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  1. Was put in a frost advisory again here as well. I noticed a lot of yards had light frost on my way to work.
  2. Had very light frost on my yard this morning. Should rebound quickly with full sun.
  3. Earliest tropical system ever recorded just off the Mexican coast! And this follows a record setting tropical season of 2020. Beautiful day here. Mowed the lawn and did some other yard work. Time to put some chicken drumsticks and veggies on the Weber. And have a cold one. Happy Mother's Day!
  4. Its been thundering on and off all evening. Been a while since that has happened.
  5. 37 now! Gonna be snowing if it keeps dropping
  6. 41 with ice pellets and thunder. Crazy
  7. Down to 48 with light rain. Couple days ago the forecast was dry with low 60s. We need the moisture though so thats good.
  8. Gonna be a beautiful evening to take a walk, smoke a pork loin with some veggies over the charcoal and burn a huge pile of sticks i picked up from spring clean up.
  9. My 10 day is all 60s with only 50s this weekend.
  10. Waterloo had a record high of 93 on Saturday. Might be a while before we hit that again.
  11. I'm up in Fargo all weekend. Already 75. I see back home its already 84!
  12. I returned home last night from a trip out east. Enjoying the current warmth. Hoping the bottom doesn't drop out but I haven't had much of a chance to look into the extended. Bring on T-storms!
  13. Summer of 2009 was very cool and wet. I could see some of that happening this summer but prolly not for long periods like 09. That blocking is prolly gonna lead to some troughiness.
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