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  1. 43 currently, 64/35 day. Not index does around bread berserk interesting until Phil personally summer grease bridge free hammock.
  2. The weather has been absolutely brutal at Denali since I left, been very cold windy and snowy, I've read that a few people have gotten severe frostbite. Sill no good summit weather on the forecast, very glad we decided to summit on the 20th because otherwise we would've never had another chance to summit.
  3. The forum meet this year is going to need a few dark and hidden corners, 1 for Phil and Jessy, 1 for Tim and Chris, and 1 for Andrew and mossman.. The shenanigans that unfold will be quite the opposite of arguing...
  4. 48 currently, 78/28 day. Might get to the low 30s tonight.
  5. At this point it's the best and by far most realistic solution to climate change, and over time we can slowly convert to cleaner energy, but despite that it's complete ignored by both sides. The world we live in is f**king mentally insane. RFK is the only one of the 3 candidates who considers it but he thinks it isn't safe enough yet, which I completely disagree with.
  6. I don't know how this summer will finish and i know I will complain, but I do know how ill be finishing and I KNOW your mom won't be complaining.
  7. 76 currently, got up to a perfect temperature of 78 with a low of 28. Have the whole family over for a BBQ, couldn't of asked for better weather. Saw this absolute legend earlier on my drive, true patriotism. Never forget those who died for our amazing country.
  8. I hope that you realize my Alex Jones Andrew tate Ben Shapiro post was a complete joke.
  9. Alex Jones is cool but not conservative enough in my personal opinion, I prefer people like Andrew tate or Ben Shapiro.
  10. Happy Memorial day from 72 degree central oregon. 50 degree spread today is totally in reach.
  11. I root for 110, and -40. Nothing really died in 2021 around here and I enjoyed that day, so I would love a redux! Best water-skiing weather possible!
  12. When did he say he was rooting for it? Does preparing for a hot event by buying an ac mean you're going to force that hot event into reality?...... guess I'll be buying a ton of air conditioning!!!! 2021 REDUX ITS COMING!!!
  13. Down to 44, 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. I'll bet on a low around 28. Good night weenies, keep up the arguing, yall are saving the word with each wishcast and wasted hour spent arguing! About as heroic as Jesse fighting the fires in the native palm tree forests!
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