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  1. Tangentially related is the beauty of experiencing a windstorm caused by being on the lee of a mountain. I’ve experienced that just a few times, once because of the Olympics in October of 2010 which brought an all day wind event for Bellevue to Everett. Then a handful of Mt Rainier events in Bonney Lake and Buckley. The best cyclonic storms seem to have a window of five or six hours before it moves on, but those mountain events can be a solid 24 hours of turbidity fun.
  2. Probably wouldn’t even appreciate the low sun angles, inversion season, the fun of a regional wind storm, or warm and clear summer twilight that lingers into a midnight darkness before breaking out into a beautiful shade of blue orange early the next morning.
  3. Looking for folks who would be interested in playing host to some sensors, radios, and small computers. I would be collecting atmospheric conditions, gases, radiation, and emergency pages sent out to first responders. This would be a part of what might be an open mesonet network of stations that provide more data than your typical weather station. As host to the station you would have access to the data coming from it as well as the data collected from other stations. Send me a DM if you’re interested. This is open for folks in the Pacific Northwest and BC.
  4. Mountains of New Mexico are a special place in their own right. It might be my ancestral blood talking, but it might be the only place on the continent south of the 37º parallel that I would consider living in.
  5. A bit depressing to see that by the 2044 eclipse that I’ll be in my late 30s.
  6. It’s ok buddy, we’ll see a below normal April again sometime before the heat death of the universe.
  7. San Antonio, Austin, and Nashville all deserve teams more than Seattle. Hopefully we see relocation in a decade or so.
  8. I'm always amazed (but probably shouldn't be) that the six month divide between leaf yellowing and drop and budding to leaf out is almost precise.
  9. Nether does the CFS, GFSxtreme, and Tarot-Pro. Any continued snow talk will result in a ban.
  10. CanSIPs has been pretty aggressive about DJF for the past few months. Maybe more of a feedback thing than anything else, but always fun to dream.
  11. I thought there was a species in the Willamette Valley.
  12. Lunch is on me when I pass through in April. Yall have a Carl’s Jr, right?
  13. Real non commie talk for a moment, anyone thinking, much less expending any mental energy or anguish over the perceived notion of your “unjust wealth” hasn’t been paying attention to you and the forum for the past decade, or they’re just an asshole. I appreciate your warm map enthusiasm and pictures of your garden plots. Hell, if I could get my wife to be ok with living more than five miles away from downtown Everett, we’d probably be neighbors.
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