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  1. I would like to add that as has been the case several times already this fall season the high for the date has been before sun rise.
  2. I just got back from a nice walk. It is cloudy and very misty here in my area. The current temperature here at my house is 62 with a DP of 61 the official reading down at GRR is 67 with a DP of 62. The warmest so far here at my house is 64 and out at the airport the high so far has been 68. It had gotten has warm as 71 at Holland but is now down to 63. To the north at Big Rapids the high there so far is 58. Down at Benton Harbor the high got up to 74 late last night and is still at 70.
  3. Here at my house I recorded 0.28" of rain yesterday up to 7 AM. At this time it is cloudy and 62 here. That is up from the 50 I had went I went to bed.
  4. You may have mentioned it but the 4.2" on Wednesday and if official the 3.1" today are both daily records for Fargo. Not sure how this will play out for the rest of the season.
  5. With my area still north of the warm front it has been slow to warm up here. At this time it is cloudy and 49 with a cool east wind. The total rain fall overnight and today so far is at 0.63"
  6. I recorded 0.35" of rain overnight. At this time there is light rain falling with a temperature of 42.6°
  7. I recorded 0.43" of rain over night here. At this time it is cloudy and 49
  8. Brett Anderson came out with his 2020/21 winter guess. While his guess is for Canada for those of us living in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas there is enough of a over lap that his guess get into our area. His guess is pointing towards a warm winter with less snow for much of our area. Here is his summery for the winter season. “Overall, in terms of temperatures, the core of the Arctic air is expected to hang out across northern BC and the Yukon Territory, though there certainly can be brief spells of bitterly cold air through the Prairies and into eastern Canada. However,
  9. At this time Grand Rapids is on track of having its coldest October since 2008. In the past there has not been a clear path that a cold October leads to a cold or snowy winter. The fall color here NW of Grand Rapids is still very good to in places great. There are now some trees that have lost all of their leaves thought. At this time it is cloudy and 43 here at my house.
  10. I recorded 0.17" of rain fall yesterday. The overnight low here at my house is the current temperature of 35 (34.9)
  11. Light rain has just started here. With that light rain the current temperature here is 51. And the low for today so far is that 51. And the high so far has been 55.
  12. There were 2 periods of small hail here yesterday the first one in the morning the hail fell very hard and covered the ground for a short while. The 2nd last night was hail mixed with heavy rain. Also there were a few flashes of lightning here last night with the temperatures in the upper 30’s I had a total of 0.17” of rain mixed with hail. The low here last night for the 2nd night in a row was 30 at this time it is cloudy and 37.
  13. Just had a heavy shower with a lot of small hail here there was only 0.03" of rain/hail that fell as it only lasted about five minutes or so.
  14. I had a brief shower of 0.01" yesterday just the clearing came in. I also had the first freeze of the season here at my house with a low of 29. At this time there is some frost and the temperature is 32 with clear skies.
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