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  1. Mexico City experienced earthquake lights during its recent 7.0 quake. https://youtu.be/7UR-qVzo0-8 The city has been coping with many aftershocks keeping everyone on edge.
  2. Yeah, but even with mountain and cooler temps. You can’t beat our culture, people, everything we offer. We’re just unique.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/09/07/americas/mexico-earthquake/index.html located near Acapulco depth 7 miles. Damage considered mild.
  4. Tom. My husband is from Tucson and we love to wander around Northern Az. He’s tried to talk me into moving to Flagstaff but I can’t give up my Texas. I told him I’d be glad to go on an extended vacation but my feet are planted in Texas up to my knees. I've been to the So rim but I very much want to go to the north rim.
  5. You did say it would swing though. so, it didn’t surprise me and you didn’t totally miss. Texas has been confounding Mets for decades!
  6. I’m seeing Texas temps begin to vary and roller coaster between 93 and 98 week to week in Sept. This is typical Texas seasonal change in September and very encouraging that we’ll have a more normal Fall. I still expect a polar vortex dive in late January or February like last year. I’m preparing for it now. We don’t trust Texas power grid yet. the article I posted in Climate recently may explain it better. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/national-international/changing-climate/study-warmer-arctic-led-to-killer-cold-in-texas-much-of-us/2733607/
  7. Woo! 78* and a very nice rain! Makes you want to run nek-ked out in the back yard! But I don’t want to scare the golfers!
  8. La. has had years like this if memory serves me. It’s really hard as many will loose everything if they haven’t already. Compounded with a pandemic and it’s just mind dumbing.
  9. I can tell Fall is descending on the US. The hummingbirds have returned from their summer nesting areas up north. They’re on their way to the mountains in Mexico and Central America. More heat here, 98*, until Monday when we drop to 93*. Not cool but hey, it’s all relative.
  10. Well, by comparison they’re better but things have been changing. Polar Vortex has found our address and I think this winter will match the last one. I’m preparing for a potential outage. There’s no way they could have fixed their issues in less than a year. Keep your eyes on the southern plains after the first of the year. Could be a repeat.
  11. This is when it gets hard. Cool up north and sizzling down here. However, usually our winters aren’t so bad. But I think this one we’ll see a very different picture. See the recent post in the Climate Forum. Nice article on the effects of a warmer arctic on the bitter cold in the lower 48.
  12. We had a 105* heat index yesterday. Somebody throw me an autumn weather bone!
  13. Very interesting paper is out on the rapidly changing arctic and the polar vortex. The plunge of polar air into the center of the nation last year triggering the deep freeze in Texas and loss of power is directly related to the Arctic changes. Very interesting paper. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/national-international/changing-climate/study-warmer-arctic-led-to-killer-cold-in-texas-much-of-us/2733607/
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