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  1. As I have stated at times in the past I have two temperature sensors that are placed in my yard. One is placed in what I like to call the "cold" spot of the yard and the other in the "warm" spot. The over night low at the cold spot last night was 61.0 and and the warm spot the low was 63.1. Note in my reports I round up or down to the whole number. At this time the current readings are 68.4 (68) at the cold spot and 68.9 (69) at the warm spot. And yes I have switched the sensors and the results are the same the cold spot is colder and the warm spot is warmer most of the time that is less so on cloudy or windy days and nights when the readings are generally the same at both locations. Bottom line is that there can be temperature differences in a very short distance. I go for walks all the time and there is a place on my walks with a big hill to the west and in the low area east of the hill it is very noticeably cooler on clear calm evenings.
  2. Yesterday afternoon there was a heavy but brief rain shower here. That shower dropped 0.32" of rain in about 20 minutes. But once again there was no thunder here in my area. (so for me no thunderstorm) As of July 24 the mean at Grand Rapids for July is at 72.0 That is a departure of -0.8 from the new 30 year average. There have been only 8 days when the mean was above average 15 days with the mean below average and one day that the mean was average. The warmest so far this month has been 89 and the coolest has been 54. At the airport there has been 4.36" of rain fall. At this time it is sunny here and 78.
  3. There was a record rain fall at Grand Rapids and Muskegon yesterday. A total of 2.65" of rain fell at GRR yesterday the old record was 1.02" in 1968. Here at my house I reported a total of 2.03" with the bulk falling in some very heavy rain yesterday around 5 AM I will not call that a thunderstorm because there was at most one or maybe two rumbles of thunder. At Muskegon they reported 1.78" and that is also a new record with the old one being just one inch set in 1912. The overnight low here was a warm 74 it looks like the official overnight low at GRR was 72. At this time there is some hazy sunshine with a temperature of 78 and a DP of 71. There is some heavy rain and a few thunderstorms in northern Michigan with the thunderstorms mostly in the Traverse City area.
  4. The official rain fall from this mornings rain event at Grand Rapids was 2.39" Here at my house I had a total of 1.86" It looks like the most rain fell is SE Grand Rapids were there were several reports of over 2" and one even up to 3.42. At this time it is cloudy here and very humid. The current temperature here at my house is 79 with a DP of 77
  5. Wow, I just took a rain fall measurement and I recorded 1.78" of rain fall here overnight. GRR reported a thunderstorm at 5AM. While that may be true I did not see any lightning or heard and thunder but I do sleep good. There are some thunderstorms to the south west of GR down west of Kalamazoo at this time. most of the night was in the lower 70's but during the rain it fell to 67 at GRR and it fell to 68 here. At this time it is 68 with light rain falling.
  6. We now have 20 days of July 2021 in the history books and the mean here at Grand Rapids so far this month is 71.8 and that is -1.0 below average. The high for the month so far is 89 on the 4th and 5th and the low so far is 54 on the 10th There has been a total of 1.56" of rain fall at GRR and that is below the average of 2.49" by this date. While there have been a reported 4 thunderstorms at GRR here at my house I only seen lightning in the distance this month and there were at best only a hand full of thunder claps last month here so here at my house the thunderstorm drought continues. To my surprise there were a few sprinkles here this morning and at this time it is cloudy here and 66 That is also the overnight low here at my house. The official overnight low at the airport looks to be 65.
  7. To me the past few days has seen some of the most smoke I can remember. So far today there seems to be a little less smoke and there is more blue in the sky. I wonder how much the smoke cut down on yesterdays high temperatures and if it held up the overnight lows the last couple of days. The overnight low here was 63 and the airport the low was 65 at the current time it is 71 both here and officially at GRR with hazy sunshine. Like I said there is more blue than yesterday but the sky is still a white/blue
  8. That looks about the same as here at my house.
  9. Yesterday official high at Grand Rapids was 83 and that is exactly average. The overnight low here was 60 and the official overnight low at GRR was 63. For July the current mean is 71.5 and that is a departure of -1.3. At this time it is 63 here with white skies due to all the the smoke. While the sun is shining thru that thick smoke giving it a kind of reddish tint. It sure looks hazy out at this time.
  10. We now at the high point of the summer season temperature wise. Starting on the 21st we will start the downward trend. When you stand back and look at our summer and winter season they are shorter than one is lead to believe. That is why it is better to use meteorological seasons rather than the so-called calendar season. Here at Grand Rapids the average daily mean is now at 73.0° (30 year average) or 74° (15 year average) By August 31st that is down to 68.7 (30 year average) or 69.0 (15 Year average) and if you use the “calendar” season by September 21 it is down to 61.5 (30 year) 62.0 (15 year) and at that time Grand Rapids is losing almost a half degree a day. The over night low here was a cool 56 At the airport the overnight low was 58. At this time it is sunny and 77 here.
  11. Since July 7 it has been very cloudy and cool. Grand Rapids Has had 5 days with less than 20% possible sunshine and only 1 day in the last 9 days has gotten out of the 70’s nighttime lows have mostly been in the lower 60’s So much for mid-July being the hottest time of this year.
  12. I had 0.10" of rain yesterday, the overnight low here was 61 and that looks to have been the official overnight low at GRR. We are near the half way mark of July 2021 and the mean is for the month at Grand Rapids in now at 71.8 and that is a departure of -0.9. Grand Rapids is now on track for the coolest July since 2015. So far the high for the month has been 89 and the low so far has been 54. There has been a recorded 1.56" of rain fall and the is about 0.27" below where it should be (at GRR) For June and July so far the mean at GRR is 71.4 The 30 year average mean at this time is 70.8.
  13. Yesterday was one of those kind of rare days when the mean for the day was "average" The overnight low here at my house was a warm 75 it must have been cloudy all night long but there was no rain here. There was some lightning to the north and northeast last night but it was off in the distance. As I have stated before there has not been much thunderstorm activity here in the NW side of GR. At this time it is cloudy and 76 here.
  14. I recorded 0.52" of rain fall yesterday. Officially GRR reported 0.68" Yesterday was the 6th day in a row of highs at Grand Rapids in the 70's The overnight low both here at my house and officially at GRR was 62 at this time it is 72 here with clear skies.
  15. Here in Grand Rapids there were 8 days in a row of highs below 80 and there were 6 days in a row with highs in the low 70's and one with highs in the upper 60's (67 on July 28) and the lows were in the 50's on 5 of the nights so yes a very cool period for the end of July in 2013. The start of that August was also cool with 6 more days in a row of highs in just the 70's and low mostly in the 50's It did warm up in late August that year. And of course the winter of 2013/14 was you know cold and snowy
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