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  1. "The Government" You only want BB guns, but you sound like someone who has a few rocket launchers stashed away in his basement waiting for this man to show up to take your family and turn them into Black Panthers:
  2. Abducting families door to door? I think you give that melon far too much credit!
  3. Don't be literal, Mr. Spacey. The gun nuts are pathetic halfwits who think the government will go door to door and abduct their families and the other side wants to melt down every gun in the country. I would rather have them all gone, but I respect the right of normal people to own them.
  4. Israeli Trump caved, but he also made a potentially deadly compromise. Ben Gvir is a total piece of shite. https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/27/opinions/political-crisis-israel-biggest-lesson-ghitis/index.html Netanyahu had been caught in a vise. If he agreed to the protesters’ demands, his extremist coalition members might leave him, potentially ending his premiership. But Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir, of the radical Jewish Power party, agreed to postpone the legislation. In exchange, Netanyahu agreed to create a national guard under Ben Gvir’s control – a very dangerous idea. Granting what amounts to a separate militia to a radical government minister at the center of this dispute could turn non-violent clashes into something much worse.
  5. Every American 18 years or older who passes a background check should be able to own the following: 1. Stock pistol 2. Stock hunting rifle 3. Stock shotgun Mix or match up to three firearms. Anyone wanting more than that has Freudian type issues. I do not even know why this is still an issue. This country is full of idiots.
  6. Pretty much. The youth seem very politically and ideologically driven compared to the last couple of generations, so we shall see what comes of it.
  7. Things are getting fun in Israel: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/26/middleeast/israel-judicial-overhaul-legislation-intl/index.html Bibi is a warmongering criminal.
  8. 1. The realignment of priorities regarding hours worked and hours with family/friends. 2. The eventual discussion/acceptance of UBI due to automation. 3. The elimination of the Electoral College 4. Online voting and hopefully sometime soon 5. A revolt against social media algorithms pitting people against each other for profit.
  9. I think we might be in the very early stages of a sea change of many social constructs.
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