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  2. Yeah so that next time high winds on a holiday weekend happens, the whole PNW spontaneously combusts.
  3. Yeah pretty much the same story as last April this year...first 2/3rds very dry then a wet pattern. Only difference this year was the warm spell was more significant...and March was drier than last year. I personally think by this time next month our drought concerns won’t be nearly as bad. First half of may will probably be decently wet too if I was betting.
  4. 65 here currently...should hit the low 70s again 6th 70+ day in a row. Wonder if we will do it tomorrow too.
  5. Models agree on a big warmup early next week. The latest Euro has Iowa reaching 80+º Tuesday. Unfortunately, models are also in fair agreement that a trough will move in later in the week and stick around for a while.
  6. I want to see a late July 2009 redux except a touch hotter!!
  7. Also... the 12Z ECMWF shows a couple pretty nice days on Tuesday and Wednesday but then lots more rain on Thursday and that is the 29th so still in time to get closer to normal for April.
  8. The bottom map is much drier for the PNW, which I'm sure you noticed. If that verifies we might get to 1/3rd of average rainfall this month.
  9. North-central CA might be in worse shape than SoCal so this is absolutely welcome.
  10. This will still go down as a notably dry "start to spring" which is very much a category in the NWS. If this next Sunday/Monday rain wasn't in the picture here, could be a top 5 driest April in southern Oregon.
  11. 12Z ECMWF spreads the wealth much better than the 12Z run yesterday. 12Z run yesterday on top and new 12Z run on the bottom... through Tuesday morning. The bottom map is much better.
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  13. Snowing in midday on 4/20. Wow. P.S. Thank God for Adair County....lol.
  14. Moderate rain here! I thought the moisture was supposed to taper down at this point according to a previous AFD.
  15. 12Z ECMWF shows rain down to southern California by Monday morning. Nice improvement compared to the last couple runs.
  16. 12Z ECMWF shows a rainy Saturday... but there might be some decent weather on Sunday up here with the focus of the rain down south where its really needed.
  17. Sure... its been quite nice as Jim has pointed out many times. Back to normal now. Lots of rain and a shocking lack of frosty nights!
  18. Cool. The length of the current dry stretch also exceeds the current month and includes a regionally dry March and later February as well for places further south. It's been significant.
  19. Going to make a good run at normal. It won't be even close to a record dry month based on what is coming over the next 10 days.
  20. Sure hope so... its really nice when we get lots of rain in relatively short periods and then have nice stretches of dry weather.
  21. Most places would need a few inches of rain to even sniff average at this point. Vaguely possible but not likely. GFS is nowhere close, Euro is better.
  22. The nice thing about the upcoming water falling from the sky is that once it’s done we’ll be due for another 30 dry days. Can’t wait!
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