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  1. Yep, already a few degrees warmer than yesterday's bone chiller as the wretched inversion weakens ahead of the storm.
  2. Foothill Ranch had a high of 81 F on Thursday compared to 57 F yesterday. A little cooler as the morning forecast discussion said it would be. What would be a lot cooler? 32 F?
  3. The stupidest weather pattern on planet Earth could soon leak some clouds into the desert.
  4. Deep marine layer remains, but storm could disrupt it soon.
  5. Miserable weekend ahead, unless you're like Jesse or a sun hater, in which case it will be a beautiful weekend.
  6. Storm could actually warm things up if it weakens the #%@#&! inversion enough.
  7. Cold, cloudy and windy and as crappy as the weather gets in SoCal.
  8. It's time to annoy someone in Bend who sympthasizes with someone in Camas. This thread is sacred to him.
  9. GUNK is still pushing inland as of 1 PM. MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE DEEPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Exceptionally gloomy today. Weather evil must be conquered.
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