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  1. Not very often at all but it can happen, and I’ve been semi-expecting it for months. I think some areas of the BC Lower Mainland that were mostly skunked last month may well see their biggest snow of the year happen in April (and then it will all melt within a day under strong spring sunshine).
  2. Just about perfect in my book, and the average August (our warmest month) high at KBLI.
  3. There are quite a few wild ponderosa pines in some parts of Beaverton, OR. Actually they show up here and there throughout the Willamette Valley, and as far north as Spanaway, WA.
  4. It stopped working on my laptop some time yesterday, but still works on my desktop, which is strange, because both use the same Century Link DSL connection. Probably an issue on my end but I figured I’d mention it just in case.
  5. Sorry, I was thinking of the Euro and not subtracting 8 from the times properly.
  6. I'm in the blue zone! (Most of it falls Friday into Saturday.) Unfortunately the Euro is nowhere near as excited about my chances.
  7. We had one last year. Should be four or five years before we’re due for another one.
  8. Bellingham will go above 50˚F on Sunday, maybe well above that mark, if the south winds are as strong as they are forecast to be. We are actually one of the warmest places in Western Washington when strong southerlies blow, thanks to downsloping off the Chuckanut Mountains.
  9. Mount Sinai would be my guess. It sometimes happens.
  10. Interesting. It seemed to have really calmed down by then at my place. Still enough to make the snow drift a lot, but my condo wasn't shuddering in the gusts like it had been.
  11. The winds weren’t 50 mph by the time the snow began. Maybe 20 max.
  12. No, we should be concerned about the consequences of burning all the oil that we can find (which is probably way more than all we currently know exists).
  13. Yes, just because warming can be caused by things other than fossil fuel combustion therefore proves that fossil fuel combustion cannot cause warming. Right.
  14. Don’t blame you. Your snow is really starting to look ugly.
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