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  1. As of yesterday Waterloo has had 47.4" on the season and a 16" snow depth.
  2. Idk what the official snowpack currently is but this looks about like late feb-early March 2014.
  3. Was going through local met's recent posts and a few days ago he posted that 73% of the nation has snowcover. Wow
  4. Another IA special and of course I'm in the TC. Hope my drive home tonight isn't too bad.
  5. WWA from 6am to 6pm for 2-5". Looks like I'll be driving back just after its over.
  6. Ill be in the TC this weekend. Bummer. Looks ill have an even deeper snowpack when I get home though.
  7. Nothin to brag about but i received 3 tenths of an inch of snow today. Enough to make the neighbor shovel their driveway
  8. TWC is calling this 'Historic Winter Invasion'. They're not wrong
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