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  1. High of 82 today. Partly cloudy, 20% chance rain. Tomorrow the same except 85*. It’s that time of year in Texas. Back into high 70’s for a week. 20% chance of rain. I love May.
  2. This pretty much sums it up. Ready or not….
  3. Wall to wall TV coverage then. They deserved every snarky joke.
  4. This used to be our idea of a crisis on the border. I do miss the old days.
  5. Answered this elsewhere, but not really. We had high thin clouds and they worked as a filter. I could actually see well for about 20 seconds without the glasses. But I didn’t take chances. They went back on fast. I could see the corona flares which were the highlight for me.
  6. A little but they were so thin they actually served as a filter!
  7. https://gizmodo.com/move-over-eclipse-a-new-celestial-wonder-is-set-to-tak-1851399742
  8. They’re lawyered up. No worries.
  9. The San Andreas Fault may be gearing up for a quake in So. California. Quakes usually occur about every 26 yrs and we’re approaching that anniversary. https://www.livescience.com/planet-earth/earthquakes/part-of-the-san-andreas-fault-may-be-gearing-up-for-an-earthquake
  10. That union is very strong. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  11. Rainy and in the 60’s today. I’m going to enjoy it as the warm up is not far away. ️
  12. Oh they’re holding their own, particularly in DC and teachers unions.
  13. NPR seems to hold its own. Massive audience. Its sister station, PBS, is a mainstay in my house. As I’ve grown older I just don’t have time to dedicate to a lot of news programming and I get tired of the same old talking heads. (And listening to elected officials is just clown time.)
  14. IDK. Suburban parents are not fond of far left policies. Mom and Dads still want to send their kids to balanced school programs, without a political agenda. Private schools are popular today for this reason. I'm all for choice in education. I wish I had gone to a better high school regardless of its background. I wanted to be better prepared.
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