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  1. It’s important to distinguish between very large corporations and midsized companies owned by families or a small partnership. Small companies that employ under 100 employees are the backbone of many communities. I know. I built one, still operating today. They not only employ but provide healthcare and their kids go on to college. One of my proudest days was when a 20 yr old employee pulled up in a used car he’d bought with his earnings and he could go to community college. You’d think he bought a Rolls Royce. I knew that day I was doing the right thing and his life was going be better because of the improved employment and benefits he had Rural communities, for example, are full of companies like that. Some of the large manufacturers are problematic as the employee becomes lost as an individual. That’s the old “robber baron” model and many Americans are tired of it and should be. Employees need to be valued. Without them the company board of directors may as well lock up and go home. Small companies that value their employees in these towns are invaluable. I’ve seen the benefit in kids able to go on to college and in turn come home to continue to build up their community. I was part of it.
  2. I just heard the suspicion re: SS. They assisted him was the statement they made. At the Rally tonight he looks tired and not himself. Can ya blame him.
  3. But it’s so much more fun being the doubting Thomas in the club….been here for 20 yrs. Won’t likely change. I like to challenge. If someone is committed to a certain position fine/ I want to know why. I may not agree, but I’ll understand.
  4. https://www.wpxi.com/news/local/alleged-trump-shooter-spotted-by-law-enforcement-nearly-30-minutes-before-shots-fired-sources-say/Q6GIK5RP6RBY5PHIMYBNXRTEBI/ Article on sniper spotted by law enforcement 30 minutes prior to shots fired. Raises many questions.
  5. Just 2 more 100* days and Highs of 93. Feels like Christmas!
  6. You forgot atheist, and few others I’d be banned for. But a noble try. edit: sarcasm implied
  7. 100* through Wednesday, then Low 90’s for a week!! Chances for rain increase.
  8. I think it’s going to be a very long 3 1/2 months. Pass the popcorn
  9. It’s just so perplexing. If that was such a good location for the shooter, why wasn’t it covered. I would even have a drone aloft. It isn’t making sense.
  10. The brain continues to develop into a person’s mid-20s when the frontal lobe fully develops. Frontal lobe manages impulse control. However, Couple that with possible lower IQ or poor education and you have problems. It will be interesting to learn more about him.
  11. Oswald had to have had aid and information. His history as a marksman, time in Russia, point to a person with sympathies toward the then USSR. Don't forget Jack Ruby. This shooters background will tell the tale on him in time.
  12. What’s the old saying? “No way to run a railroad.” WHY wasn’t that building secured? One insider said the Secret Service had people inside the building. Witnesses said they saw him enter the building. How could secret service miss that? If so, then what does that mean?
  13. We’re hot in Tx/Ok. until Thurs. 99-100. A front will bring us some rain until Thursday and drop into low 90’s for several days.
  14. Haven’t heard. Not being knowledgeable re: guns I’ll have to wait for wiser folks to weigh in.
  15. Clearly not out of range. One spectator pointed out a man with a gun to authorities and was ignored. With the world gone mad, public events will have to change regarding political figures. Things are so polarized that all reason has been left behind. The news and political rhetoric needs to calm down on all sides.
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