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  2. Have to wait until 3:53 p.m. update which is considered top of the hour for some reason. The inter-hour observations can be off due to rounding and might not represent actual high for the day. Although many times the high temp is higher than all of the hourly observations for the day. No idea why.
  3. I’m seeing it on this site. Is this an automated conversion from celsius and we need to wait for a confirmation of some kind? This would be number 10 if it’s official.
  4. A triple dip? That is rare, but we’re likely facing an extremely rare 4th year La Niña!
  5. Might be a rounding error still. They should reach it though since they were 1 degree warmer than yesterday at the 2:53 hourly measurement. SEA’s all time record for 90+ degree days is 12 and today would be their tenth this Summer I believe.
  6. Manchin is probably against it, and it will SURGE the inflation even more.
  7. I was also called “Chinese” by a different black student in my high school. Even thought that they have strongly considered implementing a policy against racial and hate slurs, if a school teacher/admin hears a hate word (The R-word, for example) and/or a racial slur (The N-word), that student (after a certain number of warnings) will be indefinitely suspended until they bring proof that they completed a sensitivity course. This is proof that hate speech and racial slurs do not discriminate.
  8. High clouds and lowering heights with the approaching cutoff low are definitely impacting things today. As evidenced by how much warmer it is up north.
  9. High clouds moved in here down south. Might cap things out today here.
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  11. Same my friends and family don’t appreciate the photos I like to take
  12. on the bright side...the days will be 30 minutes shorter when the next heatwave hits. And more than an hour shorter than July 26th when the last heatwave started.
  13. Looks like I’m off the wagon as well. My wife won’t even look at my pictures of clouds, so looks like I’ll have to continue to post them here.
  14. San Bernardino Mountains and San Jacinto Mountains from Perris this afternoon.
  15. Yeah I was up until around 11:00pm last night watching the storms to the north over Omaha, and I pretty much gave up all hope as we didn’t even get a sprinkle with the first batch. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with a quarter inch of rain in the gauge this morning.
  16. Okay, fine. I forgot I made an account in Dec 2021 during the snow, but have been otherwise been lurking since then. Pretty sure I was tipsy when I registered because I regret having this very generic username. As for weather forum drama - nothing will top the Fox 12 Portland FB group (now Portland Weather Uncensored) in terms of harassment, bickery, and unpleasantness. Anyway, I've been following the weather here and there (generally the cold season) for years and am excited for the potential for tstorms in the coming days!
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