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  2. I thought the idea of god was omnipotence. Would require an ice age.
  3. This one has been more consistently cool here at least. It’s just the coolest months that winter were the heart of winter. But that November was pretty warm here, and so was March, with February just slightly below average.
  4. Our climate would somehow turn into that of that really snowy place in Alaska.
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  6. Seeing that legitimate ridging possibility again.
  7. I overheard the mailman talking to a neighbor and he mentioned how he can’t get enough of this weather. God is everywhere.
  8. I’m cool with rain in Summer as long as it’s from thunderstorms, I’m sure most can agree.
  9. Some 2016-2017 vibes this winter with the consistent cold. Much better January that year though
  10. Can’t believe we had accumulating snow today. Not quite an inch and it’s mostly already melted, but it ensures we will enter tomorrow with snow cover, we scored yet another freeze, and had our 14th day with measurable snow this month, breaking the March record from 2012. Also the 40/32 spread today all but locks up our coldest all time March. Really incredible. #2 coldest November, 4th coldest February, and coldest March.
  11. 63/41 on the day. Hard to believe it snowed just a few days ago and will probably snow again in a few days.
  12. "The Government" You only want BB guns, but you sound like someone who has a few rocket launchers stashed away in his basement waiting for this man to show up to take your family and turn them into Black Panthers:
  13. More like if the government wants to imprison you for speaking against them in a totalitarian regime or police state, it's much easier for them to do if you have nothing to defend yourself with.
  14. Abducting families door to door? I think you give that melon far too much credit!
  15. 925 mbar temperatures over metro Vancouver drop to -3˚C on Monday morning on the 12Z Euro. And it models moisture falling at that time. Definitely a lowland snow event if it verifies.
  16. Earlier today the near 60 degree sun angle was still not enough to avoid the shadow of the next door skyscraper. This evening however the sunshine hit the north facing wall that it fails to hit for six months of the year. Beautiful bedroom window view, isn't it?
  17. I would guess those maps are from the middle of December and not April.
  18. Hmmm…. Will believe it when I see it. Still, the “no sticking snow IMBY on or after March 1st” jinx has to end sometime, right? Right? (And yes: I know that there won’t be nearly this much accumulating, even if the Euro does verify. Some of this is phantom snow, and a lot of what isn’t would melt as it hit the ground.)
  19. That is why I enjoyed January even though you cold fans wanted to claim every cold season month. Since the middle of June last year it has been almost impossible to get a warm and wet pattern. It feels like that is a pretty important part of our environment. Having below freezing weather all winter is great for cold stats if that is your thing but after last summer's endless heat and drought I was hoping for a wetter winter. Feels like everything is out of balance. No spring last year... then right into ridiculous heat and drought... then right into winter cold... and now spring is behaving badly again. A very unfriendly year for the trees and its starting show even in my area.
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