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  1. I finished with 2.32". I think that's a bit more than most models were showing for mby.
  2. Pretty interesting video from Jim Flowers regarding the new pattern. Talking about a cold Nov/Dec https://www.facebook.com/148018328718825/posts/1846651418855499/
  3. Defo band is rocking mby. I'm over an inch now with gusty winds.
  4. 45 and its getting windier. Lot of leaves coming down now. So far 0.65" This would be an epic winter storm.
  5. Nice! Wondered what the official lows were in the area. I had 28 at my house early this morning. Definitely a hard freeze!
  6. Man what a flip in the pattern. I only reached 46 today. Another freeze warning tonight (last night only got down to 34). Its already clear and 43 so we should hit upper 20s tonight. Local met has got rid of any 60s in the next 10 days. All 50s with only upper 40s and rain on Sunday. A few days ago it was looking considerably warmer for next week.
  7. I like how these systems aren't flying by to the north. I assume blocking is having quite the effect.
  8. Got down to 34 here. Some frost. Tonight should dip into the 20s if skies clear out.
  9. Already down to 37. Hard freeze likely tonight and tomorrow night! Local met now has only 50s for highs the next 10 days. They keep getting lowered.
  10. Still only 48 and cloudy. Strong breeze from the NW. What a flip
  11. Man that sun-mon system looks awesome. Gimme that this winter.
  12. Its a raw morning. Blustery with showers and mid 40s. Picked up a tenth overnight and half inch Tue night with the first round. This has been a windy Autumn system. I always love those. Noticed yesterday there is a lot of color in the trees now. Freeze Warning for tonight! And Friday night looks even colder. The leaves should really start falling now.
  13. Chops and potatoes on the Weber with a cold one out on the deck. Windy and cloudy and 61°. Local met lowered temps for next week. Mainly 50s for the next 10 days....couple low 60s. Hard freeze likely Saturday AM with a forecast low of 28. Few systems in there as well. Love it! Just dropped to 54! This system and front mean business.
  14. Thick clouds and the temp has dropped to 63. I might struggle to hit 50 tomorrow and Friday. 28 in the grids now for Saturday morning! I'm hoping for a hard freeze.
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