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  1. Exactly, an extraordinary summer for most of us all the way to the Gulf. I’m ready for the chill in the air.
  2. Low of 59 in the morning. Awesome! High should max out at 84. Now that’s more like it.
  3. This thing is slowing down. What a super-soaker! Recovery will be so hard on everyone. Great or small. It’ll be heavy lift. It’s not their first rodeo. They’ve got this.
  4. I did complain but I was born here. Lived here my entire life and will stay here. Complaining is a right of natives. Coming here for the taxes and complains about the heat and our drawl is just not right. I never complained about prices when I visited California. I knew it would be higher than home. I know the love their home state. I loved my visit. They should stay and fight and vote the offenders out. Be the change.
  5. Can you imagine southern Florida with no a/c?! I experienced it as a kid but ehh! I was a kid! Talk about miserable.
  6. Predictable. Any shortfall will be blown up. But that storm is in the top 4-5 In the Gulf. Recovery will take time and materials shipped into the state. Will they be slow walked?
  7. Storm surge on this baby should be eye popping! Another worry is the cost in wildlife and habitat.
  8. I think you may be right. Or he’ll be put into a “nursing home” due to his poor health. The real problem is I’ve read the likely successor is a hard liner and makes Putin look tame. Hope they’re wrong.
  9. I’m posting this here because the likely bombing of the pipeline is to add leverage against Germany by Russia with Winter on the way. They probably bombed the pipeline themselves. Don’t mess with us or plot against us. This is the largest natural gas rupture in the sea in history. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/27/russia-sabotage-suspected-after-leaks-found-on-nord-stream-pipelines.html This checks ALL the boxes Political, Environmental, Economic, War, Peace, Climate if it goes not stopped (perhaps, certainly the ocean is quite impacted!)
  10. It’s okay. Keep spreading the word. Native Texans are sick of Californians (and others) coming here and complaining, driving like they’re at Indy and more important, not exercising a bit of manners, the list is long. It’s okay. Lord willing they’ll go back to their glorious economy and golden state! . I’m praying for another hot humid summer. I can take the heat. Can they?
  11. Heard a report this morning that they’re worried about the storm surge flooding and storm could hit Cat 4. Tampa is in the crosshairs and 300,000 are evacuating. People riding this out may not make it.This is one big blow!
  12. We had a high of 88 today and yet I was outside and picked today of all days to overheat. Nearly passed out. B/P shot through the roof. It WAS a great way to get out of the dishes but a little hard on the “equipment”! All is well now. But so weird. Gorgeous morning. Repeat tomorrow!
  13. We could see a low of of 53 Thursday morning. Now that’s quite a switch. That’s a 43* difference from the high this weekend. Now if we could negotiate some rain, we’ll be thrilled! Anyone up for it?
  14. We have some rain in the area. 84* and our minor front has arrived. Low tonight 65! Not exciting but it’s rain and quite a change.
  15. Calling for a high of 96 today. We’re tired of this. But Monday is forecasting a temp of 88. No significant rain as yet. That’s cool for us by comparison but I’d like to see it lower. Unfortunately, North Texas has had Halloweens in the 90’s for Highs. We’ll see what we get this year.
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