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  1. It’s been moderately windy here ever since this morning. KBLI has recorded a peak gust of 44 mph so far today. Radar indicates heavier rain is just about to hit.
  2. Unless I’m reading that wrong, it shows diurnal maxima in the mid to upper forties Fahrenheit. That doesn’t really impress me as “chilly” for this time of year.
  3. Anything beyond the first week is so deep into clown range that I am not expecting anything about it.
  4. There’s plenty of houses in the Alger and Lake Samish areas of the Chuckanut Mountains to choose from (approximately 400 feet elevation), and those areas get significantly more snow than either the Bellingham or Burlington/Mt. Vernon areas. Sometimes I wish I had moved there instead of to an in-town location, but everything’s a compromise.
  5. I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not, but while we do certainly get our share of strong arctic blasts, we can definitely also get freezes from “fake cold” radiational cooling. And of course, the eastern ⅔ or so of Whatcom County is all mountains and gets plenty of freezing weather.
  6. Personally, I’m glad I have my sea breezes. They keep the pollen counts down in the spring.
  7. 38°F after an overnight low of 34 here. Surprisingly chilly, given our overcast conditions.
  8. That’s about what I’ve been expecting in the lowlands: close to climo averages for snow. The mountains should do really well, though. Can’t understand all the upset over a snow-free November. That’s quite often the case. Dec, Jan, and Feb historically are when most lowland snow events happen.
  9. The biggest problem with that Stevens Pass image is not the camera, it’s the ice on the lens (or, more likely, the window of the camera housing).
  10. Think split flow! Think death ridge! Failing that, think 50 degrees and rain! C'MON!!!
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