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  1. No idea what you mean by "gun safety" As I said, study after study shows how how much more likely someone who is innocent gets shot when there is a gun in the house. There are obviously cases where a gun saves an innocent life at home, but I'd rather play the odds on this one.
  2. Not that facts or information matter to you, but I'm sure he's referencing the statistics that show what happens to folks who have firearms in the house vs. those that don't have a firearm. It's irrefutable by countless studies. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/apr/07/guns-handguns-safety-homicide-killing-study
  3. I read the first couple of paragraphs and then wanted to see who it was I was reading. I make it a rule of mine to not read articles written by conspiracy theorists and someone who admittedly writes false research papers. Huge red flags. The algorithms aren't perfect but you and him have a lot of overlap on the social issues stuff. Definitely not the same, though.
  4. But what would happen if the King of England came barging in through your door?!
  5. Israelis sure know how to show dissatisfaction for their government. Unions protesting alongside everyone else is going to be pretty effective.
  6. Not sure if this was directed at me, but why would anyone hate you for that? I'm guessing that, especially at the beginning, it wasn't your choice.
  7. You're going to need to face that reality eventually.
  8. Ukraine no longer existing doesn't really count as "would never happened".
  9. Lol! Seriously? Ignoring the basic facts of eyeballs =$$ and an article like that plays right into the same narrative that haif the country wants to immerse itself in, you can't think of any other reason of someone making sh*t whose wikipedia article starts with this paragraph?
  10. I have most of my family over there. Probably been there a dozen times in my life One random thing that struck me when I was younger was how the cashiers in supermarkets all sit while working. With all the mandatory vacation time they get, they should be fine to add anothe 2 years. My uncle told me before be retired from Air France that by end of his career, he was off more days than on if you included weekends.
  11. The French love to not work Pretty reasonable what Macron is trying to do.
  12. You are always creating arguments that literally no one is saying except in the bowels of your internet history. Even this response is full of strawman. What person actually teaching CRT properly has ever said that "all conservatives are racist"? And even if you can find one, the VAST MAJORITY of people who support the concepts of critical race theory don't think that every conservative is racist. You make stuff up, with zero sources, to present the other side as insane. it's becoming unbearable.
  13. Based on my wife's experience with kids who are homeschooled (she's a public grade school teacher), some of the of the students who initially get homeschooled end up in public schools and they are in bad shape with their education relative to the general student population. I'm sure there are capable parents able to teach their kids properly, but I would say it's an exception not the rule.
  14. that explains things. are you living on campus at college?
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