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  2. You serious? One of the hottest night life spots in America right now, Hillsboro!
  3. There were a lot of Arctic outbreaks though. Dec 1983 - epic blast Oct 1984 - snow in the Seattle area on Halloween Dec 1984 - minor Arctic outbreak and snow around mid month and then another shot late month Feb 1985 - solid Arctic outbreak on the 1st with snow Nov 1985 - one for the ages Feb 1986 - nice little late season outbreak with snow The whole cold regime began with an abnormal cold shot in late September 1983 which brought heavy frost to many places. Then of course 1985 stands as the only year since the 1950s where SEA averaged below 50 degrees.
  4. Very good chance HIO has its third sub-30” year in a row. I don’t think that’s ever happened.
  5. Found this on one of Mark's blog post. Winter 1984-85 Big October snow in Cascades and good ski season start. Then NO snow with a massive ridge overhead all of January. I remember that one. Fog or east wind all month (depending on where you lived). Then tons of February snow in mountains and even some lowland snow that month. It was a relatively active winter, but with a weird “stoppage” in January. 8″ total in PDX.
  6. Cold and/or wet spring is great for skiers because the average 850 temps are still cold in March/April and you can still get good snow. Also a cold spring is not necessarily a persistently cloudy one. Especially true in the west valley NW flow rainshadow. 2008 is a pretty good example.
  7. Constantly cold and wet can cause cabin fever as do stay-at-home orders. Rainy nights with dry and sunny periods in between are good as they keep things green and allow you to enjoy it during the days.
  8. In January 2014 and 2015 I can remember a few days like that in K-Falls. Some days got real close to 60. (Avg high is 40 in January lol)
  9. I go to the other extreme, excel sheet after excel sheet haha. Lots of data! I know there are a lot of other people out there with way more though. I've had records at my parents house since 1995 and my house since 2010 now. These are just a few of the sheets/graphs I have.
  10. 48/44 today...but will probably have a midnight low it’s clear here.
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  12. We always fight over who is gonna get to dress up as the GLAAM. He always wins.
  13. The ensemble mean temp on the final day of the run went from 38F to 43F so a small step back.
  14. I knew there was something different about you two!! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furry_fandom
  15. Blocky. Three winters in a row (1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86) had pretty extreme blocking patterns develop which led to some extensive (3 week plus) cold and dry periods.
  16. Lots of blocking. Real and fake cold for really long stretches. Ironically, I remember wearing shorts on Xmas day in 1985 out at the coast.
  17. Hello My thinking is at least 1-2" for Lake county (especially along/east of Indianapolis Boulevard but possibly back to the IL/IN state line). Then more like 3-5" or maybe 6" in Porter/LaPorte... with a smaller chance of that in eastern Lake county if the winds are favorable enough for long enough.
  18. The main thing I remember about that period is how cold it was. It was certainly dry also.
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