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  2. Awesome photos! I know the kids have been going a while but our adult soccer league is finally going to get back out there in a couple of weeks. Very excited to be playing again, but not at all excited for the potential injury rate on a league who's average age is probably in the mid-late 40's. Currently 51, and we have picked up .12" today. Just saw that Bellingham is almost 3" below average so far this year. My yard is finally starting to show the effect, hopefully this little bit of rain will help it out.
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  4. Definitely rained here earlier. Ground is dry again however.
  5. A touch humid, dark skies, and a bit of wind. I love it.
  6. Up to .09” on the day. Currently partly cloudy, windy, and clouds moving quite rapidly!
  7. Still no measurable rain, but the forecast was 72 and only managed 63 was nice. Some nice looking asperatus clouds this evening with some breezy winds.
  8. Excellent observation! In addition... there was semi truck parked on the side of the freeway that is no longer there. I hope they escaped in time before the storm hit.
  9. Pretty big change in the weather here in the last few hours since 2 p.m...
  10. Most of the models are showing decent showers moving up from the south through eastern Iowa tomorrow. Hopefully the dry areas can pick up some beneficial amounts.
  11. Sparky, where are you in Southeast Iowa?  My home is 6 miles  wsw of Ottumwa just south of hwy 34. I also own a farm, shop and home just east of Ottumwa  city  not far from hospital.  I track the albia, Ottumwa,  Batavia  eldon   weather very closely  via friend and farms I hunt on and  our 130 customers  throughout  this area.  Ive studied se iowa climate  in depth.  

  12. Rain and wind moving in now! It’s been a while for some much needed precip around here. I’m slightly disappointed that I may have to skip my workout today, but 🌧 is needed!
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