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  2. We were lucky last night as the severe storms were to our west and south. Here in Grand Rapids the official H/L yesterday was 85/66 there was 1.90” of rainfall the peak wind gust was 39 MPH that came in the storms late Sunday into early Monday. For today the average H/L is 83/63 the record high of 97 was in 2012 the coldest high was 71 in 2014. The record low of 42 was in 1945, the warmest low of 76 was in 1931. The record rainfall of 1.47” was in 1988. A moderate thunderstorm rolled thur here last night, I had 0.30” of rainfall. The overnight low here was 67 the current temperature is 69 with mostly clear skies.
  3. Hilarious stuff right here... you agree Jim?
  4. It’s important to distinguish between very large corporations and midsized companies owned by families or a small partnership. Small companies that employ under 100 employees are the backbone of many communities. I know. I built one, still operating today. They not only employ but provide healthcare and their kids go on to college. One of my proudest days was when a 20 yr old employee pulled up in a used car he’d bought with his earnings and he could go to community college. You’d think he bought a Rolls Royce. I knew that day I was doing the right thing. Rural communities, for example, are full of companies like that. Some of the large manufacturers are problematic as the employee becomes lost as an individual. That’s the old “robber baron” model and many Americans are tired of it and should be. Employees need to be valued. Without them the company board of directors may as well lock up and go home. Small companies that value their employees in these towns are invaluable. I’ve seen the benefit in kids able to go on to college and in turn come home to continue to build up their community. I was part of it.
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  6. The north Cascades are underratedly rowdy. Thunderstorms year round, with convective bands streaming in amidst postfrontal airmasses during the wet season, and sfc moisture injection above the marine layer during the Summer. Some of those storms this time of year can get pretty gnarly. Due to absolutely no population most of the strong storms go unobserved, and unwarned. But if I had to guess, if Washington state's hail size record isn't in eastern WA, it's probably up there, from some random pop up thunderstorm from whenever that passed over no one, and had all its big hailstones melt before a record could take place.
  7. Usually yes, but not this year. Ridging and westerly flow have reduced convection significantly. I had my first severe thunderstorm of the season just yesterday. No thunderstorms at all in June. Very quiet, inactive pattern overall (as is generally the case in hot/ridgy summers).
  8. Meanwhile we have to fight to cool below 80° at night. On the struggle bus again tonight.
  9. Amazingly SEA officially hit 80 with that late run picking up 2 degrees on the high after 5 p.m. The streak lives on.
  10. Looks like Eastside Tacoma is usually the warmest area of Tacoma in the summer
  11. I can remember three in my life. One time in Alabama, another time in Florida, and then I was in Chelan when one happened there.
  12. Funny thing is that America was built on the backs of workers while others got rich. It’s in America’s DNA and it’s basic human nature unfortunately. That’s why capitalism works in the first place. The rich continue to get richer thanks to Trumps corporate tax cuts. Nothing more American than that! Our country is broke. Raise taxes (on Uber rich and corporations), but more importantly cut spending.
  13. They're fun, dime a dozen on the east coast too. I miss it
  14. I was actually in a tornado warning in Virginia once when visiting my grandparents. Luckily I think it either missed or didn’t touch down. The amount of lightning was incredible! Oh I was also in MD when they had that incredible derecho in the early 2010s. I slept through the whole thing
  15. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/3082224/trump-im-not-supposed-to-be-here/
  16. Just barely touched 80F here. 79.5F. It’s sort of interesting that we get almost the same amount of cooling from a marine push but we usually don’t get any of the clouds that the sound gets.
  17. I've been in two severe warned thunderstorms in my entire life. The most recent of the two I saw in Texas last August; it was one of the most incredible sights I've ever laid eyes on.
  18. For anyone wondering why the heat advisory is where it is, it's where the heat risk map is listed at major for tomorrow. High moderate is fine for a heat advisory if it's multiple days, but not one.
  19. End of heat until end of July/ early August if long range eps is to be believed.
  20. Bloated: Moving to Seattle to avoid the cold and snow because you resent it after having to deal with it for years. Goated: Moving even further north into Canada in a metitative act of psychosis; your ego dissolving and becoming one with the ice.
  21. Literally don't see a reason why he wouldn't try to do that after what he nearly pulled last election. He was one JD Vance away from completely demolishing one of the main pillars of America. He will have even less to lose and more to gain this time around.
  22. I am grown up, MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deal with it.
  23. Could be that he changed but much more likely that he is spineless and is just hungry for power.
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