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  2. So true wrt 11-12! Old school logic had me questioning that in my gut when I saw those outlooks. Chicago had four straight 50"+ seasons which had NEVER happened (I share their zone) so that right there was a red flag on the snowy outlooks, not to mention simple odds were beyond long for a 5th. Ofc the snow-monger in me wrestled with my winter spidey sense hoping to win. Autumn 2011 was polar opposite tho. Mostly warmth with occasional chill or random snow. I give this year much better chance of coming through for us. Main question is longevity imho
  3. It was truly a Winter to remember! I was getting snowstorm after snowstorm every other day and breaking all sorts of records. I think Jaster approached 100" or so, meanwhile, I received 95" give or take.
  4. Wow, you guys out west are on a roll here w snow and ice........"Cheers to a great Winter season."
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  6. I award you with the most sensible post award. I don't want it to turn out this way but the way everyone seems so giddy about the current enso state and analogs for a cold and snowy winter reminds me of 2011-12. Everything was supposedly lined up perfect that year....and the result was utterly terrible.
  7. More snow and frz rain is developing. My WWA has been extended until 7 am.
  8. I think it was mainly snow at my house. I was going through my security footage this morning (we are having problems with car prowlers) and for the most part it appears to be snow (there was definitely sleet at times).
  9. Impressive, but she couldn't even be bothered to go outside to take the pic?
  10. My mom sent me this pic from my parents place in the high desert of New Mexico.
  11. Overcast and 44˚F here. Correction: not quite overcast; there are a few patches of blue on the horizon.
  12. Officially 1.6” of snow reported at Eppley Airfield, with heavier totals of 2 to 3 inches of snow common across western sections of the metro (where I live). Also, the record low for Omaha of 20 degrees was set this morning, so this one will go in the record books... with a good chance of setting another record low tomorrow morning.
  13. Wait a minute!!! Apparently we did win!!!! 6-0 baby!
  14. Came home to less snow than I expected when I left work. 10 miles can make a big difference. Still a solid inch and a nice way to end Oct.
  15. Same here man. I honestly hope it is like this till the snows come.
  16. I heard that OKC had its earliest Ice Storm Warning in history...pretty incredible
  17. Next few days are looking pretty dry...system on Friday doesn’t look like it’ll be much...even up north where I’ll be.
  18. Still 48 here...hopefully we can manage another low in the mid 30s tomorrow morning as well. Don’t think we will get a freeze out of this cold snap but we still had some decently cold weather for this time of year the last few days.
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