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  2. Much cooler than expected today, only 86 so far for a high at SLE and it looks like they are currently down to 84. Don't worry, an 86/69 spread should still clinch the warmest July of all-time!
  3. Yes, though that is 200mb velocity potential not U-wind anomaly. But dateline subsidence is typical during La Niña (esp central/west based) and Indian Ocean MJO transits.
  4. Air quality ls over 300 but Watershed is still fun. Photos are from yesterday pre smoke
  5. Mostly cloudy and 66°F. Something tells me today’s original forecast for highs in the mid-80’s is going to bust.
  6. Which City has a better climate? The avg highs for both cities are very similar in the summer, but other than that they're quite different from each other obviously.
  7. A couple of thunderstorms rolling through right now and cooler air pushing in. I will likely finish below normal on precip for the month but it's gonna be close
  8. Gonna finish July at about 60% of normal precip. My year to date precip is about 50% of normal. Meanwhile, the same areas south of me that aren't even in a drought got multiple rounds of thunderstorms over the past week. Yay for them I guess.
  9. I get that living here can make me privileged. But I didn’t choose to grow up here right on the water, and if circumstances allowed, I would move to a place I prefer. I can indeed drive up the road to where it’s warmer (and I do), but the fact remains that my home is a mile from the Pacific and almost completely insulated from extremes. At heart I’m a humidity-loving jungle rat, so if I had the wherewithal I’d probably settle in the tropics or at least some place seasonally hot and humid. For now, I have to settle for those fleeting moments when I feel like I’ve stepped through a portal and ended up in Miami.
  10. 78 in North Bend... looks like a little more sun is filtering in out there.
  11. 99F here inland in the Temecula Valley. Lot of activity over the mountains to our east since around 11 AM. Unfortunately KSOX and KNKX radars both appear to be offline at the moment.
  12. ended up with 1.75". 2.91 at the DSM. Suddenly July at DSM saw 5.86". Normal is 3.82" so 150% above normal.
  13. from the comments ( I knew this but someone writes better than I can)- about landing on freeways--- interstate system was designed for that purpose- has to be long enough section every so far distance to land military planes (at the time) -- This is still standard procedure in Sweden. And for those who actually remembered their US history, these types of operations were used by the Germans in 1944-45. When General Eisenhower saw how the road system the Germans had built, he decided to do the same for the US when he was President, the interstate freeways. They were originally built to be able to rapidly move military items including operating airplanes on some of the long straight stretches in case of invasion. The U.S. Federal Interstate system was specifically DESIGNED to use as runways in the event of war or other major disaster. The requirement was that ONE mile of every 5 was supposed to be straight enough to use as a runway, without overpasses or power lines. Over the years there may have been some compromises made, but then the system was proposed and laid out, those were the original requirements.
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  15. Chilly day!! Only up to 64 so far with occasional sprinkles.
  16. I’m sure victims everywhere of floods, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms and blizzards are deeply sympathetic to your plight. After all, they may have lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones, but you — in your highly privileged location with a microclimate you can escape at any time simply by going up the street a ways — are forced to endure two straight summers of weather that may be falling a degree or two short of the kind of perfection most people can only dream of experiencing in their lifetimes even for a moment. To truly grasp that kind of agony simply defies the imagination. #thoughtsandprayers #perspective
  17. Up here too. Ocean cools down, nighttime temps respond first. Last year’s Bummer Summer had some nights dipping well into the 50s.
  18. Currently 65F and full cloud deck. Even a few errant drops of precip at times, but only one's and twos. No actual showers or rain.
  19. And no clear indication of a follow up ridge on the 500mb level progs.
  20. For those who think extreme summer dryness is something new for the NW...think again. For the Puget Sound Lowlands out of the 10 driest Julys all but 2 were from 1960 or earlier. As I've been saying overall dry conditions used to be more common, due to more influence from the Pacific High. Here are the top 10 dry Julys for the Puget Sound Lowlands. 1. 1922 = 0.00" 2. 1958 = 0.01 3. 1960 = 0.01 4. 2013 = 0.03 5. 1896 = 0.04 6. 1930 = 0.05 7. 2017 = 0.05 8. 1914 = 0.06 9. 1926 = 0.06 10. 1910 = 0.12
  21. San Diego low temps are cooling off rapidly in the last several days.
  22. It's been 47 days IMBY without measurable rain. Up until today there hadn't even been a trace since June 14.
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