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  1. Hey Phil, check your pm's. Cheers PS. ..... Thing is, I’m not back.
  2. Another gorgeous spring day. Sunny and near 70. Light breeze. Just perfection.
  3. Another gorgeous day in paradise. We'll see 65* and sunny today. Currently clear, and 46*. Just a beautiful spring morning. However,....Daylight Savings Time hits Sunday. For many of us that's lousy news. Me included.
  4. Yet Texas is dealing with extra rain. I received about 1.5" rain the past 36 hrs. It's clear at sunrise and several days of sun ahead before another rain. We'll be in the 50's and 60's. Things are a little upside down but we need the rain.
  5. I've received 1" of rain today. More through early morning. Three days of sun then another chance. 56* The low is circling and the next group of heavy rain is on the way.
  6. Rain, followed by more rain today. We've received about .75 so far but I have no doubt we'll exceed 1". Rain is a nice shower very consistent. Nothing stormy, just constant rain. Widespread flooding in saturated soils. East Texas Piney Woods will see 4" of rain. Wow. This will continue until tomorrow around 9-10 pm. Good day for chili ! 58*
  7. Throw in the allergies TOL and you'd be a perfect picture of Spring! We have rain rolling in today and heavy rain tomorrow, 1-2". Generally dark dreary skies and rain. Yeah. Spring in Texas!
  8. BTW, if your place has run out of hand sanitizer ...besides soap and water there's this. Same formula as hand sanitizer. 70% ethyl alcohol 30% aloe Vera. Bingo
  9. New York State homes are coping with inches to feet of ice after storm. Now, aren't you glad you aren't chiseling out of your home? _________________ https://www.wthr.com/article/houses-frozen-over-near-lake-erie-new-york-due-cold-temps HAMBURG, N.Y. (WGRZ) — Cold temperatures, gale-force winds, and 18-foot waves from Lake Erie created an ice spectacle at Hoover Beach in Hamburg. Homeowners on South shore Drive woke to the ice completely covering their doors and windows. In some cases, their homes were dark because of how thick the ice was. Ed Mis, resident and homeowner in Hoover
  10. Meteorological Spring starts today (at least it's a start). And Texas is in the mood We'll have 76*, clear and windy today. Typical spring-like weather. Rain by Tuesday.
  11. The weekend and Monday mid to upper 70's. Then mid to upper 60's for a week. Rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking forward to the warm weather as it will drive away the possibility of this virus worrying people. Viruses love cool waeather. So, come on sunshine. Looking like early spring.
  12. Yeah, we're warming up down south. We've got the welcome wagon out!
  13. Late winter is delivering a blizzard of Mt.Cedar! Allergies are pegging the chart and I feel like warmed up spit. It's been a bad year for allergies here as we didn't get the deep cold. Could have used a little snow. Instead we got rain and the cedars were in happyville. Thus the misery index is topped out. Blehhhh!
  14. Were sitting at 38* at 8 am and very windy. Gusts to 32-35 mph. Should see a High around 48*. Worst part of this NW wind is it's killing my allergies. Mt. Cedar from the Rockies blowing in. Windy the next few days. And very chilly.
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