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  1. Strong Cat 4, maybe even a Cat 5 by the time it hits, gradual undersea slope. It’s the recipe for a high surge. And it’s gonna be bad, because storm surge is the most damaging aspect of a hurricane. This is one of those hurricanes where there will be aerial pictures of entire communities wiped off the map.
  2. Ian is coming ashore as a strong Cat 4 that like Michael may be upgraded to Cat 5 after the fact. Ft. Meyers beach cam:
  3. There’s analogs and then there’s analogs. Last year was a very good analog for 1990; that became quite obvious by November, and sure enough, there was a prolonged cold snap in December. I don’t see anything comparably good this year, and last year the analog was only a month or two out, not 3+ months.
  4. Last fall, every storm had the BC Lower Mainland in its crosshairs, this year they all go south. One of these years a nice happy medium would be welcome.
  5. I have yet to see more than slushy flurries in April in the nearly 30 years I have lived in the PNW (excluding trips into the mountains, of course). The time Seattle got a significant April snowfall, I was living in Portland. When PDX did, I was living in Vancouver, BC. So it goes. Got see plenty of ’em when I lived in the Rockies, though. And a few May snowstorms, too.
  6. To put that into perspective, Yakima averages 33.6 90+ days/year. https://wrcc.dri.edu/cgi-bin/cliMAIN.pl?wa9465
  7. So wanting to rehash Ferguson is even more unrealistic then, got it.
  8. Disappointing. Even the amounts in the blue areas don’t amount to that much over a 10-day period.
  9. I am shocked, shocked, that political parties would want to play partisan politics.
  10. Suppose Trump had sulked for a few days and then accepted the election results. No claims of being cheated, no instigation of rioting at the Capitol, no actual riot. Then after the 20th, Trump retires into relative obscurity like a normal ex-president. What would your reaction be? Massive upset at Republicans for wanting to move on instead of wanting all of the corruption and outrages of the Trump Era to continue to be examined under a microscope, or understanding that of course they want to move on, this is politics, maximizes their chances of winning? Of course that is not how it happened. Instead Trump chose to escalate things into into a riot that also functioned as a coup attempt, something far more serious than the sort of urban unrest that has happened multiple times in US history. The former is far more a danger to the continued existence of a free society.
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