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  1. Welcome to meteorological spring! This past February the mean temperature was 20.8 and that is a departure of -6.0 the high for the month was 48 on the 28th and the low was -12 on the 17th there was a total of 30.6” of snow for the month and that is good for the 6th snowiest February at Grand Rapids. For meteorological winter the total is 45.4” and so far for the season it is 45.8” At this time it is cloudy here and 30.
  2. With no snow in todays forecast and yesterdays official 1” of new snow at GRR that brings this February’s total snow fall to 30.6” and guess what that will make this February the 6 snowiest February at Grand Rapids. For the meteorological winter Grand Rapids will end up with just 45.4” that is about a foot below “average” and for the season so far Grand Rapids is at 45.8” and that is over a foot and a half of where GR should be going into March.
  3. The new 30-year climate normal are scheduled to come out in May. Will be looking as to how much change there will be. My guess is that the temperatures means will be higher for most if not all months and I would not be too surprised to see the average snow fall here at Grand Rapids go up a little.
  4. After a cold overnight low of 15 here the temperature is now up to 30 with clear skies. The official overnight low at GRR looks to have been 18. There was no snow or rain yesterday, the February snow fall remains at 29.6" and for the season it remains 44.8" As of yesterday at 7 AM the official snow depth is down to 6" here in my yard there is around 5" on the ground but there are spots of bare ground showing and of course there are the snow piles that will take some time to melt. For the month the mean is now at 19.0 and that is a departure of -7.4.
  5. While this winter's total snow fall is only 44.8" This February will end up as one of the top snowiest February's in Grand Rapids history. We will end up at least the 6th snowiest and are still in play for the 5th spot. If Grand Rapids fails to reach 50" that would be the first time that Grand Rapids has not had at least 50" since the winter of 1986/87 And only the 4th time since 1950. At this time it is partly cloudy and 31 here
  6. For those that are wondering in Grand Rapids, Michigan on average there are 20 days in March of 40 or better. The record most is 31 in 2010 in 1973 there were 28 days of 40 or better. The least number of days was just 1 in 1965 and in 1960 there were 4. As for 50 or better the average is 9 the most is 21 in 2012 and the least is 0 set is several years. And as for 60 or better the 30 year mean is 4 and the most is 19 in 2012. The least is 0 and that has happened is many years. As for 70 and above the 30 year average is 1 and the most is 10 in 2012 and 1945 and for 80? The most is 5 in 2012 and
  7. This from Brett Anderson at Accuweather “ Signs continue to point toward a slightly warmer-than-normal March across a large portion of eastern North America, while below-normal temperatures may dominate in the West. The reason for this will likely be a persistent trough from northwestern Canada to the western third of the lower 48 states. Even in the west, we are not talking about any sustained period of bitter cold, as the bulk of the Arctic air will be hanging out from the Yukon Territory on over into Siberia. This pattern does favor a moist, southwesterly flow of air tha
  8. Some fun facts. Todays total daylight is the same as October 17th So far this winter the total snow fall at Grand Rapids is now at 44.8” and that is still 17.2” below average as of this date at GR. While it was mild in December and January it has been much colder in February. The mean for February at this time is 17.0 and that is a departure of -9.1 and the mean for the winter season at this point of 25.8 is actually colder than average (26.6) at this point. The warmest day this year so far is 41. On average the 1st 50° day at Grand Rapids is February 8th The earliest is January 1st 2011 and t
  9. A little over a inch of wet sloppy snow fall here. The current temperature here is 33. We took a trip up to Bay City yesterday and while there is a solid snow pack across the state of Michigan and it looks like there is about 12" of snow on the ground until we got east of Midland when the snow depth fell and it looks like around 5 or 6" or so in the Bay City area. There is a lot of ice on the Saginaw river and there are people snowmobiling and ice fishing on the river.
  10. I had a overnight low of +3 (+2.8) here. At this time it is clear and 14. I am taking a road trip up to Bay City today.
  11. I picked up just over one inch and now have 13.5" on the ground areas to the SW of GR picked up 2 to 4".
  12. I picked up just over a inch of new snow overnight and now have 13.5" on the ground here. Officially at the airport they reported 0.6" of snow fall for yesterday and for the season they now report 42.9" that is still 17.6" below the 30 year average as of this date. The official snow depth at GRR is 12" At this time I have clear skies and a temperature of 13.
  13. A dusting of new snow fall here overnight. The snow depth is now at 12.5" There is some light snow falling here with a current temperature of 15.
  14. Time to look at where we are in the snow fall department for this winter season. At Grand Rapids February is now at 27.0” for the season 42.2” that is a departure of -17.3” There is officially 13” on the ground here at my house I have 14” on the ground. At Muskegon February 14.3” for the season 37.0” a departure of -38.8” with 15” on the ground. At Lansing for February 19.7” for the season 40.4” a departure of +2.5” with 16” on the ground. At Detroit for February 18.7” for the season 38.2” that is a departure of +8.3” with 14” on the ground. At Flint February 23.6” for the season 42.3” that i
  15. We are now entering the last full week of meteorological winter and while most of this winter has been mild in reality there have not been all that many warm winter days. Did you know that as of today the warmest it has been this meteorological winter has been 53 and since Christmas the highest it has been is just 41. And so far this February the warmest it has been is just 37. On average the warmest day in December is 53 January 48 and February 50. The mean so far this meteorological winter at Grand Rapids this winter is now at 25.5° The average mean for the 3 months is 25.6° The coldest low
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