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  2. Gotcha. Just goes to show you that you can't be mesmerized by the pretty or un-pretty colors.
  3. We were in about the same spot in 2018 and 19 at this time of year too. Ended up alright though.
  4. Through Day 9 the warmest Hudson Bay gets is the southern half of the Bay to 0 to 5 degrees. -10 to -35 F on average.
  5. Still can't believe you have had only 0.5" of snow. I'm at 1 3/4", and it has been 3 events. We need from now to March to be amazing.
  6. GFS/CMC continues (at least 4th run in a row of GFS) of a system middle of next week somewhere in the MO,IA region.
  7. Like previous GFS runs, the 00z Canadian digs the northern stream trough farther south into the US, which will suppress anything following wave 1.
  8. Canadian significantly different this run. Still has the solid wave one. But not really a wave 2
  9. Now that everyone got it out of their system... we good? We coo?
  10. IF that plays out PDX would be in for a major surprise with temps just cold enough.
  11. Hoping that AKV migrates to the Bering Sea instead of sitting right over the state.
  12. Lows either go too far north or go south and never come ashore. Can't win. Things can change though :).
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