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  2. .32” so far on the day. 55 with light rain currently.
  3. Splat test was negative on this side of town but precip is picking up! Thought we might be done with the rain after this morning.
  4. Looks like it's over here. I had .27 today. So not bad to get over a quarter inch this afternoon. Still about 68F.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Stuck in the snow hole again. Looks like it may be flurrying now though. It'll be dark soon and then i can stare at the streetlight.
  7. I am sure its at different levels. I have seen it in the winter when the moisture shield from an incoming system overrides a c-zone from a departing system. But usually the higher level moisture is just virga. I think the activity around Olympia is actually producing rain at both levels today.
  8. Think I’ve seen something similar to this before and always just assumed it was mid-high level moisture or clouds.
  9. Still raining lightly here... up to .60 now.
  10. Check out the radar loop around Olympia... legitimately have cells moving in the completely opposite direction. One layer moving to the SE and one layer moving to the NW. Very strange and interesting. https://atmos.uw.edu/current-weather/northwest-radar/
  11. High of only 56 IMBY so far today. Currently 54.8.
  12. 0.10" and counting. Judging by the radar, some parts of Vancouver Island, including the fire that has closed the highway to Port Alberni, have received a decent drenching already.
  13. Need some hot weather already. Only 12 days until the days start to get shorter.
  14. Steadier rain now but still light, Ateast I'm up to .20 so far and counting. Very good.
  15. Please return your stolen PNW summer and do so NOW.
  16. Haven't gotten warmer than 77 so far this month. Glorious.
  17. Just had a buddy text me that our dome was in effect. Storm coming in from the west just jumped over Holdrege and re-formed just to our east. I told him I was laughing about it as I watched it occur. NWS basically said they will pulse up then die off. I guess we can’t ever assume the storms will hold together.
  18. Only 0.02" for me. Not surprising, the models are always wrong on amounts for me.
  19. A quick look at the El Niño/La Niña Intensities and years would lead me to believe that negative/neutral or weak Niña episodes actually produce more icing events. This is likely due to the cold air source location in La Niña winters and the cold layer of our atmosphere being more shallow or less dense. La Niña doesn't often trigger an upstream blocking episode to contain the deep cold over our continent or Canada. I think this is right. May check me on it. I know 2010 and 11s blocking episodes were anomalous. Those were post-Nino, but in a La Niña that made the whole Pacific cold, if i recall it rightly.
  20. Yeah I was already up over .20” when I was at home for lunch a few hours ago, a refreshing surprise!
  21. I think your temps are much more dependent on 500mb heights than ours.
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