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  2. I'm moderately intrigued about the prospects for mid month. The GEM looks just like the 18z parallel GFS looked at day 10. There are also a number of cold ensemble members tonight. Certainly a window of opportunity.
  3. Good Lord. If you want to make big claims then its fair to challenge some of them. Nothing personal. And I might just bring you flowers for some BBQ!
  4. Not if he treats me like he treats Jim, but... if he brings flowers, maybe.
  5. 00Z ECMWF shows a cool weekend with scattered showers... but partly sunny across the entire area both days.
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  7. Still have a few big piles around town and I snapped this pic when it was 70 this afternoon. It’s felt bizarre to have some very warm weather and turn around there’s still patches of snow.
  8. I think the one melting down is the one who just dismissed an entire country!
  9. I think you are having a melt down here. I have checked the GEM before... but its pretty rare. I don't normally check it. I looked at it when it was showing below zero temps in San Diego in mid-February. It was so close to being right.
  10. Hahahaha I can’t believe this wait!!! Wait!!! You don’t check the GEM?! Gotcha!!!
  11. My parents lost 3 giant Arbutus trees in their yard due to fungus. I think they are more vulnerable when overwatered, quite different from Garry Oaks in that respect, even if they prefer the same habitat.
  12. Yes. Its the best model tool we have available. Feeling OK Andrew?
  13. I’m kind of feeling a mid month cold snap is probably in the works.
  14. Yet you obsessively post the EPS. Bahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaaahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahaa
  15. Some of you should watch George Carlin and the "Real Owners"--- probably too graphic to post on here. One of the biggest of those "Real Owners" of the "World" is Central Banks and in the US case"The Federal Reserve" -- if you think it's Federal- just because "they" call it that-- and your going to argue about oil prices on here based on a "R" or "D" your wasting your time. Bigger fish to fry. JFK tried.
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