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  1. The spotty nature of these maps tells me there's mixing issues. Doesn't give much confidence on snow amounts.
  2. I feel like this will be a tough forecast with the cut offs and thermals.
  3. CMC slightly north of 12z. This might be a Minnesota special yet.
  4. Haha bullseye right over my IA home and I'll be down there. Fingers crossed!
  5. Oz GFS still mostly rain for Thursday storm. Just not seeing the cold.
  6. That bullseye is right over my IA home and I'll be down there Wed-Sun.
  7. Front blasted through early evening up here at the MN home. Pretty intense snow and strong winds made for quite the wintry scene! Half inch maybe 1' of snow. Blew around a lot. Nice little refresher! Also coldest temp of the season so far as we got down to 4° for a low.
  8. New MPX afd is calling for 1-2 with isolated 3" along with 40mph wind gusts.
  9. MPX saying travel could be difficult Friday night with snowshowers and wind.
  10. 10pm St Paul News had a lot of 7-9 inch reports across the metro today. Just an awesome daytime snowstorm. I'm going with 6-7" here. Cleared the driveway and patio this evening. The sounds and sights of snowblowers and shovels in the neighborhood was awesome. And it's only the end of November. Let's keep it going.
  11. Post storm beautiful sight out there. Currently 21° with stratus and it's glowing out there with the city lights and snowcover.
  12. Nice. 18z GFS still doesn't have it but I'd prolly buy the Euro over the GFS 7+ days out in any season.
  13. I was guessing 6-7 here. Oakdale got 6.2 and I'm a few miles NW of there so thats about right.
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