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  2. Seems like the wind is finally starting to die off a little. Down to 44 here. 54/42 spread today with wall to wall sunshine and lots of downslope. Gusts easily 35-40mph early afternoon.
  3. Cloudy but dry for the eluding, definitely sunny for the 2 runs to 150 (2nd was actually a hot day and blew a radiator hose) and it was cloudy for the Scirocco incident, the travel lanes were dry but I think along the centerline and foglines it was damp. On another note, be sure to check your furnace boys and girls, I've had a street full of fire department apparatus over a carbon monoxide scare at a neighbor's house. They have been here for a good hour, so I'm guessing its legit. I went outside when I saw all the lights and could hear the neighbor talking in a normal tone so I a
  4. I’ve received eight speeding tickets. One I received during an Arctic Blast (1996).
  5. That's impressive. I actually got out of my eluding incident. As soon as he caught me I pulled over it was "yes sir no sir thank you sir." I was certain I going to get a tour of the Athens-Clarke County jail. In addition to driving like an idiot, I didn't have the registration or proof of insurance. He chewed my a** for a solid 3-4 minutes then told me to get the hell out of there. I got my Datsun 280z up around 150 twice though fortunately there were no boys (or girls) in blue to verify it. It was a wild sensation, as it passed 120 it actually sucked down to the road. On th
  6. The latest GFS extended control model looked quite good to end the year with a monster block developing. Most of W Oregon gets buried with close to 2 feet of snow over the course of 1 week.
  7. I tell myself each time that I’m done sharing personal stuff here. Then of course I renege..but some foolish part of me still expects there won’t be a tsunami of stampede pass jokes as the inevitable outcome. What is the definition of insanity again?
  8. 00z Euro now keeps WA completely dry through the weekend after some very light showers overnight tomorrow. Partly cloudy in the morning with afternoon sun and highs in the mid-50s both Saturday and Sunday. Next substantial rain is next Tuesday morning. If it's not snowing, that's my kind of weekend right there.
  9. makes one pine for the day(s) of north bend vs oregon precip maps arguments
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  11. May be an early night for me. I might be here for 12z runs tomorrow, but I don't expect anything great yet. Yet.
  12. half the forum last night was furious over someone they don't even know changing a pronoun and then half the forum tonight openly admits to (or makes up?) just absolute insane reckless driving behavior. gotta make it to the second half of december quick!
  13. My first car/truck Ironically no accidents/no tickets in this beast! Oh and to keep it weather related...Not sure I have mentioned this 10 times, but A White Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!!
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