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  1. Gotta say, I got caught up in the runaway inflation belief that would have triggered a recession due to heavy handed interest rate hikes All the pandemic money, the market has been in the bull for so long. It seemed like we were due for a drop and due then. So I definitely pulled back in investments. Missed out on a lot of good returns.
  2. There is some very active weather from the northwest of DT across the water. Nothing falling yet in DT but feels like it's imminent.
  3. Just be honest with yourself and admit that you rarely fully read the articles you link us. You're obviously way more interested in the toxic, circlejerk comments given the "content" from the articles you send us.
  4. I mean....Haley is younger, pretty conservative by sane standards, and would probably win the general election. And you essentially shat on her yesterday in a post. That should answer your question.
  5. No, making up facts and spreading it online for people like you to believe is destroying this nation.
  6. But why? Give me a good reason. These folks will do jobs that "superior" citizens don't want to do. And we have had a severe labor shortage. Makes no sense even economically. Drugs? - https://www.cato.org/blog/fentanyl-smuggled-us-citizens-us-citizens-not-asylum-seekers Crime? - https://www.cato.org/blog/new-research-illegal-immigration-crime-0 "The results are similar to our other work on illegal immigration and crime in Texas. In 2018, the illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 782 per 100,000 illegal immigrants, 535 per 100,000 legal immigrants, and 1,422 per 100,000 native‐born Americans. The illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 45 percent below that of native‐born Americans in Texas. The general pattern of native‐born Americans having the highest criminal conviction rates followed by illegal immigrants and then with legal immigrants having the lowest holds for all of other specific types of crimes such as violent crimes, property crimes, homicide, and sex crimes." Those are the 2 arguments I've seen on here and one can easily do a quick google search for the original conservative Cato Institute refuting these kinds of myths that are rampant across conservative "media". Migrants are an ultimate net positive to society and our country.. They were in the 1930's/40s and they are now...as long as you don't care about what they look like or where they are from. And that, sir, is the crux of this particular topic.
  7. The migration of people you apparently hate for no good reason. Based on the simple definition, an invasion requires the group to be armed. It's typical racist fear mongering that Trump has normalized.
  8. Annnnnnd another Seattle Skunk Special it looks like. We're really paying for our previous solid winters.
  9. How does this guy win elections...
  10. That's very intentional. Think about the common denominator. I hope when Haley ultimately bows out, she doesn't kiss the ring. It will ruin her chances in 2028. She's gotta think the long game. Desantis and tim Scott can f*ck right off.
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