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  1. Then why are kids getting expelled from schools for wearing shirts saying there are only 2 genders? Sure a boy may identify as a girl, but if a fascist identifies as a communist, does that make him/her a communist? I think Trump should identify himself as the nicest person on earth and we should be censored for refusing to call him the nicest person on earth.
  2. The left consistently denies the biological truth that there are only two genders. Christians believe alcohol addiction is immoral, but they don't demonize alcoholics. The same is true for homosexuals, but your mind is too depraved to understand "Love the sinner, hate the sin".
  3. Also the radical left particularly hates commandments 8 and 10 because they imply that private property exists and therefore inequality (with exceptions for "stolen land", which is the only thing you're allowed to own) They hate the 5th one because they want people to be educated by the government and honor them and abolish the nuclear family since parents that don't adhere to their doctrines are domestic terrorists committing child abuse.
  4. Christian nationalism (according to the left) Not Buddhist nationalism (according to the left)
  5. They do exist (e.g. what happened in Charlottesviile), but anything the Satanic left dislikes they call white supremacy and Christian nationalism because after all "Christianity is a white man's religion". For example, the majority of the world (religious and non-religious) used to think homosexuality was immoral not long ago. The same people who want you to be eliminated from society if you don't believe there are more than 2 genders are also now trying to push polygamy and even bestiality as legal forms of marriage. The left would still hate America even if we had no slavery in our history because the motto "In God we Trust" gives them nightmares and chills of a far-right fascist hellhole.
  6. Yep. America Is Fast Becoming a Woke Theocracy
  7. @SnarkyGoblin never adapted my suggested avatar. Last time I posted it, he changed from einsteinjr to SnarkyGoblin.
  8. Some atheists say transing children, puberty blocking and abortion are wrong. I wonder if that makes them atheist nationalists if they get into government.
  9. Pretty amazing what makes someone "far right" or "Christian nationalist" today according to the Satanic nationalist radical left. 1. Believing that homosexuality is immoral (which was the common view of most people worldwide 25 years ago) 2. Saying that abortion is immoral 3. Believing in rights that are endowed by our Creator rather than coming from our government
  10. You forgot to include nonbinaries. Bob Iger is ashamed of you.
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