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  2. Bigger picture (tough for some I realize) is that this warm and dry April dovetails pretty well with the trend toward our dependably warm and dry season getting earlier in recent years, and encroaching into the latter half of spring more often that not
  3. Seems like only one person here has not accepted that the climate is warming. Constantly expressing shock and awe over temperatures at an airport in Portland like every day is a brand new revelation that the climate is warming.
  4. As if you aren’t constantly pushing a narrative here yourself
  5. Warming and drying late springs/early onset to summer are part of that story. Cherry picked rainfall stats from SEA don’t change that.
  6. That is factually accurate. Doesn't fit some narratives, though.
  7. I'm suggesting the death of spring in the PNW may be slightly exaggerated. The death of traditionally temperate summers? That's a real story.
  8. Yep, already a few degrees warmer than yesterday's bone chiller as the wretched inversion weakens ahead of the storm.
  9. Good point... this April is definitely a little different than recent years which have often been wet.
  10. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/TextProduct?product=afdpdt Hmmm. 2% chance of a tornado over here. Sounds legit.
  11. Almost nonstop steady rain since like 6:45AM. Heavy now
  12. As usual, wtf is your point? That not every year has completely record breaking heat and drought? Solid proof the climate isn’t warming
  13. It’s semantics, so definitely up your alley, but generally dry, warm, summer like conditions certainly started in April in 2018 and 2019. Very warm Mays both those years and near to above normal Junes. A few rainy downturns later in May or June didn’t do a whole to dampen the summer vibez (unless you’re Dewey ) 2017 was a decent late Spring but we paid for it with drought and fire later on. Same with 2020, averagish May and June so it was of course answered with late summer hellstorms. Point is we can never win.
  14. SEA had wetter than average Aprils in 2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, and 2017. Three wetter than average Mays in that period.
  15. I would say 2020, 2019, 2018, and most definitely 2017 summer also did not start in April.
  16. Foothill Ranch had a high of 81 F on Thursday compared to 57 F yesterday. A little cooler as the morning forecast discussion said it would be. What would be a lot cooler? 32 F?
  17. Today
  18. CFS shows our coolest august in over a decade coming up…
  19. I hate it too, but we have to accept once we get past march it’s just not going to rain again until October or November.
  20. Summer still started in April last year, just later in the month. The only recent year that decidedly hasn’t been the case was 2022, but we more than payed for that coolish mid-April to mid-June, with summer stretching into mid October.
  21. 12Z ECMWF is more ridgy next week than the GFS. Also shows every day through next weekend being mostly sunny for the Seattle area except for Monday. Then brings a trough inland by 10 day with rain one week from Tuesday.
  22. Just incredible. To put it in perspective, I was in my LATE FORTIES the last time PDX managed a cooler than average April.
  23. High of 82 today. Partly cloudy, 20% chance rain. Tomorrow the same except 85*. It’s that time of year in Texas. Back into high 70’s for a week. 20% chance of rain. I love May.
  24. Hope can soothe the soul, but it can also be a dangerous thing , Andrew.
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