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  1. Those sorts of conditions really are not too unusual for the first half of October.
  2. If Republicans really wanted equality, they would oppose the electoral college and be big activists against legacy admissions in the Ivies. They have zero problem with preferential treatment so long as their team is receiving the preference. (Now watch MML move the goal posts… again.)
  3. This is why both-sides-ism is just plain stupid. The Democrats are far from perfect, but to portray both sides as equally flawed is patently dishonest.
  4. Blowing smoke. Putin already bit off waaaaaay more than he could chew with his Ukraine fiasco. Odds are he will be slinking out of Ukraine in defeat by about 2027.
  5. Euro says Abbotsford should reach 79°F next week. An 80-burger is definitely within the margin of error there.
  6. How many pins have you stuck into it?
  7. I dunno, in both cases I would say “just go already!” I mean is a ruby-red state like OK going to appoint a Dem to fill Imhoff’s seat? Is deep-blue California going to appoint a GOP’er to fill Feinstein’s? How likely is that? Maintaining a partisan edge for one’s team really can’t explain either case. Gotta be ego, and anyone with that much of an ego problem probably doesn’t belong in office in the first place.
  8. It all went downhill when they stopped putting women on trial for witchcraft and then followed up by abolishing slavery.
  9. Show me on the doll where the Marxist touched you.
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