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  1. I would tend to agree with you on that. We have had one week of summer like weather and the rest of the spring has been cold and wet.
  2. The total rain fall here in my area was just 0.25" but that was better than no rain.
  3. Looks to have mostly ended. Here at my house I recorded 0.25" of total rain fall. At this time it is cloudy and a damp 54.
  4. The official H/L at Grand Rapids yesterday was 67/46. With a departure of -3.1 that brought a end to the 8 days in a row of above average days at Grand Rapids. The overnight low both here at my house and at GRR was 45. When the clouds moved in it did warm up it 50 and with the rain now started it is at 49. So far here at my house I have recorded 0.06" of rain fall. It still looks like a brief warm up on Friday with some storm chances and then down to below average for the weekend and at least the start of next week. So far May's mean at Grand Rapids of 60.3 is +3.5. At Muskegon their mean of 61.1 is +5.5 At Lansing there mean of 60.8 is +4.8 and at Holland their mean of 60.1 is +4.3. May so far has been well above average at this point.
  5. The official high low at Grand Rapids yesterday was 73/53 with 85% of possible sunshine. The overnight low here at my house was 44 and the official overnight low at GRR was 46. At this time it is sunny here and 52. In looking at Fridays forecast I have to wonder if there has been some back tracking on the storm potential. At this time it still looks like most areas will get rather warm on Friday.
  6. After a week of nice warm summer like weather (dare I say some would call it hot) we are now back to near to cooler than average few days. There could be a very brief warm up later in the week and maybe a chance of some thunderstorms (severe?) Then back to a cool pattern. Could this up and down be the pattern for the summer time? The official H/L at Grand Rapids yesterday was 76/55 and there was officially 0.05" of rain fall. The overnight low here at my house was 53. At this time it is sunny and 60 here.
  7. The official H/L at Grand Rapids yesterday was 85/60 At Muskegon it was 83/52 and to the east at Lansing it was 87/63 Lansing officially had 0.35" of rain. GRR did not record any rain fall. Here at my house I had 0.02" in a brief but heavy shower. The overnight low here at my house was 53, At the airport it looks to have been 55. At this time there are clouds moving in and it is 61 here.
  8. Getting a shower here at this time. The temperature is 77 with that shower
  9. Yesterdays official H/L at Grand Rapids was 86/59 that 86 tied the record high last set in 1940. At Muskegon they set a new record high of 89 and the high of 87 at Holland also set a new record high. At Lansing the high there of 87 did not set a new record. With forecast high today mostly in the lower 80's there should not be any records set. After today it will become cooler and for the start of next week there will day times high in the 60's for the next week the average highs between 69 and 72.
  10. Here is a short recap of the record temperatures set yesterday. Grand Rapids 87 new record. Muskegon 91 new record. Holland 88 tied with 1993 for the record. Kalamazoo 87 tied 2011 for the record. For today the record high are Grand Rapids and Holland 86. Kalamazoo 88. Lansing 91 and Muskegon 84. So there is a good chance that most records could be tied or broken today. With low dew points the temperature fell to 59 here at my house and it looks like the overnight low at GRR was 61. At the current time it is clear and 62 here at my house.
  11. New record high at Muskegon the current reading of 90 at Muskegon is the new record high for today. The old record was 83 set in 2011. Grand Rapids has now tied the record high for today with the current reading of 86. I have 88 here at my house will have to see if GRR comes in with a higher reading in the next few hours
  12. Record highs set yesterday! Yes there were some record highs set yesterday. The official H/L at Grand Rapids was 87/66. That 87 was the 2nd warmest May 11th and the low of 66 tied 1922 for the warmest minimum. At Muskegon the H/L was 87/71 the high tied 1930 for the record and the low of 71 is the new record minimum. At Holland their H/L was 90/67 the high of 90 tied 1993 for the record and the low of 67 is the new record warmest minimum. At Kalamazoo the H/L was 89/67 both the high and low are records for the date. At Lansing their H/L was 83/66 the 83 was the 6th warmest high and the low of 66 was the 2nd warmest minimum at Lansing. The big thunderstorms that hit the Big Rapids area fell apart before reaching the Grand Rapids area but it did cool down late yesterday afternoon. The overnight low at Grand Rapids looks to have been 63 here at my house the overnight low was 62 and that is the current temperature here with hazy skies. There are some thunderstorms to the NW that will miss GR well to the north. The record high for today is 86 set way back in 1896 in more recent times in 2nd place a high of 85 was set in 2011, 2004 and 1956. Remember that today is part of the so called "Three Chilly Saints" or a period of cool weather that seems to happen in mid May.
  13. It looks to have reached 87 for a very short time between readings at GRR. At the current time it is cloudy here with a temperature of 80 and a DP of 68 that DP is down from the 71 it was at. That high of 87 will be the new 2nd warmest for any May 11th The record high of 89 will stand for this date. If it can stay at 66 or better until midnight Grand Rapids would set a new record warmest minimum for the date. Looking ahead the record high for tomorrow is 86.
  14. On the flip side of all of the warm temperatures. There is still some snow on the ground up in the UP this is from the ski hill just north of Houghton https://www.mtu.edu/webcams/ski-hill/
  15. Yesterday official H/L at Grand Rapids of 84/61 was both the 5th warmest maximum and the 5 warmest minimum. The overnight low here at my house was 67 the official low at GRR looks to be 66. If it can stay at or above that 66 until midnight it would tie the record for the warmest minimum for May 11th. The record high for today at Grand Rapids is 89 set in 1922 and 1896. At Lansing the record high is 88 set in 1896 then 87 set in 1922. At Muskegon the record is 87 set in 1930. For our friends to the east the record at Detroit in 1993. At Flint it is 90 in 1922
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