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  2. Oh.. and a storm like this in the winter time? it would usher in some arctic air and some snow from those popcorn clouds once the front passes. But now? We're just gonna have to deal with the 50s.
  3. These are an absolutely amazing shot. Got chills looking at them because they're so D**n beautiful. Wow! Thank you for sharing.
  4. Storm update: How are we doing out there? WV imagery She's still spinning and pumping. I love seeing those popcorn clouds on IR so a ton of instability. Should make for a very active Monday and windy as well. Too bad it's a little bit far north to get everyone involved.
  5. Going through a bit of a lull right now but radar is filling in nicely again. Up to 0.33" for the day.
  6. Very windy! Power just dropped for a few seconds again. And since my program list is taking forever to reboot again I guess it’s bed time.
  7. Anybody wish the Song of Storms were in Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild as homage to Ocarina of Time? This would allow you to briefly make it rain at will (perhaps at ANY location on the map you wish for it too). Rain in BOTW even though you cannot climb very well has a lot of positive side effects: For one you can sneak up on enemy camps without being detected and not waste elixers nor use specially equipped stealth clothes. You can literally just about hug a Bokoblin when it's raining and they will fail to sound the warning horn. Also more rare lizards and frogs come out of the ground and it's fun watching the puddles form then evaporate like magic when the sun comes back out. The only thing they should improve is having storms form in a distance and watch it come in where it rains in other parts of the map but not yours. If your in the desert areas you should be allowed to see cumulonimbus clouds pile over Hyrule and see from a distance the storms over there and perhaps have the sun be dimmed time to time. Plus have the desert winds be stronger.
  8. 63F high today with 0.5" of rain and wind currently gusting into the low 30s. I had a chance to get up into the Glacier Peak Wilderness over this weekend and the fall colors were unbelievable! Glad to have gotten up there before the storms moved in.
  9. I sometimes wish the SOS (Song of Storms) were somehow in Breath of the Wild where you can make it rain at will, then certain critters come out of the ground such as hot footed frogs or rare lizards that fetch a higher price tag. Of course you can always buy them from a merchant but only in short supplies. Plus finding them yourself has a higher reward feeling.
  10. I was just sick of people praising the GFS's bad track record so I had to make a topic about it. Every fall the same stupid show happens and we all wind up disappointed at least those of us who play into the game. I know better then to believe it will snow at 37F down to 500ft if there isn't any cold air to actually work with.
  11. I'm sorry but I was sick and tired of all those OMG posts about a day 10 map. It's NOT A LOCK it's a fantasy forecast to get excited at 10 days. It's okay to make a brief mention but when you know it's a bad track record..........
  12. Today
  13. 66/50 today with 0.21 in the bucket. Rain held off for quite a while but fell hard once it started.
  14. GFS going for a high of 51 on Wednesday. I would have to see that to believe it!
  15. Not a single drop of rain down here in Mexico despite a categorical "rain" forecast by the NWS. Still a balmy 67º after a high of 77º. No rug-pull or bust comments from me, though, until at least tomorrow morning.
  16. Chicago Bears only 47 yards of offense? LMAO. Wow. A middle school team could do better. 12z ECMWF in 12 hours 4 minutes
  17. What's sad is that article has Pete's statements on what they did with blitzing and what not, they didn't do any of that. They got Adams dropping to coverage 99% of the time and giving yards away at the line. Just atrocious blatant lying by Pete, they aren't even trying.
  18. Haven't double checked some of these stats but if they're true this is really bad. Over the past two games the Hawks defense has... Produced 4 punts out of 20 drives by the opposing team The other posessions included 6 TDs, 7 FGs, 2 turnovers, and a missed FG which means 13 out of 20 drives have lead to a score 5 passes defensed over the past 116 throws, only 1 pass defensed today Back to back 100+ yard rushing games Atrocious. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2021/9/26/22695493/fire-ken-norton-jr-seattle-seahawks-defensive-coordinator
  19. Surprisingly up to 1.25” today in nw Seattle. We are remodeling our house in Seattle for the next 8 months so are temporarily living in northeast Renton where we only saw .34” so far today.
  20. Sounds like Richard Sherman might be a possibility again…
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