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  1. MSP recorded its warmest winter ever (Dec-Feb) at 29.9°. The avg is 19.9°
  2. 33 and a few flurries currently. We hit 50 again yesterday. 60 in the forecast this coming Monday. At this rate I'm ready for spring. Daylight is longer and it's almost March already. Gonna be a hot summer if this pattern doesn't change.
  3. I'm still sitting in that heavy band. Gotta be over 6" by now. Easily warning criteria. It's a heavy wet snow. It is stuck to everything. Gonna be a beautiful scene tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see snow reports around the area.
  4. Huge fatties right now. Gotta be a solid 5" now. It's pounding
  5. 6pm news yesterday local met had 1-2" for MSP. Gonna crush that.
  6. Next county north of me. This system went much further north than forecasted.
  7. Yeah I haven't been out to measure but looks like at least 4" on the patio table. Looks like a couple hours to go so maybe we can hit 5-6". Easily biggest storm of the season so far.
  8. Snowing hard. Eyeballing 2". Nice band setting up.
  9. WWA with a 3-5" band forecasted right through the TC. This might end up being my largest snowfall of the season.
  10. It's been such a dull winter in the TC that I'm looking forward to spring. Only 7.3" of snow this season and with daylight getting longer I'm looking ahead to that. MPX says there's a chance at the warmest winter on record (Dec-Feb)
  11. MPX talking potential light snow event midweek with temps falling back to normal afterward. Yeah I think we're heading back into the "cold" phase of the pattern but nothing overly cold.
  12. MSP has only received 7.2" of snow this season. And there's little to nothing in the foreseeable future.
  13. MSP can't get anything going this winter. Maybe we will this spring. Lol
  14. I'm guessing inch and a half so far. Had a pretty good band move through.
  15. Pretty good band sitting over me currently. It's very fluffy and is blowing off rooftops. Less than an inch so far but nice scenery.
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