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  2. Kind of jumping around right now. One minute its snowing and the next its raining.
  3. Rough illustration of where snow is falling and where it’s been more of a mix based on mPING reports. Closing in on an inch here since it started sticking at 9:00 here.
  4. Here comes the 00z Euro. Big run. Those euros better bow before the new king GFS.
  5. I'm not sure anywhere north of Oregon does well in backdoor blasts. Onshore flow snowfalls are definitely more of a thing on west-facing slopes.
  6. Very very slow transition from rain to snow here. Probably 75% snow now. Don’t see how we get anything measurable out of this unless the temp starts falling much faster. Still 34.5.
  7. 34 here but the DP is 33 now and it’s mostly rain again. We’re closer to measurable snow than I thought we would be tonight though it’s very close. Could still happen just seems like it’ll be tough to do.
  8. They really need to see the ECMWF show precip over Portland.
  9. Just came out of the Oculus vr golf world in the SW to snow falling in the streetlamp. Not a great quality snow but snow. 33.5* Ex just pinged me from Ferndale Wa of flurries happening and 29* ….she wins
  10. Let's see how things look in 24 hours. If The Dalles is still in the mid 30s, you may be in trouble.
  11. If there is a low sliding down the coast we do good, November 2010 good example. If it's a backdoor blast we do not do well with those normally. Depending on low placement we can also miss out with onshore polor flow because of the Olympics.
  12. 35 in North Seattle, still a mix of snow/rain
  13. Light snow coming down in the Redmond lowlands! Not really sticking though. Should make for a pretty (if cold) sight for those who are out for the opening of Redmond Lights tonight!
  14. It's amazing how different it has been up here. The days have been sunny and dry with just some frost on the ground. I went up into the Chuckanuts today and it took until about 1,200' when I started seeing snow. At the top there was a little more than a dusting and considering there's snow up there for a majority of the winter I was not particularly impressed.
  15. Temperature is hovering around 33 degrees so trace accumulations. Lightened up now and transitioned to a rain/snow mix.
  16. I would probably surmise it will be 36-37 when precip starts up there. Colder away from the river. Not so bad chance that there's a midnight high on Sunday at PDX.
  17. Marginal temps only from here on out. Sorry pal
  18. 32.4 with a DP 31.1. Light snow. Sat for an hour watching the light earlier waiting for it to start. Gave up and turned on Gold Rush. Started 5 mins later.
  19. Update... there is some very light snow here now.
  20. Dumping and roads went from wet to white in 10 minutes here. Still have 4” on the ground too so it’s been a really snowy feeling week.
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