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  2. Wake me up when real winter arrives! Im bored stiff in Southeast Iowa. Have spent 3 months preparing our company for over 100 snow accounts. Not only has it been warm but are now at 21 days with no measurable precip. That appears to be headed towards 30 days soon.
  3. Tonight's Gefs ext and control. Control is off the rails cold
  4. Frankfort continues to hit big numbers in the winds this early winter
  5. Pivotal weather now have ECMWF 6z and 18z data available. That’s very nice!
  6. Not quite over for here.. Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI 827 PM EST Mon Dec 6 2021 MIZ075-076-082-083-070430- Washtenaw-Wayne-Lenawee-Monroe- Including the cities of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Adrian, and Monroe 827 PM EST Mon Dec 6 2021 ...Snow Showers Continue Across The Area... A couple bands of snow showers remain over the area this evening. Localized, briefly heavier snow showers will have the potential to drop visibilities below one mile and cover untreated roads. With temperatures now below freezing across much of the area, the likelihood of snow sticking on untreated surfaces is increasing. Those traveling this evening should be prepared for variable driving conditions and visibility, along with gusty winds up to 30 mph.
  7. Jim says yes, Phil says no, Matt cannot decide, and the rest of us are hopeful!
  8. Some December data for KC so far: US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri about an hour ago The first 5 days of December for Kansas City were the 8th warmest on the 134-year record....and then today happened. We'll fall on that list temporarily but warmer temperatures later this week/month will return. NWS Kansas City So here we are on 12/6 and we have yet to receive measurable snowfall in KC. In the 133 year period of record, we have been snowfall free up to this date in 35% of those years. If we don't receive snow through next Tuesday (which is likely), that drops to 20%. 8:02 AM · Dec 6, 2021·Twitter Web App
  9. All major sites across NMI are AN on snowfall to date. And this doesn't even include today's sig LES. My co-worker was showing me photos his folks sent of their snowmobiles caked in snow from riding yesterday. They are retired living in Lewiston, one of those jack-zones with 12+ yesterday.
  10. Legit legendary mountain snow year with no midwinter torching. I'm down.
  11. Chicago's latest first measurable snow was during Dec 2012. That month also featured 2 blizzards in the Midwest/GL's. Unfortunately, Chicago and most of SWMI was sandwiched in between the sig snow streaks. SEMI did pretty good tho with the Boxing Day storm (5-8"). So if we can turn a corner at the right time, maybe this month follows course. Map of snow coverage after the 2 storms:
  12. 2007-08 was 92.6" in Spokane and the 3rd snowiest season on record. would take again
  13. Considering how crappy things have gone lately, I wouldn't be opposed for another 07/08 winter redux. Bring it on.
  14. Wasn't here then, but Leavenworth had 66 inches of snow. In December. 128 for the winter.
  15. Almost. Rain mixed with snow that never stuck after many attempts. Then I vomited for two weeks straight. Then I went on a cruise. Then came home. Then nothing much happened. Then it snowed. Then I met my wife!
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  17. UofO had a few inches of snow in late Jan 2008. I remember being up all night for that one.
  18. I actually did pretty well in Jan 2008. Had a nice snowfall of at least 8 inches that lasted for a few days. Also had another event that dropped about an inch and a half in very quick fashion. That last one though was the first and only time I've ever experienced thundersnow. It was pretty sweet. I was living at elevation though at the time (750').
  19. Anyone says 07-08 as an analog again should be BANNED.
  20. Let me get this straight. What you remember in 2008 is you got sick, vomited, then met your wife. In that order.
  21. I have some not so good memories about 07/08…Mainly December and January and not all weather related. I just hope if we do have a repeat that it works out better for Northern Snohomish Co then that one did. So many mornings I woke up, looked out the window and was extremely disappointed. I don’t think we ever saw sticking snow that month. Anyway I mainly use the vomit reaction on here when 07/08 is mentioned for my nearly two weeks straight of vomiting with the Norwalk virus in January of 2008. However April 2008 it snowed a lot and I met my now wife so it definitely got better that year…and it carried into the following winter of course!
  22. Yeah... it would take much to get a couple big events in the lowlands with a repeat. Not even large scale pattern tweaks... just minor details at the local level.
  23. It’s amazing how deep the 2007-08 PTSD runs for us lowland losers. So many near-misses and pattern structures that could have just as easily tipped the other way. A repeat would tip the odds in our favor more than probably 80% of the winters this century. Pretty good odds in my book.
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