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  1. I saw those colors, and it was raining here when it happened. Pretty amazing. I finished composing my email, and the decisive moment was over.
  2. Dry here, too. When I checked WeatherBell yesterday, neither the ECMWF nor the GFS were modeling any weekend precip for western Whatcom County, so I am not expecting any. I can't 100% recall, but your area may have had a stray shower or two modeled but was still pretty dry, too. Neither model showed highs here getting even close to the 60˚F mark, either, so I am also not expecting that.
  3. Same high temperature here. Down to 59˚F already, though.
  4. Morning was cloudy and damp but dry and mostly sunny here now.
  5. What alternatives are there to WeatherBell, whose management has apparently told their site designers: “Chase every web design fad you possibly can, and do not worry one bit about usability or functionality.”
  6. I can’t imagine anyone cheering on a ridge in this forum having the slightest effect on said ridge.
  7. He is not being very convincing in his attempts at bluffing, and didn’t even try to throw rocks at it. Act like prey, get treated like prey.
  8. You had both, and wolves as well. No predators = problems.
  9. If you are talking about Phil’s posts, don’t worry. Most of us here can’t understand them.
  10. Yesterday’s max of 73˚F was warmer than our average high for August. Only dropped to 41˚F overnight; warmest night so far of this warm spell.
  11. An astounding prolonged, and astoundingly warm, warm spell. I consider it compensation for the prolonged cold pattern since February.
  12. 34˚F and patchy frost. Wasn’t expecting that after hitting 66˚F yesterday afternoon.
  13. 58˚F, sunny, and surprisingly windy. High so far: 59˚F. So close…
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