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  2. The snowfall rates come in waves and at times it was falling close to 1/4 mile viz….gorgeous scenery out there …winter wonderland for sure. I saw people walking their dogs and enjoying the weather. IMG_2649.MOV IMG_2651.MOV
  3. Down to 31. Winds are picking up here but the Columbia Basin to my west looks to get the highest wind speeds today. Son decided he'd rather play Plants vs Zombies. We're going to the Palouse tomorrow so it will be interesting to see PUW's high tomorrow.
  4. A winter storm warning was just issued for the Michigan side of the lake. …WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM EST SUNDAY… * WHAT…Heavy snow. Snow accumulations of 5 to 8 inches. * WHERE…Portions of central, south central, southwest and west central Michigan. Newaygo-Mecosta-Isabella-Muskegon-Montcalm-Gratiot-Ottawa-Kent- Ionia- * WHEN…Until 10 AM EST Sunday. * IMPACTS…Travel could be very difficult. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Inch per hour snowfall rates are possible for a time tonight.
  5. (Sorry rob) but the only team I hope loses on Sunday is the chiefs. I’m really rooting for the bengals to win it all. I wouldn’t mind seeing SF or Philly win though. Kansas City is basically the new patriots dynasty. I liked them a lot when they won the 2019 season but they’re just always good and I like to see diffrent teams win. They already won their Super Bowl a couple years ago. Let someone else win one!
  6. Really hoping we avoid the chiefs or eagles in the big game.
  7. 43 here after a low of 40. Shouldn’t be more than very slightly interesting the next couple days…but that’s about it. Some sub 40 highs atleast. No snow and not really all that cold. Hopefully mid February-early March can actually deliver something but right now I’m not thinking so.
  8. Eagles defense is just about the same, less hoopla is all. And, of course, we hear more about the Niners being on the west coast. That's a very good roster top to bottom over there in Philly.
  9. SF defense is just so good. Hurts is going to have to run a lot for them to win IMO. But I still think the Eagles come out on top.
  10. Very light snow just started here. At the current time there is 3" of snow on the ground here in my yard.
  11. Hey Tim. What's your thoughts for tomorrow's games? I'm hoping it's Eagles/Bengals personally.
  12. Maybe it could be... but that one frame looks better than it does if you run the loop or look at 850mb temps.
  13. So in reality, it doesn’t look decent at all.
  14. Not really the issue... its a progressive patten either way.
  15. Plenty of time for that cutoff low to not be there.
  16. Yeah I’ve seen that showing up in some of the operational runs. It’s just a fairly cool trough, but maybe something that could cause some low snow levels in specific cases like we saw last week.
  17. 12z ECMWF looks decent at the end... but there is not much cold air to work with at that time and its a progressive pattern.
  18. This was my house when I left an hour ago…We got socked in but that should be changing rapidly!
  19. Here is Bellingham looking south towards your area.
  20. LOT upgraded Northern counties to warnings…
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