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  1. Probably the most incredible thing I seen. No city light pollution , or clouds . 360 degree sunset/sunrise, like dusk and dawn rolled into one. Hoping for clear skies as well or at least not in the path of the sun at that point.
  2. Some pictures of the Eclipse near Panama Feb 26, 1998. I was on a ship when it happened. Probably the most incredible sight I have ever seen. One pic is before, the totality , to show the difference in light. At totality I tried to capture the incredible 360 degree sunset. It’s at that point of totality , I saw some of the brighter planets and stars appearing in the sky. Since there are no mountains you can see the moons shadow move over the ocean. The camera doesn’t do it justice. If you can see one of these, it is well worth the travel.
  3. Spring has takin a vacation. May it went to Florida? It was 70 here a few weeks ago
  4. Currently 64. Perfect deck weather Cat likes it too. Feels like Mid May.
  5. Never thought we have a severe weather threat in our area for hail in February, let alone a 2 inch hail risk.
  6. The sad thing is this winter is more like a winter the we would get in the PNW every 5 years. Some years there is no snow unless you live at least 1000 ft up or in NW Washington where you have the influence of the Frasier River Valley. Ironically we had the most snow ever living near Bellingham, WA. I think it was around 20 to 22 inches one year. Locals were saying that was big snow they get every decade or so. Living on the west side of the cascade mountains are average snowfall was 6-7 inches at sea level . Those mountains block the cold air we get here and a 55 degree ocean does a lot to modify the cold air into near close events. (33-34 degree rain). So we have to get near perfect conditions to get it to snow over there. When it does snow it piles up fast especially if it is wet and the Low stalls out.
  7. They are more like rain birds, to escape the non stop cloudy and rainy/drizzle days. But they have been doing this for a few years now.
  8. I’m ready. Big time snow lover here , but is has been frustrating this year. No more 33 degree rain please. When we had that period of 60s and sunshine it felt good. This winter has been for the record books and not in a good way. My parents are staying in Sedona AZ for a few months they love it there. Will have to make a visit down there sometime.
  9. Same here. It was partly cloudy in the Farmington Hills where I was working. We had about roughly 93% totality.
  10. Taking a walk and pretty impressed how the long the snow piles we have lasted. After having tons of rain. We still have a little snow. Just goes to show how cold it got here and how wet our snowfall started out.
  11. Congrats Niko! That’s pretty cool! I don’t think I have seen a lake effect that big from Lake Huron for a few years. We did pretty well with that first storm. There was point I thought we were going to lose some trees. Thankfully, it warmed up enough to melt the ice, before we went on the deep freeze.
  12. Winter is here in an elnino. Pretty incredible. It’s was snowing here and back on the west coast. My folks back west live at the same elevation as we do and they picked up another round of snow after having 10 inches already. Currently 2 degrees with sun out. Now that’s a cold air mass. !! Neighbors were making an igloo which was cool to see.
  13. Congrats Jaster!! That’s would be awesome to experience a band like that.
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