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  1. Quite smokey here, low level so it’s very noticeable. Currently 69 after a low of 40.
  2. I just realized I received a tenth of an inch of precip overnight! My first measurable this month. Had another not so low of 55 and currently 58.
  3. Turning out to be a warmish and humid day here. 70/70 temp/humidity. Still zero in the rain gauge this month.
  4. 65 after a low of 54 here. I've had 7 sub 50 lows this month with 40 being the lowest. Smoke is still in the air but less than the past few days. Looking forward to some relatively chilly temps for the UW vs MSU game Saturday.
  5. Still smokey and smelly here. No measurable precip here since the 27th of August. A not so low of 57 and now up to 63 under murky skies.
  6. Had a lot of slightly diluted sun here today. Visibility was lower but the sky was less obscured. Hit 81 for a high after a low of 50. Done with smoke, done with 85+.
  7. No moisture here at all. Had a low of 49 and 58 now. The smoke is way worse here than it has been and the smell is very strong.
  8. Costco has a lot of Christmas stuff out so why not? The lights have been up all year actually. We like them and I’m just too uninspired to take them down
  9. Up to 69 now, I’m gonna hit 70 but not much more. The smoke is looking like it’s going to cap the heat in the Seattle for a warm night. Much more palatable here.
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