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  1. Crazy weather. I've been 36-37 for the past few hours with full on t-storms. My dish went out a couple times. This has been one heck of a pattern.
  2. Downpouring and temp has dropped to 37. Only made it to 45 today. Forecast a couple days ago had low 70s. Front stayed south of guidance.
  3. Loving all this from Des Moines NWS. Snow and potential record cold on the way! Sunday Snow: Another trough will develop late Saturday Night into early Sunday morning across the southern Canadian Prairie Provinces, and surface lee cyclogenesis will again occur in response to this. This system will have rather robust dynamics with it, and likely will have areas with enhanced frontogenetical forcing. Convergence in Iowa will not be hard to come by on Sunday. What is interesting, is that the 12z GFS has tracked the surface cyclone further south, but the ECMWF tracks the center further north
  4. I wouldn't expect much more than 10:1 out of this although Kuchera seemed to verify in MN the other day.
  5. Temp was 43 and now dropped to 41. Original forecast was 73 today. Don't think that's gonna happen.
  6. GFS wants to keep the strongest forcing in SW IA late weekend
  7. Really dark down here too. Rain let up for now but still sitting at 43°.
  8. Pouring out there currently and steady at 43°. Saw some lightning on way to work. I'm curious how far north that warm front gets today.
  9. GFS is slightly weaker toward my area for late weekend but still not bad. I mean it is October after all. Nice to see the other models and DMX jump on board! GFS for the win?
  10. @Grizz....awesome stuff! I was about to post this. GFS has been pretty consistent with this set up.
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