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  1. Hello from El Paso. Didn't get too far yesterday but oh well. My fiancee sent me this photo of our weather station from back at home in MN last night during a storm up there. Haha
  2. Heading out from Tucson AZ to San Angelo TX. Gonna be another hot road trip! 100+ for most of the trip.
  3. I'm really hoping for a real Autumn this year. Seems like that hasn't happened in a while.
  4. Yeah the desert is like a whole new world. Tucson got hit yesterday before we got to town. There were still a few areas of standing water but nothing significant when we arrived.
  5. Hello from Tucson, AZ! Been real busy so haven't been able to check in much. Vegas got flooded out the night after we left. Crazy stuff. LA was beautiful and sunny during our few days out there. Drove down I-10 thru the desert and Phoenix yesterday. That was a hot one! I've seen lots of storms in the distance but we've only driven through a couple weaker storms. Tomorrow we head to San Angelo, TX. Can't believe it's Aug 1st already. Fall is coming soon!
  6. Hello from Vegas! Currently in a flash flood warning. Kinda crazy. The north side was getting pounded when we got to town a couple hours ago.
  7. In a hotel room by Denver. That was another hot drive today from Rapid City. Highest temp I saw was 99 and the humidity was 10-12%. Dry heat! We drove through eastern Wyoming and there is absolutely nothing out there. Very unpopulated and long distances between towns and gas stations. Saw 2 longhorn bulls! Tomorrow we head to Grand Junction, CO. Should be a beautiful drive through the CO mountains. I could see em from the distance today once we got to Cheyenne, WY. And I could see snow on top of a couple of the peaks....even from that far away. Really amazing to see that from afar while I was in the 90s at my current location. Gotta love and respect weather.
  8. Nah we just stayed the night. Drove down 90 to Rapid City. That was a hot drive! The air in our van isn't working very well lol. Heading down to Denver today.
  9. Crop has been looking really good in northern Iowa!
  10. We drop down from Rapid City to Denver so north and west of you. Hello from Sioux Falls! Low 70s and sunny this morning. Rapid City looks to be upper 90s today. @hawkstwelvearen't you in Sioux Falls area?
  11. We head out today for 2 1/2 weeks on our tour. Heading west....through the CO mountains.....Vegas.....Hollywood....Arizona......Texas....just to name a few. I'll try to pop in from time to time. Cheers everyone!
  12. I dont remember how that winter was as a whole around here but I do remember December 2000 was epic. Storm train!
  13. I'm back in IA for a few days as my band gears up for our 2 1/2 week tour. Going all out west including Hollywood! Out on the deck tonight and the sun is noticeably setting sooner. Also tonight is the first night that I've heard cicadas. They are loud. Signs of that slow progression towards Fall!
  14. Yup prolly the front that just blew through here. It's a nice one!
  15. Up at the MN residence. Cold front blew through a while ago. Quick shower only dropped 0.02". Now it's a nice NW breeze and temp has dropped to 72. Bit of fall vibes!
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