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  1. New MeteoTracker low-record of -33.3° C (-27.9° F) and extreme inversion recorded during a MeteoTracker session in the Fairbanks area (Alaska) on January 26 2021. A difference of as much as 19.2° C (34.5° F) over a distance of approximately 5 km (3.1 miles), with a temperature variation from -33.3° C (-27.9° F) to -14.1° C (6.6° F), was detected by Vladimir Alexeev (researcher of the International Arctic Institute, University of Alaska) at around 9 A.M. Alaska time. These are unprecedent measurements, for their systematicity and very high spatial resolution The
  2. -32.9° C [-27.2° F] the lowest temperature and a strong spatial variability with an excursion of 11.8° C [20.5° F] in a few kilometers. Another on the go measurement, shows an even greater temperature spatial variation, from -28.7° [-19.7° F] C to -14.3° C [6.7° F] in less than 2 km (1.2 miles) These figures are the main outcomes from two mobile measurement sessions carried out by Vladimir Alexeev, research professor at the International Arctic Research Center Alaska University (Fairbanks) with portable mini-weather station MeteoTracker. These sessions are carried out as part o
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