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  1. Currently standing at 0.53" on the day and 3.75" on the month. Almost as "dry" as what @snow_wizard is “suffering” through right now. And I average about 55"/year of precip total, which I believe is significantly more than his area does. So even more “anomalous” here. What I think is happening, though, is that @MossMan is just scoring well this month. Compare your backyard’s totals to those of the big winner, and of course you will come out on the short end.
  2. Temperature has not budged much since daybreak. Currently light rain and 53.1˚F.
  3. Trump’s economy included the COVID recession…
  4. Given that I cannot think of a single PNW summer in the 30+ that I have experienced without a heat wave, this seems a safe bet.
  5. How dare he do for warm-season torching what literally everyone in the forum does for cool-season cold.
  6. I take that about as seriously as a January GFS run showing a minimum of 13˚F for that station this far out.
  7. 1700's: the search for caloric. 1800's: the search for luminiferous ether. today: the search for dark matter. Confused physicists have a track record of concocting imaginary forms of matter into existence when they don’t understand something. The Earth is in a part of the universe (galaxy edge area) that according to dark matter proponents should be unusually rich in dark matter. Yet not so much as one speck of this dark matter has ever been detected, despite billions being spent on attempts to detect it. The most logical explanation is that dark matter does not exist and the current standard model’s gravitation equations are simply incorrect in that they do not properly model the behavior of gravity at very large distances. At least that is my current belief, and if dark matter is actually detected and/or can actually be used to make successful predictions of the existence of currently unknown phenomena, I will revise my belief accordingly.
  8. Max of 54.1˚F IMBY today, with on and off (mostly on) rain. Sitting at 0.71" for the day and 2.91" for the month.
  9. I can only imagine how many righties would have a heart attack if a Supreme Court judge or their spouse flew a circle-A anarchy flag or a hammer-and-sickle commie flag. It’s only “just somerone’s opinion” if you happen to agree (or at least not disagree much) with it.
  10. Rain and 48.4˚F. 0.42" on the day and 2.91" on the month.
  11. And I would like to believe the next lottery ticket I buy will be a winner.
  12. Or, for that matter, historically much of the Willamette Valley.
  13. Even if climate change were not a factor, there would be the fire deficit from decades of well-intentioned but ecologically unrealistic fire suppression to contend with, so smoke season is in general going to be a thing going forward.
  14. I would definitely approve of that! Start with a cool, moist spring and odds are high for at least a less severe than average smoke season.
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