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  1. Arrived in Amarillo! Sunny and breezy with 31% humidity and 88°
  2. Hello from OKC. Been a warm and mostly dry trip so far. Heading to Amarillo, TX today!
  3. Thanks @Tom. I saw very minor damage after leaving Walmart. Apparently there was a touchdown close to where I was at though. I picked up 1.70" at my place yesterday from both rounds. On a different note...today I leave for tour with my band! We will actually be in Chicago tonight. Goin around the midwest, down to TX and then we end in Tennessee. I'll return home Aug 2nd. Ill try to stop in from time to time.
  4. Im in Waverly, IA Walmart. We all got taken back to the shelter room. Tornado sirens going off. One touched down 2 miles south of here. We're all still crammed in the shelter room.
  5. 2 confirmed damaging tornadoes on the ground in central IA!
  6. NWS future radar has training storms over my area throughout the evening.
  7. Tornado Watch til 9! Clouds are breaking up. Definitely humid out there.
  8. Got dark enough for the street lights to turn on. Mostly heavy rain with some thunder and lightning.
  9. Sky is black out west of my work. Thundering in the distance!
  10. This wasn't supposed to happen til after 3pm. Totally opposite from what mets were saying yesterday.
  11. So NOW they issue a severe tstorm watch (after all the warnings go up) until 3pm. 70mph wind and 2" hail possible and isolated tornadoes
  12. Reports of trees down in Nevada, IA (central IA)
  13. Severe T-storm Warning just issued! 60mph and nickel sized hail possible. Finally getting a real storm. Severe stuff wasn't supposed to happen til later so we'll see how this affects that.
  14. Yeah I wanna see that late this fall please
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