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  1. This weekend says adios too 100’s for awhile as a front moves through. Mon-Th we’ll see a 40-50% chance of rain and temps between 92-94. We’re so ready.
  2. That should have been done regularly in the past. Locating stretches of highway without overpasses and preparing for emergencies at home. awesome.
  3. Hot this weekend. 100* Highs. But Monday we have front move through with rain and a high of 92*. That should feel like a cool front. I’m ready for a change.
  4. Didn’t hit our expected 101* today. High of 99*, humidity at 50%. They’re forecasting 100* tomorrow but we’ll see. With luck our run of century marks are over and out!
  5. Pretty far apart. I’d be more inclined to watch for aftershocks and volcanic activity nearby in Alaska. But there are scientists that tie GSM with quakes and volcanic activity.
  6. A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the southern coast of Alaska late Wednesday night, prompting a tsunami warning for parts of the state and a tsunami watch as far as Hawaii. The threat of a tsunami was lifted within hours, but residents in towns and cities took protective cover from the earthquake, the largest in the United States in 50 years, seismologists said. The earthquake was detected about 75 miles southeast of Chignik, Alaska, at about 10:15 p.m. local time, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It was felt throughout the Alaska Peninsula and on Kodiak Island, the Alaska Earthquake Center reported. NYTimes
  7. Love it, Tom. Hopefully our agriculture will benefit too. When Tx/Ok bake it gets weird. We’ve been grateful for a quiet hurricane year as well. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  8. Real nice local storms from a summer “cold front”. . Picked up between 1/3-1/2” rain. We started at 95* and it’s 81* now. That’s a nice change. Air smells good too.
  9. And now for something completely different,… 102* Feels like 108*. Scattered Showers. (**cough** Sauna)
  10. Ft Worth starting its day at 83* It can’t get better from here. Everyone’s praying the power doesn’t fail. Heat index will hit 105*+ Yet I’ve read the poles have each experienced their coldest winters. This can’t bode well for our next winter. Texas is holding its breath in fear the grid will fail again.
  11. 101* today. 102* mañana. Somebody grab the BBQ sauce and turn me over. I’m done! 9 more days of this.
  12. At least that big High moves off of us. Let NMx have it. We don’t mind sharing!
  13. They’re forecasting 100 to 101 over the next week. Hope the grid doesn’t crash. A change in the jet stream pattern means the triple-digit heat continues across North Texas into early next week. The high-pressure system responsible for the hot weather will be centered over North Texas from Sunday through Tuesday. But by midweek that high will drift back towards New Mexico. Thank heavens.
  14. I know Texas must endure its obligatory hot weather, but what are opinions of whether we’ll see a shorter summer and cool air dip down south? Looking forward to that first cool breeze!
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