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  2. I definitely understand that, my cousin goes down to Central America for 3 months out of the year…December through February usually. I could definitely see myself moving over to central Oregon someday. Not like it’s the sunniest place on earth but it’s definitely less gloomy.
  3. I’ve lived here all my life and it doesn’t really bother me all that much. But I do like the sun and wouldn’t mind spending my retirement years in a place where the sun to gray ratio leans a little more toward sun than it does here.
  4. Not that I wouldn't love to see another Nov of '98 wind-bomb, but save it for winter and let the snow be on SMI. Are we even following the same forum? This pattern has been anything BUT endless cutters to our west. If anything it's been quite the opposite. Kinda surprised to see this from GRR this pm (and not even their resident winter enthusiast "WDM")
  5. How about this folks. Did not even know about it till friends and family members told me:
  6. I could see myself moving somewhere that just gets more extremes overall with more defined seasons. Maybe eastern WA or OR. They get more consistent snowfalls and more sunshine overall. Maybe the overcast will wear on me more when I get older I don’t think it does because I’m just so used to it.
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  8. 0.11” so far today…57/48. Looking forward to some nice weather for Halloween weekend after we round out 10 days in a row with measurable rainfall.
  9. I agree amigo! I always say, let it snow after "Thanksgiving Day." Black Friday is the magic start date for me til mid March.
  10. I wish the west coast could a lot more thunderstorms like this more often.
  11. I know. But I'm already freezing my a$$ with sunny and mid-40s. Not really ready for anything more harsh so soon after Augtober. What happened to Autumn, anyways?? Is that still a season, lol?
  12. I very rarely get tired of the overcast…idk maybe it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere else. Couple of winters ago we had almost 0 sunshine from mid December all the way to mid February and that was honestly really depressing. Was glad when we got a nice sunny stretch in mid February 2020.
  13. I can definitely see moving to somewhere sunnier when I retire. I get tired of the endless gray. Depends where my kids end up. Both are out of state at the moment, both want to eventually get back to the PNW. But, life can get in the way of those kinds of plans so we shall see.
  14. Even small towns went more expensive. This was a 70k house in 2012, if we weren't so quick to make a sale this would have sold 210-220k. It's only a 1400 sq. ft. house. Word is Bend is crazy, and they've always been a pricey city.
  15. Btw: some models are starting to hint some snows in November for some on here. Its way down the road (360hr+), but they are definitely seeing it.
  16. Which is fine. Just walking on the lawn here is a "squish-fest"
  17. Looks like another storm is brewing for later this week. Have to wait and see on how close it gets. As for now, looks like the brunt of the rain could bypass SMI. It will still rain, but not as much as we got w yesterdays major rainstorm.
  18. LRC = L(ike)R(eally)C(lose) but a miss nonetheless..
  19. Totally agree. The constant gray and rain is tough... but some people love it and cheer for it all summer too. I will never feel that way. It will be nice to know you have always have a great chance of serious cold and snow and it does not take every domino to line up perfectly.
  20. KC office talking about first freeze and possible flakes next week. For the late part of the week, going into next weekend expect fall- like temperatures, with a mostly dry forecast. The first part of next week might be a period to keep an eye on for a couple different facets. The more confident aspect is that some or most of the area could see its first freeze. This will be in response to a broad mid level trough which will sag into the area. A strong push of cold air will move in for the Monday and Tuesday time frame which will likely bring below average temperatures. Again, it`s very possible that some or most of the forecast area will get it`s first freeze by sometime next week. This will come on the order of 1 to 3 weeks after the normal area freeze. The less confident aspect is the prospects for some light snow to form. GFS has come in a bit more aggressive with the low level cold air, with a low level cyclone passing just south of the area. Even with a more aggressive and ambitious low level cold air advection regime it`ll be quite the undertaking to get any accumulating snow. But it is worth nothing that the more recent GFS was a bit more aggressive with the colder air and it`s juxtaposition with ongoing precipitation.
  21. Did not get outta the 40s today under a mostly cloudy day. October living its name I guess. Very blustery day. Btw: nice cooldown coming early next week. NOAA: Broad cyclonic flow and deformation axis across the lower Great Lakes will fuel the development of numerous to widespread rain showers Friday through Friday night as the closed low continues its slow churn into the eastern Tennessee Valley. Secondary coastal low development off the east coast will be the kicker to finally lift the upper low east of the region by Saturday afternoon, with a return to dry conditions for the remainder of the weekend as quasi- zonal flow sets up over the region. Seasonal temps will continue into the weekend, with some signal in long range guidance for a cold shot for the middle to end of next week.
  22. I read that the other day and honestly that is really something I'm looking forward to. I get so tired of the constant gray and rainy days in the PNW. It can be really draining by the time you get deeper into winter. Thank God Jesse isn't here or I'd surely get a tongue-lashing for that statement. Like you said... From what I've read of the climate out there, it sounds right up my alley. Less rain/more sun, more snow/cold, warm/hot in the summer, and more legit thunderstorms. I mean... What's not to love with the sound of that?
  23. I think the people from this forum that move do so because of weather.
  24. No Central Tx will her it’s share of wind and heavy rain this evening as the front literally blows through. Should hit from 1am to 7am. The wind has been blowing hard all day and a lot more ahead. I just hope it’s worth the wait. Temps will settle into the 70’s for a week. Looking forward to that!
  25. Thanks man! Average home price in Sioux Falls is $269k. Most nicer houses I've seen are between $300-$350k for a 2,000 sq ft house. Less money than we got this 1,200 sq ft house for in Maple Valley.
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