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  1. Will the real Mr. Fetterman please stand up. https://www.newsweek.com/john-fetterman-hospital-photo-last-year-fuels-body-double-conspiracy-1790264
  2. https://www.wsj.com/articles/more-water-found-on-moon-locked-in-tiny-glass-beads-334c5fde May produce enough water to create drinking water, even rocket fuel.
  3. A female shooter armed with 2 assault rifles and a handgun walked into a private school a killed 3 adults and 3 children in Nashville. Totally insane. Why? Particularly a female which is rare.
  4. One word today sums up the importance weather preparation: Mississippi.
  5. Just want to say we need Pres. Drama like we need another Pres. Cramudgeon. I think DeSantis has this if he doesn’t trip up major-wise but we don’t know the Dem contenders (who will face a tidal wave of sour grapes all around). It could be an underwhelming Presidential run.
  6. From our view on the roof we have 57*. Partly cloudy skies. Nice day!
  7. https://deadline.com/2023/03/mississippi-meteorologist-prays-on-air-as-tornado-heads-for-small-town-1235310110/ Something you see every day. Meteorologist prays on live TV
  8. On another subject France is rioting over raising their retirement age from 62. Everyone else in Europe and USA are higher. Mon Dieu !!!
  9. Switching dominant hand forces a child to retrain their dominant hand and Lefties are Right brain dominant. Switching forced me to retrain against my wiring and in my humble opinion, it messed things up. As I’ve grown older I find it interfering with my left/right brain working smoothly. So there are glitches as they say. As an artist I’m sure it affected my creativity. As an engineer it helped. Maddening!.
  10. We get another chance at Thurs/Fri rain. 40 & 30 %. I hope our luck holds out. We need it.
  11. Hey, Mr. Marine Layer. I started out lefty. My mother forced me to right hand. Hated it. Still a righty, but I use my left with almost equal ability. Parents….!!
  12. Don’t say that! Hopefully the worst will stay west or north. We got < .5”. Pathetic. We need a slow rain event. This strike and dash east stuff isn’t helping at all.
  13. 63*. Raining ! Rain is so welcomed. Wish we got more. Should taper off in an hour or 2.
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