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  2. 121k customers lost power in BC today. Truly a winter like wind storm. Probably the most severe “warm season” wind storm I’ve ever seen
  3. If this doesn't scream imminent recession, I'm not sure what does: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/18/investing/target-earnings-inflation/
  4. They're just getting started here. Karen Bass has done NOTHING to solve homelessness, so vote for Rick Caruso and things will be cleaned up Day One. Caruso seems to be one of those few common-sense Democrats remaining today, somewhat like Joe Manchin.
  5. Yeah...there have been a few cooler Julys. August has been way over the top on the warmth though. We are beyond due for a cool one. This year might have a shot. I think it would be a case of persistent NW wind onshore flow as opposed to gloomy and wet though.
  6. Remarkably, despite the UHI they pulled off near 64 Julys in every summer from 2010-12. Have to go back to 2001 before that, and of course nothing close since.
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  8. Green > brown all day long. I don't understand people that would rather have 325 days of sunshine but live in a barren desert, over 200 days of sunshine with lush, verdant scenery. But people are different.
  9. Far Eastern WA can be pretty nice (next time you're in Spokane try Manito Park). Lots more trees, hills, etc. NE Washington as well. The West part of Eastern WA, like Chelan and Okanogan County are great too. In between? Not so nice, lots of flat land and blowing dust like you say.
  10. What is going on in the Fox12 weather blog lol...
  11. -7.6°F at KSEA barring a midnight drop below 46°F.
  12. 62/47 day here. Morning rain and breezy, then lots of afternoon clearing and continued breezy conditions. Picked up about .15” precip. All in all a warmer and drier day than forecast.
  13. The year we see a summer like that again (we will, with time), there will be a mass regional exidus.
  14. Yup. No doubt the biggest warm anoms have been in the summer for many years now. I would much rather have that than in the winter. At any rate the normal for SEA in July and August for the 1945 - 1975 period were both around 64.0. More recently we haven't seen a summer with either of those months that low in ages
  15. Love green lake. I usually run around it 2-3 days a week.
  16. Looks like there was a B side as well -https://www.discogs.com/release/5216856-R-W-Stone-Harry-Truman-Your-Spirit-Lives-On. Probably just as awesome.
  17. This month has just been nuts. Nice to know we can still pull off sustained cold like this.
  18. Even with full sunshine yesterday Portland had a -2 departure.
  19. Another 10 degree below normal max temp for SEA today. Absolutely crazy! The month to date average is nearly 6 degrees below normal now. We have a shot at the coldest mins of the month coming up over the next few days now.
  20. Not a very good song but Harry Truman was definitely a big deal for a few weeks.
  21. I’m ready for some severe weather. This season has been an absolute snoozefest so far.
  22. Sounds like Tim weather. Paradise is subjective!
  23. I read an article today on housing prices dropping some and demand easing. Also, new trend is people living out of their RV. Now that’s a real reversal.
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