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  3. No rain here yesterday but there was rain not too far away and there was a nice rainbow late yesterday afternoon. There are now more areas that are showing more brown grass. The overnight low here at my house was 57 and it looks like it will be 59 at GRR. At this time it is clear and 61 here.
  4. While lows in the 40's are not uncommon in both upper and northern lower Michigan in June and even the 30's for lows are not all that uncommon. I remember have frost in the AM while camping in the UP in July.
  5. I'm going to thoroughly go over the LR data later today and after briefly looking into the climate models the wx pattern may very well be getting exciting for tracking storms. Severe Wx potential looks higher than normal. Volatility will be the theme for the later parts of June into July.
  6. Boy, I'm diggin' what the models are sippin'...."cool aid" that is...some folks up north may get a taste of early Autumn wx as a powerful CF blasts through the region. Both the GFS/EURO are both in agreement that a refreshing Canadian airmass will inundate the northern half of the Sub, primarily focusing the coldest air for those up north. Nonetheless, the A/C's will be taking a break and the Northwoods folks may be burning an extra log or two in their fireplace to warm things up! #bonfireseason The idea of a forthcoming active period next week is still on tap. This is a
  7. 0z Euro for the frontal system on Thu/Fri... Trends still holding onto the idea of a wide spread regional soaker for the Sun/Mon period...welcoming in the Summer Solstice...
  8. Insane heat wave for the desert SW and the PHX valley. Gosh, I remember last year being the hottest summer ever with a record amount of 115F+ days. Well, today marks the 1st day of 4 consecutive days that are going to top out in the 115F-119F range. That is wild. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/10-day-forecast
  9. Rise 'N Shine...it's a very comfortable 62F this morning...the windows are open letting the cool air inside while the birds are chirping. You can't ask for a better morning! Heading up into the upper 70's today and I'm looking forward to some pleasant weather today and tomorrow. Next chance of precip late has been showing up for late Thu/Fri.
  10. Man y’all are needy. We were eating dinner when it passed through. Only recorded the approach. IMG_1097.MOV
  11. What do you think winters were like in general during those times?
  12. Has nothing to do with Austin. The Grid Gods have been warned for years. We needed another big plant. ERCOT didn’t propose another power plant. The signs were there 20 yrs ago.
  13. Pssst. We're all south of PDX even though it's all farms and grasslands all the way to Sacapotatoes.
  14. Models are showing a big tstorm outbreak overnight east of the cascades and then moving north into BC. Watches issued for severe storms east of the Okanagan
  15. SEA came in at -1 today... obviously a chilly day with a high temp of 65 which is -6 but the higher humidity meant the morning low was +4. After tomorrow... SEA will have been below normal on 10 of the last 11 days. And I think Matt posted something similar about PDX... which has had a high in the 60s on 8 of the last 9 days.
  16. Lol. I caught some video of the approach but was occupied with other things during the meat of it.
  17. Yeah... your area can have marine layer days under solid ridging. That almost never happens out here.
  18. Marine layer days have been just as plentiful as average if not more out this way the last month or so.
  19. What is a marine layer? Could be headed toward a top 5 warm June. Best goes on.
  20. The lack of the solid marine layer days out here is pretty noticeable this year. The days that get close to burning off in the late afternoon only to fill in again during the evening. It can be a frequent occurrence in May and June... and its been almost entirely absent. Its either been solid ridging or solid troughing and not much in between.
  21. Did I say that? But I think 10-14 day troughy periods are normal in June and that shows up better in my area when looking at daily stats. It does not just rain here every day. We probably won't have a drop of rain for the next 10 days... after getting some rain on 10 of the last 11 days after tomorrow. The troughy periods really stand out when looking at the stats here. And we can pretty much count on a 10-14 day rainy period in June out here. It happens almost every year. And it often comes consecutively and not spread out through the month.
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