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  1. Gross. Hope not. My grids have 30s this week and then 40s/low 50s so hopefully whatever falls will be rain.
  2. Came down to IA just in time. Bout 2" here. Definitely didn't care to wake up to that. Must have brought it from MN lol
  3. About 40 last couple days up here. Very slow melt. Still a lot of snow OTG. Spring starts today! Hope we get to some real spring weather soon.
  4. Powerhouse for upper MW end of week. Geez this winter keeps on giving.
  5. As much as I love snow I'm ready for warmer temps and t-storms!
  6. Gross. I'm ready for spring. Eyeballing maybe 2" from this one.
  7. I see they lowered it to 2-4" now. It's been a nuisance snow. Still 35°. I think tonight we score a bit of accumulation.
  8. Wow you didn't get to experience much of a winter. How long you staying in the SW?
  9. After going out to snowblow and shovel I'm thinking closer to 6". There was a solid 5 on the driveway and that hadn't been touched since the beginning of the event and there was definitely some compaction and melting. It's been quite the winter up here. Every time we lose some of our snow depth we get it right back.
  10. I didn't do another measurement but eyeballing maybe another inch so im thinking 4.5-5" here total. Snow is stuck to everything although it has melted some.
  11. Just measured 3.8" of wet heavy snow. Fatties been flying most of the evening. 32° the entire event
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