.67"

It's always sunny at Winters Hill! 


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22 minutes ago, SilverFallsAndrew said:

New thread for February folkx.

Weather has been so dull it took me a moment and a few shots to notice today was February 1st. 🤣


Ashland, KY Weather

'21-'22 Winter

Snowfall - 16.1" (biggest storm 4.8" March 12th)
December: 0.1"
January: 9.9"
February: 1.3"
March: 4.8"
Snow days: 10
First freeze: Nov 3rd

Other 2022 Stats

Thunders: 53 (as of 12/3)
Tornado Watches/Warnings: 2 / 0 
Severe T'storm Watches/Warnings: 4 / 4
Frequent Lightning: 5 (5/20), (6/13), (7/6), (7/21), 8/1
Hailstorms: 1 (1/2" on 10/12)
Max Wind: 50mph (6/13), ~55 (7/6)

'22-'23 Winter

Snowfall - __.__
First freeze: Oct 9th

[Klamath Falls, OR 2010 to 2021]

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  • Chris unpinned this topic
9 hours ago, Phil said:

Video, part-1.

First 10 mins: Starts slow. Rain/snow mix (gradually) transitioning to all snow. Gusts 60-65mph. Can hear the wind wailing through the power lines at times.

14-15mins: Intensity increases, 70mph gusts start ~ 15mins. Car is rocking really good despite the hotel building offering substantial protection from the wind. Still minimal accumulation.

22mins: Had to retreat inside, as conditions became unsafe and the “storm surge” began to engulf the building.

26mins: Hurricane force gusts, surge increasing.

32mins: VERY violent, window shatters 33:20. Gusts > 80mph.

34mins: Ocean hammers the building, flooding the basement and cracking 2 more windows.

36mins: About 1hr later, venture outside again as winds calm a bit (“a bit” being relative, still gusting 70+mph).

Snow accumulation = minimal thru this vid. The wind was simply too strong. Part-2 will have the rapid accumulation and whiteout conditions that happened at the end.

I know it’s a long video, but would recommend watching whole thing for best experience of storm evolution, which was quite dynamic.


Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting. 

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