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  1. I don't mean to pile on, but when a district sends someone like that to represent them, it kind of tells you something about that district
  2. Anyone who's opinion is still subject to change has not been conscious for the last 8 years and should not be eligible to vote. Nothing has changed except for the date and time.
  3. He likes to tie himself into knots with a lot of his terrible pseudo-arguments. If he was in speech and debate, he would be laughed out of the class. F- for rhetoric A+ for rationalization
  4. Probably because she is stupid, even by politician standards.
  5. Gotta give Speaker Johnson props. He went against the MAGA inbred and voted for what was right regarding Ukraine. Shame Israel got more money to kill Palestinians, but that was going to happen no matter what. Sorry Andrew
  6. So Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian recently warned that his country's response to any retaliation by Israel would be “immediate and at a maximum level". So I guess? I guess the image I posted earlier today was pretty D**n timely, eh?
  7. Ugh, The View. What a bunch of squawkers! He stood his ground and made Sunny Hostin look like an idiot. I have never heard of Coleman, but I completely agree with his argument. It's quite simple: By focusing on class rather than race, you are essentially still tending to the needs of the historically discriminated communities without all the justifiable blowback of race based policy. I do not know why that is so hard for some to understand. Focusing on commonality rather than differences yields a better society. But, you know what comes next... Those at the top do not want us working together. A divided nation is an easily led nation.
  8. Let's start with the obvious. The left have become a joke for some time. Just like the right. You don't need Bill to make that observation clear. No. Bill has always been an uber smug douchebag, but he has become more crotchety and prone to latch on to some more illogical right wing talking points lately. He is also far less likely to take those on the right to task like he used to. He's become more of a populist and a bit lazy with his editorials. It's been noticeable by me and many of his longtime fans. When he's on he's on. When he's not, you just want to punch the guy. And his pro-Israel bias and lack of knowledge of the history of the Middle East is downright ignorant. Had to add that. No particular reason
  9. Though your enthusiasm is commendable, you are just playing a losing game. Arguing with idiots will only make you angry. Ignore. Life's too short.
  10. I saw that and... Yowsa!!! Trump and Biden need to be given their daily cup of pills and sent away.
  11. More hate-watching for our favorite troll: Outstanding interview. I loved the back and forth with Jon's points about the U.S. being total hypocrites about our stated goals and framed arguments for our actions, and David's simple response is "And so we've got to make a really hard and bad choice, which is, do we want to be the one trying to-- to fill that void with our technology and our principles, understanding that we violate them all the time? Or do we want to let an authoritarian regime go fill that space, which we know how that's going to look?" A simple yet incredibly hard to refute response. We are the most benevolent imperialist power. We f*ck up a lot of stuff around the world, but do you want them to fix things or us? The other interesting point that is pretty obvious is that China will throw as much as it can into catching up to TSMC, whether it is by ingenuity or theft, and as soon as they are, Taiwan is theirs. Will the U.S. go to war over that? Dunno. There's no going back to fix our mistakes, and competition is really heating up around the world. The next few decades are going to be very interesting.
  12. I couldn't agree more. These morons are speedbumps.
  13. Nice Op-Ed about the Iranian influence in the Middle East. https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/14/opinions/iran-strikes-israel-what-it-wants-bergen/index.html I also like the mention about the Nuclear Deal. Trump screwed the pooch big time by listening to the idiots who wanted out. Now Iran is closer to a nuke. Oops! Sometimes successful policy may make you weak by the hardliners, but in reality you come out ahead. That's called "soft power". The dopes in the GOP and Israel might want to learn that. Peace ain't as sexy as blowing sh*t up. Poor John Bolton would have nothing to talk about.
  14. US tells Israel it won't participate in Iran response https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68813496 Will someone please send John Bolton over there with a rifle already? Mr. Mustache wants to blow stuff up so badly, let him have at it!
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