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  1. Agreed. It blows my mind how much goes into the oceans after a good rainstorm. It's not a glamorous fix, so it goes unaddressed.
  2. Well I can tell you that a plant that was supposed to be built in the Los Angeles area got the axe due to "environmental" concerns: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/12/us/california-water-desalinization-vote-drought-climate/index.html Our state is just not serious about climate change. We will pay, and we deserve it.
  3. I think if we want to thrive as a species long term we will have to both adapt to what is already happening as well as change our mental/consumer habits to a moderate degree to prepare for what is to come. It cannot be the "freak out and do everything at once approach" but it cannot be the "throw your hands up and hope science can save us" approach either. Like most solutions that actually work, it'll have to be "a bit of this and bit of that", so to speak.
  4. One part that does not get talked about with regards to climate change is the oceans are a source for a very large feedback loop. As more CO2 gets added to the air, the atmosphere warms up. This causes the oceans to warm up slowly. CO2 readily dissolves into ocean water and buffers naturally when things are balanced. But when they are not balanced, and temperatures rise, another fact comes into play: warm water cannot hold as much dissolved gas as cold water. CO2 is released as a result back into the atmosphere and continues the feedback loop. I do not think we have a very firm grasp on what this will entail in the future. Same thing with methane seepage due to the decomposition of the permafrost organic material in the boreal forests of Canada and Siberia. Whatever is done, it will absolutely not be a simple reduction in temperatures in anyone's lifetime.
  5. The irony of men endzone dancing about a women's issue is not lost for all to see. Pathetic. The claimed defense of the unborn rings just a little hollow when, once born, the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" mantra comes into play. And let's not pretend that another full on debate will change anyone's minds here. This is a drive by post from me to those rejoicing today. Enjoy your day in the setting sun.
  6. I really thought his username was a dead giveaway I did some reading after my first post (very long time lurker), and it looks like the Ukrainians did not have the ability to actually control or maintain the nukes that were on their soil after the fall of the USSR. They were pretty much a bargaining chip rather than a deterrent due to that. And due to the fact that there was no language in the agreement that would have necessitated a military response from the west, Putin went in without pause and we are now back to the days of proxy wars.
  7. Here's a thought: why is Ukraine pushing for NATO inclusion such a bad thing? They gave up their nukes after the fall of the Soviet Union on the condition of their unconditional sovereignty. Look what that got them. You think Putin would be so brazen if he had nukes pointed right back at Moscow? If anything, this war has underscored the idea of peace by nuclear deterrence.
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