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  1. Did PCC have Deli Drama too? One of my first jobs was at Safeway and I was the deli and meat counter dish washer and was about as entertaining you’d see on TLC these days.
  2. Tomorrow's Seattle meet up looks to be not happening as I've got to watch the kid and will be working from home. I've got the first round of drinks if we meet up next Thursday in Seattle (if anyone is open to that).
  3. Would you say your views on ethnicity, culture, and race have changed significantly since 2017?
  4. I’m hoping they keep those buses rolling. Imagine spending your life savings, trekking 2500 miles in horrid conditions, and managing to keep your family safe enough to survive. Getting a free bus ride to a locale that will help you get on your feet is actually a good thing. I’m looking forward to the changes to our melting pot as the demographic shift continues.
  5. Cliff would have let me enjoy my thunderstorm delusion.
  6. Depending on the storm situation Tuesday, I propose a Seattle area meet up from 6-9pm at Tapster in South Lake Union. 1011 Valley St, Seattle, WA 98109
  7. I like this better than snow maps. Thank you climate change!
  8. Get a cold beer and a seat with a view. Few things on Earth that are more pleasurable than that experience.
  9. I look at pictures like these and often think of myself "There is no way in hell that is actually Tacoma"
  10. Worth nothing that Engels mentioned how the bourgeoisie put forth the notion of hygiene as a means of social oppression of the worker.
  11. I don’t think Cliff Mass has ever been wrong. Truly a very sane and stable god amongst men.
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