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  1. Had a low of 30F this morning. Already up to 55F. Beautiful sunshine out there, I’m happy to be north of the line of gloom.
  2. I'm in that range and I gave it a B. Average snowfall but colder than average.
  3. #50 I believe. #78 for me. Had a low of 27.9F and it's now 58F.
  4. Nice. It shows it right over my place but you want to move it ten miles north of me so you can add to your 30 inches while I grovel at your feet with 12".
  5. Nothing at all here either. The snow line on the foothills shows snow at about 1000'. This has been a frustrating winter where living well east of the Sound and at some elevation hasn't seemed to help much. Last night I had plenty of fairly heavy precipitation but never any snow. 38F after a low of 35F.
  6. The radar went from snow north and west of me to all rain in like one minute.
  7. Normally I would envy you with your continuing promises of snow but at this point I think I actually prefer sunny skies and warmish days after frosty mornings. I know you get your share of those as well but I'm happy to do without the snow.
  8. Had a low of 29.5F (76th freeze), currently 41F.
  9. My winter grade is a B. Average snowfall but the snow was short lived, four cold shots with a couple single digits and a coupe teens. All with bare ground. MEH
  10. I did some complaining in December because everyone around me got more snow but I still ended up with 6" total in December. A trace in January and 6.5" total in February. I had 6 measurable events for a total of 12.5" for the winter. All of the snowfall events took place in darkness except the Feb. 28th 4.5" event which came during daylight hours to my delight.
  11. I didn't expect it but I added another freeze this morning with a low of 31.8F. I see KSEA hit the 30's again for the 18th consecutive time this month. They must have changed sensors there this year or something, this is just not like the KSEA I'm used to.
  12. With a forecast for 11" of snow in Arlington it better stop updating!
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