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  1. 925 mbar temperatures over metro Vancouver drop to -3˚C on Monday morning on the 12Z Euro. And it models moisture falling at that time. Definitely a lowland snow event if it verifies.
  2. Hmmm…. Will believe it when I see it. Still, the “no sticking snow IMBY on or after March 1st” jinx has to end sometime, right? Right? (And yes: I know that there won’t be nearly this much accumulating, even if the Euro does verify. Some of this is phantom snow, and a lot of what isn’t would melt as it hit the ground.)
  3. I will be very happy if we can get through the coming summer with none of this:
  4. Easterlies and downsloping must be involved. Got close to the freezing mark IMBY. Now 61.5°F.
  5. Your backyard is at a significantly higher elevation than mine. And you don’t have a jinx on you that makes it impossible to see accumulating lowland snow on or after March 1.
  6. I’m in the blue, but it is pure unadulterated terrain bleed.
  7. He’s not as bad as Hitler but that’s a VERY low bar to clear, and I have been saying for years that Putin is a fascist (he meets all the criteria of a fascist to a ’t’). Of course, that’s Hitler in his total career. If people had been serious about standing up to Hitler as soon as he started forcibly annexing parts of other nations, Hitler would have been nowhere near as bad as he actually was; he would have been stopped before he managed to do most of his evil.
  8. Just pointing out the hypocrisy. There's going to be proposals to pass laws forcibly disarming all trans people, simply because they are trans. And these proposals are going to come from the same crowd that is normally really big on the Second Amendment and opposes pretty much any sort of gun control. Just watch. P.S. I generally tend to be very skeptical about gun control, particularly in the current political context in the USA. I want individuals in marginalized and demonized groups to be able to defend themselves, because I don’t trust the system to protect the vulnerable.
  9. Thoughts and prayers. Now is certainly not the time to play politics and take anybody's Second Amendment rights away. Oh, wait, it was a transperson who did it? Demonize! Ban! Restrict!
  10. Looks like Netanyahu caved. His government will probably fall soon.
  11. I will believe it when I see it although IIRC at least one Euro map had me in the blue next weekend as well. Would be very strange to get sticking snow in April after March was a total turd burger.
  12. Basically did not have fall up here. Went from summer (drought, fires, smoke, warm temperatures) to winter (snow and freezing temperatures) in about two weeks. Some trees still had green leaves as the snow fell on them.
  13. I remember that Chicago snowstorm! It was more like 14" where I was living with my parents. It was the heaviest snowfall I experienced in my years living in that area, and the only significant April snowfall I experienced there.
  14. I did some back of the envelope calculations and came up with maybe 10–20% being willing to revolt in the event of a serious attempt by Trumpists to create a fascist USA. That is actually quite significant, because experts on political revolutions say the key number needed to get a revolution going is more like 3.5%. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190513-it-only-takes-35-of-people-to-change-the-world My main fear — pretty much a certainty, actually — is that there will be blood. The USA is just too steeped in a culture that values militarism and the use of violence to solve problems, with so many guns in circulation, that it is hard to imagine the process resolving itself via completely nonviolent means.
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