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President's Day - Washington's B Day Winter Storm


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3 hours ago, james1976 said:

Drive in to work was fine. Cautious in a couple areas but mainly dry. Spitting a little snow/sleet. 

Left at 7:30 to take the kid to school.  Roads were fine.  20 minutes later driving back home roads were not fine.    In the city. Thankfully everyone was driving super cautiously.  (Cedar falls) 

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View from my street.

If I had to guess, I'd say 3-4"? Ripped pretty well at my work in St. Paul for a couple of hours and the drive home was hectic, but nothing super showstopping about this snowfall. Just another nuisance. 8°F.


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>1" snowfalls at KFAR in 2021-22: 11/11-12 (1.0"), 11/13 (1.8"), 12/2 (1.0"), 12/4-5 (4.8"), 12/21 (3.1"), 12/25 (3.2"), 12/26-27 (8.6"), 12/28 (2.9"), 1/4-5 (3.2"), 1/14 (2.7"), 1/22 (2.8"),


Total 2021-22 snowfall at KFAR: 51.7"                                                  Coldest Minimum: -28*F (1/1, 1/7)

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