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  1. Wouldn't an AR warm us up pretty fast though? That's what it looks like at the end with the sleet storm at least.
  2. Happened here last February. Low-mid 20s with mix of freezing rain and sleet. 12" of snow forecast became only 4-5"
  3. And then a massive snowstorm for the Sound, sleet storm for PDX and SW WA and ice storm for the Willamette Valley
  4. Now the clown range GFS wants to give us a sleet storm
  5. Didn't Portland have a 64/60 day on Christmas at some point or something ridiculous like that? I'm not sure about the year though
  6. Yeah I think SeaTacs record low is 0? and Portlands is -3 both from 1950. Though the easy access to east wind probably could keep it warmer a lot of nights. Salem and Eugene's record lows are -12! From December 1972.
  7. Wonder what crazy low temps the GooFuS will show with 10" of snow on the ground at Portland and an impending Arctic airmass
  8. Massive snow/ice storm for Portland too. 1.5" of ice followed by 10" of snow
  9. I think I remember seeing maps of just complete blocking over the high latitudes like that rather than just an Alaska block. I don't know though
  10. That's a weird 500mb pattern for an arctic outbreak. Is what the EPS control run showing similar to February 2021 in some ways? I'm not sure though.
  11. That's snowier than any winter I've experienced!
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