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  1. Snow squalls all day Saturday. Temp stayed below freezing all day even with the sun. Amazing! #MarchIsNoJoke.
  2. That amount of snow is insane for Mt Hood let alone the Mountains North of LA.
  3. Battle between spring and winter goes on here. And a pic of the full moon with the snow
  4. @Tom it got down to 29 last night. Was 31 for most of the event. Reminds me of how it looks at the West Coast ski areas. Like Timberline and White Pass. Tree branches were weighed down. Snow sticking on the side of our house. The last layer was more powder so It might explains some of the drifting. Wind was blowing sideways with snow, with thunder snow to boot. Snow was coming down so hard it was easily 2 inches: hour. Maybe even 3. Official report is 10.5 inches in Highland which is a few miles North of us. My measurement was 10.4 inches. Hoping you get some action in the snow game next week.
  5. Pics as promised. 10.4 inches unofficial reading. Top event of the year. Real hoping for Chicago on the next one. Snow is ver y heavy, helped some of my neighbors out with our two-stage blower. Some of the berms from the plow are 3 feet high.
  6. Pound town here ! Visibility down to 1/4 mile. Snow is wet and reminds me of the storms we used to get in the Cascade Mts.
  7. Wife and I watching tv, saw lightning , out the window and then I heard the thunder about 5 seconds later. First time I have ever witnessed thundersnow!!! The strange thing was, it was barely snowing. Wow!!!!
  8. Possible thundersnow and temp blizzard conditions in March? CONDITIONS THROUGH LATE THIS EVENING FROM THE I-69 CORRIDOR SOUTH TO THE OHIO BORDER... WEATHER... * Periods of heavy, wet snowfall will continue through 9 PM across widespread areas from the I-69 corridor south to the Ohio border, including all of the Detroit metro region, Ann Arbor, Flint, and surrounding areas. Sporadic blizzard conditions will be possible through 9 PM resulting in treacherous to near impossible travel conditions on all roadways, whether treated or untreated. * Hourly snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour will be common, with localized areas seeing hourly snowfall rates potentially approaching 3 inches per hour. Additionally, thundersnow will be possible along with a rogue lightning strike as bands of intense snowfall move south to north from the Ohio border across the Detroit metro region and up towards the I-69 corridor. * Quick heavy, wet snow accumulations of 3 to 6 inches will be possible through 9 PM, with locally higher amounts possible. There remains a low chance of rain mixing in at times near the Ohio border, which may cut down on snow totals primarily south of M-50. Hopefully one of us can get some pics or video of that.
  9. So glad you can experience it finally over here.
  10. Stacking up fast temp 31. Grass covered, wind is ripping!
  11. Started here. Hardest I have seen it snow in a while wind is picking up. IMG_4940.MOV
  12. I have a feeling the banter thread might get busy. Temp is 37 here. Had flurries in the forecast just changed to light rain. Good luck to those who can squeeze out some snow.
  13. Birds chirping here. Outside it is very calm. 30 degrees, DP is 27. Here we go! As I write this the chirping has stopped.
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