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  1. Hoping for an overperformance of the cold pool
  2. Maybe we'll get temps down to 31 and some moderate precip and 5" of snow! Obviously that's out there but just maybe
  3. Does the donut hole extend up to Beaverton/Hillsboro and here?
  4. GEM also looks to be showing a decent amount of precip, though mostly only 1-2" snow west metro and not much east metro. Maybe if that cold is being underdone we could see a nice event. Didn't the Euro also underdo the precip for today's system in the Sound?
  5. NAM and RDPS do give the west metro area some snow Sunday too
  6. Yeah it's hard to beat that. 13" fell in one night and it just lasted for an entire week
  7. Yeah definitely, we still did okay at the end of the month. I had 2.5" of snow on the 25th so that was nice
  8. Thank you! Hoping the GFS or GEM verifies
  9. Could you post the WB maps for that system for the GFS and GEM?
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