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  1. Nice heavy downpour happening right now, looks really nice with the greenery and some blue sky visible.
  2. This January's wind was pretty crazy, a house nearby got crushed by a huge fallen tree because of the wind. I think that's the strongest wind I've seen in a while, but we haven't really had many strong south wind storms recently from what I remember.
  3. Yeah I wasn't expecting to see anything with all the light pollution here but it's pretty amazing
  4. Really wet morning, it's been raining steadily for the past few hours. 1.41" of rain on the month so far as of this morning and probably a decent bit more today.
  5. Last summer had some really nice thunderstorms in May and August/September here
  6. Same here, low was 54. I heard some wind decent gusts last night.
  7. Nice temp drop going on though. Down to 67 from a high of 77 here with a west wind and really cool clouds.
  8. Hopefully we can see more thunderstorm days this spring, here we've already have had two this year (Jan 24th and Mar 27th). There were some nice ones last year in May and September
  9. Nice morning, got all the way down to 36. Last warm stretch we had a 78/50 day so it's nice to see something more reasonable.
  10. Just heard a couple rumbles of thunder and saw some flashes. Now it's hailing like crazy
  11. Yeah we had a pretty decent downpour earlier. Nothing right now as the storm is a bit to the NW and might've weakened a bit but a lot of nice dark clouds.
  12. Looks like there's some lightning with that storm around. Newberg. Hopefully it survives on the way here
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